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BoxUnion Robertson, located at 120 N Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, is a vibrant boxing gym offering community-based workout sessions led by expert coaches. Known for its welcoming atmosphere, it provides a clean facility with impeccable services benefiting both beginners and advanced individuals aiming to maintain an active lifestyle.

A strong believer in diversity and inclusion, the gym provides customized workouts and promotes a positive environment filled with the rhythm of encouraging music. The trained and professional staff at BoxUnion Robertson is truly appreciated for their hands-on approach, making workouts enjoyable and satisfying.


  • Highly qualified and approachable coaches offering curated workouts.
  • Provides a welcoming atmosphere encouraging diversity and inclusivity.
  • Praised for its clean facilities and efficient parking.
  • Promotes a strong sense of community among gym-goers.
  • The music is highly encouraging, enhancing workout experience.
  • Offers beginner-friendly classes and adjustments for different ability levels.
  • Front desk staff are friendly and helpful.
  • Gym operates at flexible hours, adapting to various schedules.
  • Offers a great first-class experience, guiding newcomers thoroughly.
  • Provides a satisfactory workout ensuring patrons leave content and challenged.


  • Reported inconsistencies with the front desk's customer recognition and service.
  • There have been instances of booking errors leading to false 'No Show' charges.
  • Wraps/gloves are not available for free, they need to be bought or rented.

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after a few injuries, my active lifestyle was non-existent. i hadn't worked out in years. in an attempt to start up again, i tried a few intimidating gyms and felt i was too far gone and too out of shape.then i found box union robertson is a welcoming, solid community; staffed with approachable coaches who finely curate their workouts, lead with compassion and maintain a positive atmosphere! the genuine way they promote diversity and belonging is TOP TIER! grateful for their intention and follow through on all fronts.the facility is clean, the parking is effortless, the music is ON POINT, the vibes are RIGHT!just show up and you will leave a sweaty mess; just the way we like it!book a bag... today!


I love this place! The staff is always super friendly and helpful with my wraps. Great atmosphere all together.


Cory crushed it! Even after already teaching two prior classes, he delivered. Also, the staff in the front were great. I definitely will be back there.


Listen! I haven’t boxed in years! The class with Cory was everything! He was such a great teacher, for all of the beginners in those of us who had to shake off some dust. But you can tell there’s a loyal community of boxers there that love him! Music and vibes were right and this is my new fave place to work out! Am I sore? Absolutely but very happy lol!


First time using Class Pass and decided to go boxing. I’m super out of shape and have never been to a studio/class style workout session before. All i can say is: just try it, i bet you’ll love it.The instructor was great, consistent, and realistic with both expectations and people’s abilities. Have to buy wraps/rent gloves, but they’re not crazy expensive so no worries there. Gym was clean and the music was loud and encouraging.


Such a warm welcome for my first visit! I’m here for the workout, but a real sense of community solidifies my commitment at any gym and I felt it today. Cory was my first instructor! He went though the basics with me and I felt confident and prepared for class. Thank you Izaiel for walking me through the membership process!


I love coming to his location because of Coach Mo, Coach Cory, and Coach Lo... however, the front desk is another story. I've been coming here for over 6 months and took over 100 classes... However, the front desk doesn't know my name (except for Isai) and always gets me confused with my sisters' names. They even forgot to check me in and charged me as No Show when in fact I attended the class. Luckily, I was refunded after I called... but left a sour taste in my mouth from that experience. I also attend the studio at Sherman Oaks, and it's totally different there. They should learn from them, so they could be better together.


I LOVE this place! I’ve been working out here for a couple of years now and I still leave each class wanting more. The instructors encourage you to give it your all in class, but also offer modifications for your ability level and capabilities so you never feel like you don’t belong there. I always feel safe and welcomed here. Beth, Cory, Lo, and Elise are amazing coaches who love their jobs and the people they work with. The front staff are also super friendly and remember you, which makes you feel even more a part of the community. 10/10 would recommend!


I love everyone who works here and the classes keep bringing me back. Elise, Summer, Coach Christy, Prince and Cory are all amazing. Tiara is also extremely nice. I didn’t get everyone’s names but positive experience interacting with all of them. They have great energy, share awesome messages at the end and want to see everyone succeed. Major shout out for coaches sticking around after class to help more too. Love this place.


Took my first class today in BoxUnion Robertson and I loved it! The front desk staff were so sweet and helpful. The boxing studio was clean.During the class, the coach was very motivating and had so much energy. It was a great class. I definitely got a workout in. I highly recommend this studio. Also, the music was spot on! Looking forward for my next class!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.9-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 120 N Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048, United States .

The contact number is +1 424-477-2698

This service is listed under Boxing Gym .

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