Mission Cliffs in San Francisco offers a comprehensive climbing gym experience with a variety of routes and equipment for all levels. The spacious gym includes top rope and bouldering walls, cycling and yoga studios, and a fully equipped workout area, making it a one-stop-shop for fitness enthusiasts. Additional amenities like a sauna, steam room, showers, and towel service enhance the experience. Visitors often praise the friendly staff and convenient rental options. However, be prepared for crowding during peak hours and limited space in the bouldering area.

Warm clothing is recommended as the temperature inside the gym can be quite cold, especially in the evenings.


  • Variety of routes and levels.
  • Cycling and yoga studios.
  • Fully equipped workout area.
  • Sauna and steam room.
  • Shower and towel service.
  • Friendly and helpful staff.
  • Free ATC rental.
  • Clean and inclusive bathrooms.
  • Many cubbies and lockers.


  • Crowded during peak hours.
  • Small bouldering area.
  • Cold temperatures inside.


Sprawling space for indoor climbing, including a 5-story main wall, plus fitness classes.

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for boulders: very very very small bouldering area (1/10 of dogpatch?) and the half is under construction as of 2023/8/25. no chalk rental, can purchase for $4


Solid climbing gym. Routes are super soft so take all the ratings with a giant grain of salt. But the actual space and wall is solid.


Great place to indoor rock climb. Went with my 9 year old daughter and her friends. They had a blast.

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I came SF for a business trip and found this gym! They have various options. I haven't tried the lead climbing but good workout gears and bouldering facilities.

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Big gym with good physical infrastructure but problems with customer service and client vibe. Place feels understaffed in terms of climbing course offerings and capacity to do lead courses or testing. Route grading is soft giving new climbers a grossly overestimated ego boost (think 11b with many jugs). Climbers at this gym are notorious for leaving phones in their pockets and being shocked when it drops out during a top rope route. The gym has zero insulation so expect it to be cold af in the evenings and a sauna during sunny afternoons.


Great experience here, the top rope is awesome and so is the bouldering wall, would recommend this to anyone looking to start climbing.

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Went here just twice while in town and had a great experience. For a relatively small space, they have an incredible amount of routes, equipment, weights, machines, hangboard area, cycle room, yoga studio, and on and on.Staff was all super friendly and helpful. I love that you can borrow an ATC for free while you’re there. The belay test was quick - though I had to take it each day I came in, even though only 2 days apart.The top rope routes were tightly packed on the walls but didn’t have a ton of traversing, so it felt like almost every space could be used simultaneously.I was very impressed by the number of routes, the variation in wall shape/overhang, and use of space.Only spent a short time in the bouldering area as it was quite small and packed. Good for a warmup or if you come in off hours, but a little difficult not to be on top of other guests during peak hours.Bathrooms were clean and inclusive. Many cubbies and lockers for storing your belongings. People were generally very friendly and stayed out of each other’s way.I’d definitely return if in the area again!

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Awesome walls with great routes set. Uses a lot of underclings and high steps. Also has a great gym area for an overall workout experience.Sean (Shaun?) was super helpful and was able to make my experience renting a harness and equipment quick and painless. Highly recommend going here for a good workout or warm up before going outside.

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(Visiting from another state) Really nice gym! The walls' varieties are great. Lot of choices in different level. I was so shocked to see a room for cycling and a sauna in the locker room. The work out area is fully equipped. I kind of wish this was my gym. I can't wait to come back again when I'm in town next time.It was very cold inside though, it was prolly warmer outside in the 60s. I am not used to it and with bad circulation, it was hard to climb with numbed fingers.

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The gym is awesome! They have all necessary equipment for climbing and for working out. There are a steaming room, shower with shampoo etc., they also provide with towels. Gets really full during rush hour, so the time using cardio section is limited (30min) during this hours.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.6-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 2295 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States .

The contact number is +1 415-550-0515

This service is listed under Rock Climbing Gym .

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