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Ripped with Ripkens offers personal training services in Long Beach and virtually worldwide. Spearheaded by the highly motivating Dustin Ripkens, the gym specializes in dance cardio classes, resistance training, barre, HIIT, and walking workouts. Dustin's energetic and positive approach, paired with his extensive knowledge, forms the core of the training experience. The diverse workouts ensure engagement and cater to all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.

The virtual option bridges the geographical gap, allowing clients worldwide to enjoy the unique and dynamic training methods. Personalized attention and modifications for injuries or limits make this an inclusive fitness solution. Clients highlight Dustin's motivational ability, genuine care, and his knack for making workouts fun and engaging.


  • Highly motivating and positive instructor.
  • Diverse range of workout programs including dance cardio, resistance training, and HIIT.
  • Classes cater to all fitness levels with modifications available.
  • Engaging and fun workouts keep clients interested.
  • Virtual classes bring convenience and accessibility.
  • Personalized attention and form correction.
  • Strong sense of community and inclusivity.
  • Effective classes with visible fitness improvements.
  • Skilled in multiple genres of fitness.


  • High energy levels may not suit everyone.
  • Intense workouts might be challenging for beginners.
  • Limited in-person options outside Long Beach.

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I like to exercise, but have learned I need someone to push/guide me. Due to the pandemic, I had stopped working out, gained weight, and probably became a bit depressed. Had purchased a Peloton bike to try and get back into shape, but it just sat in the house mostly unused.In June of 2021, I decided I needed to get help! I needed someone really close to home (Downtown Long Beach) as I didn't have the option of staying home through the pandemic. I googled "personal trainers" using my home zip code and found Dustin (just blocks away)! We connected by phone and email and discussed my specific goals, financial parameters and schedule.Within a few days we connected for the first workout. His energy and light, along with his skill and knowledge have helped me make gains over these past months.We set up a training schedule of 45mins twice a week and the workouts are super intense and rewarding. Also, he was willing to take on the role of holding me accountable to do right (Peloton, push ups etc ) on the other days of the week, and as a result, I have worked up to consistently getting 5-6 days of intense exercise each week. I am still working on the nutritional side and Dustin provides lots of materials and coaching on that too. He doesn't allow negative self-talk, so be prepared to change your mindset and perhaps your vocabulary too!Would definitely recommend Dustin to anyone nearby or far away (virtual)! The workouts are intense, varied and always fun!


Dustin is my favorite workout instructor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and exercising with!!! He is so encouraging, engaging, lovable, loving, inspirational, and motivational!!! Couldn’t recommend this guy enough !!!


If you looked up MOTIVATION in the dictionary, there should be a photo of Dustin. He has been my trainer for 9 months via ZOOM classes and I can say, without a doubt, he has changed my life for the better. His energy and empathy shine - he has a very special ability to connect with people and make you WANT to push yourself more - and I've never had one injury. Also, his German accent and attempts at American colloquialism are absolutely endearing!


Dustin is truly a force of nature. His positive energy will get you through any workout, and any hard day!! With his motivation, I was able to see that my possibilities are limitless. He grounds us with a positive mindset that will allow the body to follow. His ability to connect with clients in-person and virtually is like no other. You will love him!


I personally only know two people in my life who have truly amazed and inspired me. Dustin is one of them. He rocks. His virtual workouts are fun, and I actually look forward to the end of my work day to work out with him. He is encouraging and always has a no judgement zone. He has a passion for dance, and this is exemplified when he teaches his cardio dance classes which are fun and engaging. His music is really fun too! His full-body resistance classes also challenge me. His walking class is also probably one of my favorites. He is also a superb barre and HIIT instructor. His classes are NEVER boring, and he always changes them up. He also corrects your form if he sees you would benefit from it. What I really like about Dustin’s classes are that he gives modifications for those of us who cannot go all out as I have bad knees. So if you are advanced or a beginner, you can take any of his classes and level up or level down to what suits you – he shows you all the options. I highly recommend hands down Dustin. Give him a try – you will get hooked on his workouts and his personality (funny!). And he is very very reasonable and easy to get a hold of. He not only is a sensational personal fitness instructor, he has a kind heart, is dedicated to his clients, compassionate, generous, caring, and one of the nicest people I know. We need more Dustin’s in our World. I’m so thankful he crossed my path!


Dustin is an absolute force! He's one of the most motivating and genuine people I've ever known. His classes are FUN, full of sweat, and positivity! Even on zoom, he comes through and makes you feel like he's right there with you and always seems to know when you need an extra push.He makes everyone feel welcome, and you can expect an amazing workout no matter what your level of dance/fitness.

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Dustin is one of the best dance instructors I’ve ever had. With his incredible dance performance background he’s able to offer different types of genres in his Cardio Dance class. He makes it fun and easy to follow along with new music each class which keeps things fresh and exciting.Aside from being a talented dance instructor, he’s got a positive attitude, is a great motivator and, overall, a genuinely nice person. His amazing partner, Arnel, is also a great dancer and featured in his workouts, so you feel like you’re dancing with good friends while getting an awesome workout.I highly recommended Dustin as a fitness trainer or dance instructor…. you won’t be disappointed and you will feel amazing.


I don’t like working out, but got started with Dustin doing dance cardio. It’s not easy to start a new routine but feeling his energy and positivity motivated me not just to get fit but to enjoy the workout and feel good about myself. He’s an amazing instructor. I love the routines. I like how he sees everyone during the sessions, how he encourages people who need it and challenges those that can do better. My take away after each work out is that it doesn’t end with each session. You have to carry with you your positive energy and hope that it helps you throughout your day or week.


Dustin is a fantastic trainer - encouraging, super knowledgeable, supportive, and he makes workouts fun! I saw a real difference in my fitness level in just a few months of personal training sessions. Highly recommend.


“Working with Dustin has been two words: Life Changing! His knowledge, expertise and passion for fitness has helped me tremendously in achieving my personal goals. He makes it fun and enjoyable to train and he is very motivating and encouraging! Highly recommended!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 350 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States .

The contact number is +1 424-232-9253

This service is listed under Personal Trainer .

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