Perform For Life (P4L) in Hayes Valley offers a welcoming community and top-tier personal training services. Located at 1700 Market St, San Francisco, this gym is lauded for its supportive atmosphere and knowledgeable trainers. Whether you're recovering from an injury or preparing for a big event, P4L's customized training plans will help you achieve your fitness goals. With a range of small group classes included in membership, you'll benefit from varied workouts and form corrections.

Personal trainers like Dan, Jon, Sara, and Kris receive glowing praise for their expertise, motivational skills, and personalized approach. The gym's lively community enhances the experience, making fitness both fun and effective. P4L is an ideal choice for anyone serious about improving their health and fitness.


  • Knowledgeable and motivational trainers.
  • Customized training plans.
  • Supportive and friendly community.
  • Small group classes included in membership.
  • Attention to exercise form, preventing injuries.
  • Successful injury recovery programs.
  • Flexible training for beginners and advanced athletes.
  • Welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Varied and challenging workouts.


  • Limited weekend hours.
  • Popularity can mean busier classes.
  • Premium pricing.

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P4L is an incredible gym. Coach Dan, Coach Sara & the entire team bring technical expertise, focus & a fantastic attitude. I’m grateful for their support as I work towards my goals.


Perform for life (P4L) is the best! I feel like I've tried every workout class or gym in San Francisco and what I love about P4L is how they have created such a community and make you feel like family. I do personal training and also take advantage of the small group classes.My trainer Dan is both super knowledgeable, but he also makes the training itself fun. He's helped me a lot on my form and I've seen so much improvement in how much I can lift, which contributes to how strong and tone I feel. I also feel like I have a lot more tools to better workout on my own when traveling. I highly, highly recommend Dan!I've also enjoy taking the small group classes because it's a great way to meet the other trainers as well as other people who attend the same gym. This makes going to the gym feel like you're just hanging with your friends.


Perform for Life is an incredible gym that helped me regain my strength and receive excellent 1:1 coaching from their talented team. I trained with trainer Dan following an Achilles tear and surgery and he was truly incredible coaching me through each stage of my recovery process. I worked with him for 2+ years and went from nearly zero post surgery to heavy lifting and dynamic HIT cardio workouts in just over a year. I highly recommend Dan for anyone who is starting at square one and for those who are avid athletes, looking to take their training to the next level. Dan's style is friendly, approachable, and highly customized - and he instinctually knows how to push you to reach new goals that you might have previously thought were impossible. I can't thank him enough for the progress I've made and the strength I've build in a short time, and mentally and emotionally for the motivation and encouragement he provided in each and every session.


After a decade of ankle instability and corresponding chronic pain, I reached out to P4L to invest in the balance and strength-building that might mitigate some of the issues. I've been seeing Coach Kris for exactly a year now and his expertise regarding my muscle health and flexibility is so outstanding that I'm effectively pain free! I'm in the best shape of my life, coming in just once a week, with the confidence to push myself further than since my injury! Aside from hilarious banter throughout each session (which I look forward to all week) my favorite part about Kris is his approach to pain: whatever is causing trouble gets attention and we work through it. This optimism and focus on hard work [that pays off] has completely changed my outlook on chronic pain and I couldn't be more glad to have found P4L.


I enjoy the concept of P4L. Having small personal trainer led classes keep you accountable and make sure you do the exercises with correct form. The 2 months I was there I got good results and it helped in my recovery from my injuries. Many thanks to Coach Jon, who was very attentitive and always tailored the workouts to the most pressing issues I was facing. Can recommend Jon to anyone


BEST gym of all time. I got stronger and more consistent coming here than I’ve ever been, which has also translated into noticeable mental health gains. This is all thanks to the excellent coaching and programming, the welcoming community, and supportive atmosphere. Even in the small-group classes, you’ll get help with your form, modifications if you need them, and often cheerleading from the rest of the class to reach a PR. Thank you in particular to Sara, Kris, Jacob, Jon, and the rest of the P4L team, you are amazing!


After working with Jon for most of 2022 I would definitely recommend both Jon as a coach and P4L as a gym to anyone who's serious about improving their health. Jon has helped me achieve my personal fitness goals and there's a great community at this gym, both in terms of employees and members, that makes me look forward to going in even first thing in the morning.


Hands down, this is the best gym in San Francisco. I've been a member since 2019 and I see no reason why I would ever go anywhere else. Unlimited classes come with your personal training membership, so there's a ton of variety. The quality of the fitness coaches is unparalleled (Jon, Jacob, Sara - I'm looking at you). I guarantee this is not a gym where the trainers will let you have bad form, and that prevents injuries my friends.My fiancee and I are currently doing personal training to get ready for wedding pics, and we're both seeing great results. Check out P4L for excellent fitness training and a fantastic community.

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The folks at P4L are THE BEST. I am not exaggerating. They've cultivated an incredible roster of passionate trainers and motion specialists—truly their culture just can't be beat. From their 1:1 sessions to group classes, the workouts are thoughtful, challenging, and damn fun. You won't go back. I had my first intro phone call with Justine half a year ago, and absolutely no regrets since!Coach Jon has made a huge impact on my fitness journey. He listens to what I'm looking for and creates a game plan, always checking in and seeing if we need to reset goals. Super knowledgable, attentive, and encouraging! I cannot recommend him enough.If you're looking for personal training in SF, they are the people to go to.


I attended a four week transformation bootcamp with Perform For Life to kickstart my 2020. It included four days of training per week (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) with two very knowledgeable coaches (Coach Nia and Coach Mel). They took 15 trainees through classes that included boxing, upper body focus, lower body focus, and metabolic conditioning. In addition, we had a free initial consult with an in house nutritionist and two small group and two semi private sessions (in case we didn't think that 4 classes per week were enough).I liked the bootcamp because the workouts were fun yet challenging. I also got to know some of my fellow trainees in and out of bootcamp (we even did a happy hour and karaoke night!). The goal to lose 8 pounds, 2% body fat or gain 2% muscle was also very reasonable and attainable, unlike other weight loss or fitness challenges.I highly recommend the Perform For Life Transformation Bootcamp! All levels and abilities are welcome!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.8-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 1700 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States .

The contact number is +1 415-226-9377

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