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Built Strong Gym, located at Cedar Tree Village in Fresno, CA, offers a welcoming atmosphere with small class sizes for personalized attention. Coach Rob and his team provide diverse bootcamp-style workouts to meet various fitness goals, whether you're recovering from an injury or aiming to improve overall health. The gym fosters a supportive community vibe, ensuring that each member feels motivated and included. Additionally, Built Strong Gym offers personalized training plans, nutrition coaching, and access to a client app for meal prep and community interaction.

Open from early morning until the evening on weekdays and a shorter schedule on Saturdays, Built Strong Gym is committed to helping members achieve their fitness goals. With high praise from numerous satisfied clients, Built Strong Gym stands out for its dedicated staff and tailored fitness programs.


  • Personalized attention from knowledgeable coaches
  • Inclusive and supportive community
  • Variety of engaging workouts
  • Focus on proper form to prevent injuries
  • Experienced trainer with a long-term commitment
  • Availability of nutrition coaching
  • Client app for meal prep and community interaction
  • Convenient class times
  • Positive and motivating environment
  • Flexible training plans tailored to individual needs


  • Limited weekend hours
  • Closed on Sundays
  • May not be suitable for those preferring a larger gym setting

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If you are serious about gaining strength and stamina AND you would like it to be a fun experience, join Rob Johnson and his team here at Built Strong! I’ve religiously attended daily bootcamp/HITT classes with him for 8 years !


Built Strong Gym is a fun and inclusive (non-intimidating) environment and the workouts align with functional day-to-day activities.


Great place to feel included no matter what level you are in your fitness journey!


Incredible experience and knowledge, very personal, I’ve tried many different ways to initiate a life style change. Having a relationship like this makes it so much better.


If you’re just beginning your workout journey or you’ve been training for years Built Strong is for you!!!!!From young to seniors this is the place for you…Coach Rob is experienced and pushes us to the next level…I can PUSH (Push Until Something Happens) why??? Because my 6am family believes I can.From Coaching to improving my health, to a personal dietician coach Rob is definitely 💯 dedicated to help you succeed!!!!! Great friends at Built StrongCome check us out!!! Your health will love you for it💕💕💕💕


I have tried many different gyms, even private one-on-one training, and this gym by far is the best. Everyone is welcome and the family atmosphere makes it such a fun place. Rob is a fantastic trainer and his enthusiasm and encouragement goes a long way during the workouts.


Staff is dedicated to the clients personal needs ! This is not a cookie cutter training facility. My trainer took the time to listen to what I was looking for in a program then created my program to fit my goals ,available hours ,and financial constraints. A must for me was not only for the body but also mental fitness .. the knowledge and dedication of the staff have helped me grow and improve very quickly . Life changing fitness and training going on at Built Strong


Love the small classes and intimate feel of this studio. Coach Rob puts on a great boot camp. Everyday is something different and he makes it fun! Since the class size is smaller you get more personal attention from the Coaches. They make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly so you don’t hurt yourself. The Coaches pay attention and work you to your capabilities. Come check it out!!

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Great workouts!Great instruction on doing the exercises correctly.Love this gym!


If you are looking for an amazing gym and a awesome trainer this is the place to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 21 reviews.

The address is: 6716 N Cedar Ave #101, Fresno, CA 93710, United States .

The contact number is +1 559-777-9303

This service is listed under Gym .

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