Better Bodies Fitness Center in Signal Hill, CA, offers personalized weight loss services with expert trainers Ashley Helton and Chuckie Miller. This gym stands out for its comprehensive approach, which includes customized workouts, nutritional advice, and a supportive, family-like atmosphere. Clients praise the trainers' dedication, effectiveness, and ability to inspire notable transformations.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a fitness beginner, Better Bodies Fitness Center tailors its programs to suit all levels. Their consistent positive reviews highlight their commitment to client success, making it an excellent choice for those serious about achieving fitness goals.


  • Customized workouts and nutritional advice.
  • Trainers are highly experienced and motivational.
  • Supportive and family-like atmosphere.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels and ages.
  • Comprehensive approach to health and fitness.
  • Effective weight loss and body transformations.
  • Flexible sessions and affordable rates.
  • Positive and patient coaching style.
  • Holistic approach including chiropractor and meal plans.
  • Consistent and proven results.


  • Small gym size may not suit everyone's preference.
  • High intensity workouts might be challenging for beginners.
  • Strict regimen could be tough for less committed individuals.

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Awesome trainer. Lost 27 pounds.


Best trainer I've had. Workout is challenging, but he works with your fitness level. Everyone is encouraging!


Chuckie Miller, former Indianapolis Colts star & owner is a trainer extraordinaire. His workout routines produce great results! Call Better Bodies Fitness for a consultation appointment then come in & get back to being your healthiest!!


Chuckie Miller is amazing, such a great guy and the best personal trainer in Southern California! I met Chuckie back in 2000/2001 when he was just getting started with his first gym in Long Beach/Signal Hill and he helped me go from 250lbs to 195lbs!Now, even though I’m in Texas, through the power of Zoom he’s helping me do it again. I’m already down 15 lbs (would be 25 if I’d listen to him better about my diet) with about 25-30 more to go to reach my goal. I get a better workout in 30 minutes with Chuckie on a video call than I could get in an hour on my own! He’s always there with the right amount of motivation, laughter, and a kick in the butt when I need it!The bonus is supporting a local business and a man that does so much for his community, I can’t say enough good things about Chuckie Miller and Better Bodies Fitness.


I’ve been working out with Chuckie for a few months now and it’s been amazing. I have a long ways to go but I’m confident that if I stay consistent with the help of my coach he will get me where I need to be. I feel stronger, my breathing has improved and I just overall feel better about myself. Chuckie noticed my weaknesses my first session and has me doing exercises that continue to make me stronger. He’s positive and patient and gives me that push that I need to get the results I want.


It's a life changing gym....Chuckie and Ashley not only change the way your body looks they change your mindset they motivate, inspire and encourage you to CHANGE YOUR LIFE..... They give you tools to have a better outlook and healthier LIFE. And its affordable 😁🦸‍♀️ …


Chuckie Miller is the real deal. I was lucky enough to be walking by while he was working with other clients to get a preview of his training style, and after doing a trial session with him, I signed right up! Every session is different, and we work alllllllll the muscles. I am 9 months post partum with twins and I need this jumpstart. A month into working out with Chuckie, I have lost weight and feel so much stronger. Can’t recommend him enough!


From the very first personal training consultation, I knew Better Bodies Fitness Center was the right fit for me. My trainer Chuckie Miller set me up with an easy to follow regimen which included a low glycal lifestyle and daily exercises. He understood what my goals were and gave me realistic expectations on how to achieve them. I started three weeks ago at his gym in Signal Hill and Chuckie said he'll make sure I loose at least 2 pounds a week, well guess what? I'm down 8 pounds and it's only week 3.I love how I'm always held accountable, I'm pushed to my limit and at the same time I'm still able to workout at my own pace. We are always working on a new routine and it keeps me on my toes. I can't wait to see what month 3 has in store for me. Thanks for making me believe in myself again, Better Bodies Fitness Center!


I started training here in November/December. Ashley is a great trainer. I've had trainers in the past put nothing like the way Ashley pushes you and knows your limits. I've lost 14 pounds so far and so glad to have the help and allow me to strive to have a healthy lifestyle. If you are ready to hit your goals this is definitely the spot to go!!!


ASHLEY is the best!!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 60 reviews.

The address is: 2021, Signal Hill, CA 90755, United States .

The contact number is +1 562-673-5296

This service is listed under Weight Loss Service .

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