Embarcadero YMCA, located at 169 Steuart St, San Francisco, is a well-loved gym offering a variety of amenities. Members appreciate the modern facilities, friendly staff, and fantastic views of the Bay Bridge. With a heated pool, multiple saunas, and expansive workout areas, it caters to a diverse clientele, including those looking for disability-friendly programs. Membership is reasonably priced at $70/month, which provides access to all amenities, including numerous group classes and a basketball court.

Some issues have been reported, such as poor management and hygiene problems in certain areas. Despite these concerns, the Embarcadero YMCA remains a popular choice for many due to its affordability, great location, and impressive facilities.


  • Modern facilities
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Fantastic views of the Bay Bridge
  • Heated pool, hot tub, and multiple saunas
  • Affordable membership at $70/month
  • A variety of group classes
  • Basketball court and ample workout space
  • Clean and well-maintained locker rooms
  • Disability-friendly programs
  • Convenient location near Embarcadero BART


  • Poor management and passive involvement
  • Hygiene issues in some areas
  • Pool can get crowded during evenings

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Very good jacuzzi


Building is a little old but has everything you need


Based on my experience, I find the current rating of 4.5 for Embarcadero YMCA to be overrated. While the pricing may be reasonable, I can only recommend this place based on that factor alone. However, it's important to note that many customers solely consider the price, which may lead to a lack of control over client quality.The management at Embarcadero YMCA appears to be negligent, seemingly treating their role as a volunteer position rather than a responsible management role. Despite the occurrence of incidents like mistaken or intentional hits in the swimming pool, it seems that little is being done to address or prevent such behaviors. I must apologize, but the management staff's involvement seems to be passive and lacking in effective intervention.Additionally, I feel compelled to mention that my visits to Embarcadero YMCA have resulted in physical discomfort due to being repeatedly hit by other patrons. These incidents have led to bruises and soreness upon returning from the facility.Moreover, I've noticed that many customers take up excessive space and time in the facilities, such as locker use as s food storage or bringing in large dirty quantities of belongings in plastic bags or carriers.These issues have persisted for over a year, and it is disappointing to see a lack of significant improvement or intervention from the management. While Embarcadero YMCA may be an option to consider due to its pricing, it falls short in providing a consistently satisfactory experience.It is my hope that the management takes these concerns seriously and takes active steps to address the issues mentioned above. Only then can Embarcadero YMCA truly provide a better experience for its customers.


This YMCA is clean, modern, and has killer views. The staff are friendly, and I love the pool staff. Rooftop area for quiet reflection or to eat your sandwich/ burrito, snack.


Very kind and understanding staff, helped me get my disability/low income program set up


Nice facility. Swimming pool is heated with a nice hot tub and dry &wet sauna


I am now a member of the YMCA workouts and cardio fitness.great I've been working out every chance I get.


I work out nicely the machines are easy once I got into reading and timing my exercises.


Beautiful gym with a view while doing cardio. Dope because it has a basketball court. There’s enough benches and machines. A little pricey but there’s options for pricing.


The pool is great, the sauna and steamroom 🧖 as well. Friendly front desk people, overall great experience …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.5-star.

This business has 60 reviews.

The address is: 169 Steuart St, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States .

The contact number is +1 415-957-9622

This service is listed under Gym .

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