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AcroSports, located at 639 Frederick St, San Francisco, CA, is a well-regarded gymnastics center known for its excellent instructors and fun-filled classes. The facility caters to both adults and children, offering a range of programs like gymnastics, tumbling, and parkour. Several reviewers praised the adult classes, emphasizing the supportive environment and expert guidance. The center is also a popular destination for children's birthday parties, providing engaging activities and a dedicated party space.

Despite its many strengths, there are some concerns about communication and organization. Some users have experienced scheduling issues and felt that management could better address specific needs. Overall, AcroSports presents a vibrant and active space for gymnastics enthusiasts of all ages.


  • Excellent and supportive instructors.
  • Great facilities and equipment.
  • Fun and engaging adult classes.
  • Wide range of programs for all ages.
  • Safety prioritized in kids' programs.
  • Convenient location in San Francisco.
  • Popular for children's birthday parties.
  • High customer satisfaction with children's events.


  • Communication problems.
  • Occasional organizational issues.
  • Limited class choices and schedule availability.


Non-profit establishment providing classes in acrobatics & circus arts for all levels & ages.

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Adult gymnastics classes are great and the instructors are excellent. Top notch facility and great space to learn safely.


I take adult classes at Acrosports and would recommend 10/10. I've attended intermittently over the last few years, doing some Parkour with Jordan, and more recently working on handbalancing with MeeZee and Mick.All the instructors I’ve taken classes with are genuinely amazing, supportive and encouraging at whatever stage students are at. I’m so happy with the progress I’ve been making, it’s super fun, and I've met some new friends along the way.I especially want to give a shoutout to Mick for putting up with all my questions. He pays close attention to the individual needs and interests of people in the class, adapting it to suit us and celebrating our achievements.Thanks everyone at Acrosports, continue being awesome!


Great classes. Dont love that I mentioned I may have covid and they said I could still come in (I didn't go).


We went to Saturday open gym class, facility was wide and all padded, super fun for kids to run around and jump around. We decided to register for the class as well. Parking was easy too. Highly recommended!

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I understand everyone has a different experience so ours may not be yours. Sadly, we did not have a good experience. Communication is really a problem here, and I question whether staff and management communicate. Basically, due to a lot of poor communication all around, my daughter is in a class that is way too advanced for her, even if she started from the beginning. The instructor basically said that this was too advanced of a class for her, and that he didn’t have the time to focus on bringing her up to speed while continuing to teach the class he has! And you know what, I am NOT mad at him. I totally get it! I signed up with the understanding that the instructor could work with such a beginner. I paid for the rest of the class (there are 2 more classes) in advance, so she will keep on going. There’s no refund policy and we won’t be coming in the fall. I don’t want to lose out on the money I paid for, for this class. The other thing is class choices and schedule availability are limited. That part can’t be helped. You can’t force people to work. Finally, I generally didn’t get a warm, welcoming feeling. It’s quite disorganized, chaotic, and hurried here.


We celebrated our son's birthday in Acro Sports and chose the Ultra Package. First of all I appreciate the 1 coach and the 1 office staff. They made my son's birthday fun to their best ability. The place was fun and my son along with his 24 guests had an amazing time. For that, I would actually give the place 5 stars.Unfortunately, my rating is 3 due to undelivered service in the Ultra Package. This is perhaps management issues/staffing issues which I understand is happening in many businesses. Although the Ultra package should have included 2 coaches, clean the party room and assist with the set up, we had to do that all of that on our own. My husband and I assisted the coach and the office staff. I had some guests take over so I can clean the party room and set it up. In the end, the organization charged for the undelivered package deal.Again, I am thankful of the coach and office staff for their efforts.


My daughter loves the program there. Update: still there after 10 years of kid lessons. My kids have taken gymnastics, tumbling, and toddler programming. They are now 10 years old and still engaged. The program prioritizes safety over advancement.


My partner took a "beginner" parkour class here and was badly injured. The coaching was rushed and she said the class was intense for a "beginner" class. During class, she dislocated her ankle badly enough to go to the ER. The staff offered us crutches and ice packs which were helpful, and a woman who seemed to be the owner said she would help with any medical costs. After repeated attempts to reach her, she stopped responding to our emails. Pretty lame. It's a shame we had such a horrible experience here, because they offer a lot of classes and are conveniently located.


We had my son’s birthday party here two years in a row and it was awesome both times!

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This is a fantastic place to have a birthday party for a 4 or 5 year old. I've been to one such birthday party here and hosted another, and in each case the experience was amazing. A party will typically have two parts. First there will be 75 minutes or so during which the kids are allowed to use some of the equipment in the gymnasium. Then you all head upstairs to a back room for cake and snacks. They handle both parts well.The party I threw had about 25 children at it, ages 3 to 6. It seemed to me that all of them had a good time. Children of every aged like the little "loop" that is set up where (1) you run the width of the gym on a trampoline (2) crash into a big blue crash pad at the end of the tramp run, (3) climb off the crash pad and up onto a different crash pad, (4) swing on a trapeze from that second crash pad onto a mat, (5) get up and run across a low to the ground padded balance beam, (6) repeat the whole thing over and over and over. This doesn't seem ever to get old for these little guys.The rope swing was also a lot of fun for nearly everyone, though it's not for 3 year olds.The zip line from the top of the bleachers down to the floor was a huge highlight for my 4 year old. He went on it half a dozen times. Frankly I wish I could have gone on it. You climb all the way up to the top of the bleachers in this old high school gym, get into a safety harness, and then zip down to the floor.The other big highlight was a two seat bungee swing. Two children climb in and sit face to face. then one of the coaches raises the swing up in the air and bounces it all over the place. Huge fun. The only problem with this one is that the line can get a little long.The back room where you have cake and such is a little on the cramped side, but big enough to get the job done. Open the windows if it gets a little warm in this greenhouse like environment.The staff are very friendly and clean up in the back room after you leave. They are safety conscious, but not overly pedantic about it.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.4-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 639 Frederick St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States .

The contact number is +1 415-665-2276

This service is listed under Gymnastics Center .

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