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Club Pilates offers an engaging and effective way to improve strength and flexibility. Located in the Villaggio Shopping Center, this studio offers a variety of classes throughout the week to accommodate busy schedules. The instructors are praised for their cheerful and helpful demeanor, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

However, several customers have complained about the rigid policies and lack of customer service. Issues such as difficulty in booking classes and unexpected charges have been highlighted. It's crucial for potential members to thoroughly review all policies before committing.


  • Variety of classes.
  • Cheerful and helpful instructors.
  • Effective workouts.
  • Welcoming atmosphere.
  • Located in a convenient shopping center.


  • Rigid and inflexible policies.
  • Difficulty in booking classes.
  • Unexpected charges and poor customer service.

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How am I paying so much per month but classes are canceled constantly with no reimbursement? Yet your store makes a huge issues if a paying customer cancels? Terribly owned business…..


Run don't walk. Run away from this place. If you feel like throwing away $200 down the drain just do so now. Don't wait until you enter a contract with this place. No flexibility. Not a good nor friendly place to exercise. I didn't like my experience here. Even terminating my membership was a hassle. OF COURSE! What was I expecting.


There's a lot of fake 5 star reviews here, but let me tell you the hard truth. They don't care about fitness. They especially don't care about the customer. All they care about is their greed and how much money they can extract out of you through their shady business practices and purposely bad communication.Save yourself the headache and the money go somewhere else.


ScamIt all sounds great at the beginning, but when it comes down to actually getting into classes it's extremely frustrating. I'd signed up at the Freano location, turned out they only had available classes at 4 or 5 am in clovis. If I'd known that, I would not have signed up. Save your money because you won't be able to find any classes.


I was supposed to come in for an intro class and they booked me for a class in Arizona. I had to end up cancelling anyways but just very unorganized. I also had a receipt sent to my email and apparently another girl in Arizona purchased some socks and the receipt was sent to my email. This is too messy for me and I’ve never even been to the studio lol.


This place is just like a money extracting machine. Their policies are not customer oriented. They r very business minded and just find reasons to charge you and they are not compassionate with their customer's issues. When things go wrong from their side like they cancel the class if their instructor is sick, they won't follow any policies and won't compensate you for anything.Don't get into their trap of discounts!!!!!!!They will give you discounts and be after you to join, and then they will try to extract money in other ways. There is no time for adjustment, no flexibility to reschedule, instead they will penalize you with cancellation fee and late fee. I lost my card and I even informed them that I will pay in next class but they did put 20$ late fee. So 10$ was cancellation n 20$ was late fee.No compassion!!!!!!Instructors are okay, but other than that, there is no customer service, and no flexibility. They are focused on charging you n make money.Please please please... think 100 times and be careful with reading all their policies and make sure it fits with your schedule if you think of going there. Ask them to schedule classes for you at the time of joining so you don't get astonished and frustrated that you are unable to get into the class. I could not book my class for 2 weeks after I paid (I was so excited to join) and they didn't tell me anything about it at the time of joining. This is my experience with Fresno club Pilates.Omg, I paid 170$ for first month and they charged me 100S more on the top including all cancellation charges n saying blah blah blah.Be Careful!!!!!! There is definitely a trap. If you have children n work, where things can go uncertain sometimes, STRICT NO to this place. You will end up losing a lot of money.


I have been so frustrated because you can not get in to any pilates classes. There are to many people signed up for pilates and not enough classes.Pilates keep charging my account. Then charge your bank account for another month once you cancel your membership. Plus cancelation fee.


I was hesitant in the beginning, but can say it has really been rewarding.Everyone is very friendly, welcoming and Courtney at the front desk is always fun and bubbly. All the trainers are great and for me personally, Tina is just what the doc ordered. Everyone has an experience be it good or bad.Mine... Fantastic.


I have been looking for a Pilates studio that I liked and this is it. A fun way to exercise, I feel great when I leave and am getting stronger and more firm. All the instructors are great, cheerful and helpful. A great place to be! Love love it.

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I haven’t exercised regularly for awhile. I’m 61 and recently lost some weight and want to lose a little more. I need to tone up, build my core, and improve my balance. I had hip replacement about a year ago and I needed something that I could do that wasn’t jarring to my body. I loved Pilates from the first free introductory class I took. I am hooked. I’ve been coming now twice a week. All the instructors and so nice, caring, encouraging and also very well trained. So far I’ve been able to find classes to fit to my schedule and they are currently training new instructors so they can add to their schedule. I highly recommend you check out Club Pilates!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.0-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 7735 N Blackstone Ave Suite 101, Fresno, CA 93720, United States .

The contact number is +1 559-239-4023

This service is listed under Pilates Studio .

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