The Gym LA, situated at 11567 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, delivers an impressive gym experience in a welcoming environment. Offering state-of-the-art equipment, comprehensive fitness facilities, and extensive opening hours, it caters to all types of gym-goers. Despite this, some aspects of the gym have faced criticism indicating room for improvement. The staff is praised for being professional, friendly, and very accommodating, going above and beyond to assist members.

The clientele is a mix of all ages, abilities, and ethnicities, fostering a vibrant and respectful fitness community. Maintenance is evidently a priority, with top-notch, well-kept equipment and a clean, bright, and spacious environment emphasized in reviews. However, responsiveness to membership cancellation requests and some aspects of customer service has been criticized.


  • Top-notch, well-kept equipment
  • Professional and accommodating staff
  • Clean, bright and spacious facility
  • Respectful and diverse clientele
  • Comprehensive fitness facilities
  • Extensive opening hours
  • Offers state-of-the-art equipment
  • Welcoming, motivating environment
  • Cordial and friendly gym culture
  • Proactive maintenance


  • Poor customer service during membership cancellation
  • Some reviewers point to unresponsiveness to concerns
  • Locker room space has been critiqued


Members-only gym offering fitness equipment & free weights, plus classes & personal training.

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The GYM LA is an exceptional fitness center and gym that offers state-of-the-art equipment and a welcoming environment. The facility is well-maintained and fosters an amazing atmosphere that motivates everyone to reach their fitness goals. Above all, Jen, the gym manager, is a game changer. Her approachable demeanor, knowledgeable guidance, and genuine commitment to members' health and wellbeing elevate the entire gym experience. Simply put, The GYM LA, goes beyond a typical fitness center, becoming a powerful catalyst for personal transformation and lifestyle enhancement.


It’s crazy how the manager is in the comments gaslighting customers’ experiences stating that they are “untrue” and “defamation”. Well, no girl, rarely anyone is going to take time out to write a false review for no reason. Additionally, it’s just plain unprofessional. The first thing in customer service is to always be willing to work with and believe a customer. Find a solution instead of running to Yelp to delete reviews! All customers need is to feel like they’re heard and understood and Jen is AWFUL at doing that as she accused me of lying before I can even meet her?! Hate to pull the race card, but is it because I am black? What’s the deal with you? I just met you! I’ve seen the one dude in the afternoon working the front desk and he’s probably the only good thing about this place. Overall, Jen, you’re quite mean and I suggest you should look deep within yourself and ask why and then work on it because projecting that negative energy onto everybody else won’t get you anywhere in life. Instead, you may actually genuinely put someone in harm. You never know what someone is going through, you should be a lot more understanding especially in your position and location.PS. I don’t even write reviews but I had to for Jen. Whether you know it or not, you actually really hurt my feelings making me feel invalidated and untrustworthy. If you don’t want me to use your complimentary benefits & rather have me get a membership so you can squeeze any coin you get, just say so! If you were upfront, I may have just done it but instead you decided to imply that I was lying. Weirdo energy 🥴


Great Gym Experience But Unresponsive Customer ServiceI've had the pleasure of being a member at this gym for quite some time, and I've genuinely enjoyed my time here. The gym equipment is top-notch, always kept in the best condition, and has everything one needs for a great workout.In addition to this, the staff is absolutely fantastic. They are very professional, friendly, and always willing to assist. They've played a significant role in creating an enjoyable and motivating environment.However, my experience with the membership cancellation process has been disappointing. Despite my repeated attempts to cancel my membership due to a change in my living situation, I've yet to receive any form of personal acknowledgment or response. The only responses I have received so far are automated emails, which do not address my concerns directly.I appreciate the quality of the gym, but I believe that the customer service aspect, especially the cancellation process, needs significant improvement. It's vital that members receive the same level of attention and response when they wish to cancel as when they first sign up.Overall, I highly recommend the gym for its excellent facilities and staff, but urge potential members to be aware of the difficulties in the cancellation process.Update 6/15/2023 - Billing department has emailed me back for a resolution. Appreciate it.


Been a member here for over a year now and can't say enough positive things. First of all, the manager (Jenn) is an absolute boss and runs the place like a PRO! She takes care of everyone and has such a well-trained and professional staff.The place is clean, spacious and has all the equipment you could possibly need PLUS 2 extra rooms for boxing and deadlifts. HIGHLY recommend if you are out in the West Los Angeles area and seeking a new gym.


I've been coming to this gym for over a year and I couldn't see myself going anywhere else. The staff are all excellent, and the equipment and facilities are clean and well maintained. Respectful clientele too. Excellent community gym.BTW, this gym has no affiliation with The Gym San Diego, Those of you who are looking to hate on Cole from social media, you're in the wrong place.


Went here over spring break, this gym was so amazing.


I have been a member of The Gym LA since the day it opened. The gym is clean. The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Everyone is very friendly and respectful. The membership varies in age, sex, ability, and ethnicity. It’s a great place to workout! Check it out, you won’t be sorry!! 👍👍 …


This gym is a top-notch facility that offers everything one needs. It's spacious and clean, staff is friendly and welcoming. The gym has extensive range of equipment, including kettlebells, weightlifting equipment, and functional training gear.


As an ex division 1 athlete, I find the staff for the gym LA to be highly knowledgeable, I find the facilities to be perfect for all the target ranges I want to hit in my training. It's not the fuss and the distractions you'll find at most gyms you're able to go in there and get your work no interruptions which entitles me to focus on the workout for the day. The gym LA is the perfect facility for me.


The Gym LA is a fantastic place that cares about your health goals. I'm sorry it's taken a case of mistaken identity for me to come on here and give it the 5 stars it deserves, as it's been a great place for the many years it's been open.Unfortunately, some fans of a TikToker who spoke about his bad experience at a place called "The Gym" have flooded this page with bad reviews thinking they are the same place. They are not, nor are they affiliated in any way.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.3-star.

This business has 60 reviews.

The address is: 11567 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025 .

The contact number is (424) 248-8496

This service is listed under Gym .

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