5 Benefits That Make Doing Floor Press Worth It

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As long as building muscle and getting stronger is your main objective, you are bound to do some variation of pressing exercises. Whether you are new to exercising or an experienced bodybuilder, you must have tried at least bench pressing; this is the most common variety.

While bench pressing is a common form of exercise, sometimes it might not be possible to do it. Whether you are working out at home and don’t have all the equipment, or it is too crowded at the gym, there might be some times when you won’t be able to do it. So, what can you do when you can’t bench press? This is where the floor press comes in!

The benefits of floor press are just as positive as other popular exercises, and you are sure to see great results with it. Here are five benefits of floor press that make the exercise worth implementing in your routine.

5 Benefits of Floor Press

Reinforce the Strength to Go From Halfway to the Top

For beginners, it is better to start off with less weight and build up gradually instead of trying heavy lifting from the get-go, as this can lead to injuries.

We understand that it may be tempting to lift heavy when you enter the gym feeling energized with pre-workout supplements. While that is great, you need to take things slow and build up strength gradually.

The benefit of doing floor press here is that it restricts the upper body’s range of motion, targeting the lockout portion of the movement.

The floor press minimizes the assistance from your lower body during the lift, which allows you to concentrate on training your pushing capability with a limited range of motion. If done right, this should lead to an overall increase in your upper body mass.

Reduced Range of Motion (ROM)

One of the most fragile parts of our body is the shoulders. These can easily get hurt if you do exercises such as the bench press with poor form, then this can lead to you taking a long leave from the gym.

Fortunately, the reduced range of motion (ROM) is another benefit of floor press that can help prevent shoulder injuries.

Other alternatives make your shoulders move the most during the bottom part of the pressing movement. Since you are only prioritizing the mid to top part of the motion, the shoulders don’t feel the heavy burden as they would otherwise.

The reduced range of motion also helps isolate and target specific muscle groups. Variations such as the hammer floor press serve this purpose well.

Improved Stability 

man lifting weights

Unlike most pressing exercises, the floor press is one that does not require a bench. Not only does this make it cost-efficient to do this workout at home, but an additional benefit of floor press is that the exercise emphasizes the stability of your body.

Due to the absence of a bench, your body is essentially in charge of maintaining balance with your core muscles engaged.

Since the lift and pressing motion depend on your body strength, with consistency, you should also feel an overall increase in muscle development.

One of the best types of floor press for stability is lying low trap press, which not only helps your posture but also improves stability and prevents injuries.

Increased Triceps Emphasis

Doing floor presses for the triceps is quite effective for adding muscle mass to the triceps. Although the chest and shoulders are also worked during this exercise, it can also help strengthen weak triceps and should be in the routine for anyone trying to isolate and build these muscles.

The triceps are activated and bear more load than the rest of your upper body muscles, especially during the top half of motion. This particularly works well when you are doing the one-arm floor press.

Space & Time Saver

The floor press exercises are very convenient compared to their counterparts as they require minimum gym equipment, saving you from the expense of buying a bench if you exercise at home without making the space congested. It is quite a simple exercise, and you can easily save time, especially in scenarios where no benches are available at the gym.


The floor press is a great exercise to implement into your gym routine as it offers various benefits and trains several muscles, such as your chest, triceps, and shoulders.

We hope this article has been helpful in showing you the benefits of floor press exercises, and we wish you success in achieving your dream physique!