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YuBalance - Noe Valley is located at 1461 Church St, San Francisco. This boutique gym offers a variety of fitness classes, including YuFit, YuPower, and Ball Method. The studio provides an intimate, community-oriented environment with welcoming and knowledgeable instructors. Users praise the gym’s affordability and clean, bright space. They also appreciate the small class sizes, which allow for personalized attention and focus on form. YuBalance promotes efficient full-body workouts suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

However, potential members should note that some circuit classes lack proper flow, with short station times disrupting the workout. Additionally, there have been concerns regarding the studio’s social media conduct and some isolated issues with staff behavior. Overall, YuBalance offers a supportive and effective gym experience for those seeking quality workouts in a friendly atmosphere.


  • Easy online class registration.
  • Affordable pricing with occasional promos.
  • Wide variety of class times and types.
  • Clean and bright studio.
  • Personalized attention in small classes.
  • Friendly, community-focused atmosphere.
  • Instructors know participants by name.
  • Focus on quality and form.
  • Efficient workouts for fast results.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels and ages.


  • Short station times in some circuit classes.
  • Concerns about social media conduct.
  • Isolated incidents of staff behavior issues.

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Be Careful here! They hire physically aggressive people that physically attack because they don't like what you're doing even tho it isn't hurting them or their equipment in any way!


Been going here for almost 2 years and love it!! Very clean, great trainers, and a fantastic workout!



I've taken the YuFit, YuPower, and Ball Method classes with Julia and Christopher.I'll start with the things I like.1) Registering for classes online is really easy.2) I think the pricing is very fair, the price per class for this studio has got to be once of the most affordable in the city. Also, they'll run promos every now and then which make the classes really affordable, for example they did a 10 classes for $100 promo for black Friday.3) There's a decent range of times and classes offered.The things I didn't like.1) Some of the circuit classes have bad flow. In certain classes, each circuit station only gets ~30-45 seconds. Then you have to move between stations and get set up during that time so you only get 10-15secs to do the actual movement before you have to move to the next station.If you like Barry's/Soul style classes, this place is not for you, but if you're looking for something low key and affordable, this is a great option for you.


Edit 4/11/23 response. Someone used the YuBalance Twitter account to spam a post asking for mutual aid links. Your account instead offered tips for finding a job. That is cruel and suggests people who need aid should “just” get a job instead. Many hard working people still need help. I don’t want a business with such poor ethics to succeed frankly.


I've been working out here for 5+ years and it's my lifeline.


The best gym in SF I've ever belonged to in my 12 years here. I had injured my foot at an outdoor Zumba class and was still battling the excess pandemic pounds when I stumbled into this clean, bright, cozy studio in Noe Valley. No frills, cost effective class schedule with efficient workouts that gave fast results! Mirrors spanning the entire front wall for those who struggle with form. Warm, friendly, neighborhood vibe where instructors actually know your name and proactively monitor attendees. While I've enjoyed fancier facilities at other gyms in the past, because I rarely used all the amenities, I was likely overpaying. My only regret is that I didn't discover this place sooner so I could have enjoyed it more before moving away! I will miss this place and the people. :⁠-⁠)


I love YuBalance! Great and efficient full body workouts with excellent trainers. Perfect for all fitness levels and all ages since they customize everything to where you're at.


Love this boutique gym with classes for 10 people max.


Hi Andrew, our records don’t show you as ever attending our studio. Could you please refrain from leaving bogus reviews for locally owned small businesses as this only hurts families and our local economy alike. Thank you in advance for striving to be a better person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.3-star.

This business has 22 reviews.

The address is: 1461 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94131, United States .

The contact number is +1 415-796-3929

This service is listed under Gym .

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