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Crunch Fitness in Shaw provides a versatile gym experience with a range of workout classes and amenities. Its standout features include a variety of free weights and the popular HIIT classes. However, many members have reported maintenance issues with the equipment and cleanliness concerns, particularly in the restrooms and locker rooms. The gym offers several membership options, but customers have faced difficulties with membership cancellations and freezes. Despite these challenges, the supportive staff and available parking make it a convenient choice for many.


  • Great selection of free weights.
  • Highly praised HIIT classes.
  • Numerous available workout machines.
  • Supportive and helpful staff.
  • Affordable membership options.
  • Ample parking space.
  • Convenient hours, especially on weekdays.
  • Friendly front desk service.
  • Variety of unique bodyweight weightlifting equipment.
  • Sauna available.


  • Frequent malfunction of equipment.
  • Cleanliness issues in restrooms and locker rooms.
  • Trouble with membership cancellations and freezes.

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Read the other 1 star reviews, this place steals. I have canceled my membership multiple times over the last few years and they keep charging. They will tell you its canceled but keep charging you, then without contacting you they will send it to collections. They have done this TWICE now... Super unethical. I have not been here in years, have canceled multiple times, and they just keep the account open. Unless you are planning on a lifetime membership without the option to cancel, don't sign up here. They will not let you cancel and will try to ruin your credit. You don't have to believe me though, read the other 1 star reviews. This is their standard practice it seems.


Very nice gym, plenty of machines, free weight & cardio equipment! Gym floor and locker room veey clean! Definitely can get ya swole on here!!

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Not bad. Pretty standard gym, lots of young people. The maintenance isn't that good though, machines stay broken for so long. They and 4 punching bags when I signed up and now they have none. Hours are also so bad on the weekends and friday, close at 8Update: some stuff is fixed but honestly it feels like more is broken. There's also a huge chunk of the gym that's been closed for like 2 months for repairs, and the bikes are removed, but the punching bags are bag


This was my wife’s home gym location, she moved out of state due to me being military, and then she had a horrible experience in Tennessee and decided to cancel the membership due to some horrible experience. Have been bounced back and fourth and decided to freeze my wife’s card. My wife sent military orders, military id and drivers license a bunch of proof and they really expect for her to pay for a whole month she will not be attending their horrible establishment before they’re able to cancel it. Will be reaching out to corporate. If your military don’t gym with them. It’s always packed and nobody wipes down their machines. Please don’t waste your money or time here


Stuff is always broken and the floor which we were told would only take 2 weeks and it's been more than 2 months. I can't even cancel my membership since only a manager can do it. I work graves Im asleep when they're in and now I can't even email the club to cancel.Changing my contract without notifying me is crazy


My highlight about this gym is the HIIT (High Intensity Training) classes with Coach Ashley. She is a pusher makes it challenging with the extreme workouts. For you do one on one training I recommend her. I wish they had a earlier training class with I heard they do but it’s no where near close to the evening classes as far as the intensity because it’s more elder folks. Overall this gym could be more cleaner especially the restroom/lockerroom and the sauna as been down for sometime now which isn’t right because we pay for that in the membership. The staff is smooth overall.

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I joined this gym when I moved to Fresno, and have been a member for 36 months. It is of course a commercial gym, but experience will vary by location. With the peak membership I had access to Fig Garden gym and also San Lorenzo whenever I visited my family. That in itself is already valuable. The pros of this gym: (1) plenty plenty of parking available (2) easy in and easy out with your car (3) not too busy at 5am (4) average to above average in cleanliness, considering how busy it is (5) has a track on the second floor, with additional unique body weight weightlifting equipment (6) the front desk always greets you and says goodbye when you leave. (7) The manager Luis and associates were very great and solving my billing issues and refunded overcharges promptly. It was busy for him, but he still gave me his time, which is difficult for a commercial gym. His customer service skills will take him far. He personally reached out to ABC Financial to fix the issue. ABC Financial is the billing company that works with Crunch. I don’t know what happened but the system kept charging me the annual fee every single month, on top of my recurring normal monthly fee. The cons of this gym: (1) when equipment is malfunctioning it’ll take 1-2 weeks for repair (2) the ceiling pipes were leaking and a bucket was placed to catch the water until it was fixed, which took a month or more maybe (3) 2 power racks, 1 squat rack. So good luck trying to either deadlift OR squat during peak hours. Some people literally bring CHAIRS to sit on to wait for the rack. Considering the member demographic (mostly ages 20-30), 3 additional racks would be great. Crunch San Lorenzo has 6 squat racks and it’s still half the size of Crunch Shaw. (4) the fact that I even had a billing issue, I know other members that have a similar experience, so it’s important that you follow your charges correctly and understand the reasoning behind the charges. (5) there’s rarely any soap for the sinks. Overall, I had a good experience, and my issues were resolved in a very professional manner, but as with any purchase, understanding what you are going into is important.

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You can get your workouts in for the most part. Decent free weight selection. Too few squat racks for even slow hours, I don't know how anyone gets a workout in peak hours. The posted hours say it opens at 6 but today it isn't even open by 8 am. Staff has usually been kind to me. I've lost count how long over half the cable machines have been out of order, and so much of the equipment is broken in different ways. It's like they bought the equipment initially then decided to never spend more money on equipment.

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Haven't been here in months due to not having a babysitter. Only reason I joined this gym is because they had daycare before the pandemic obviously. I thought the messed up machines would of been fixed by now or replaced but nope they are worst! 6 am and there was no wipes/paper towels upstairs. How were they already out? I use to love this gym but it's been getting worst. Pro: good parking area, sauna. Sometimes the front desk ppl will change the tv to something other than sports. I say sometimes bc the guys at the front make a big deal out of it. It's a simple request to change one of the tvs out of the many. I was told to watch my phone instead -_-

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Been a member for more than a year now and it's heen great, awesome atmosphere but my main draw was the amount of punching bags they had until the end of the year. Will sadly be pausing my membership until they get the bags back bc they are 90% of why i payed for the membership in the first place and everything I ask about when they'll get the new ones all I hear is that it's been delayed again. Overall great atmosphere but please, please get those punching bags back in.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.3-star.

This business has 13 reviews.

The address is: 284 W Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA 93612, United States .

The contact number is +1 559-322-0700

This service is listed under Gym .

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