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Dungeon of Discipline Gym, nestled in Los Angeles, is a well-regarded establishment known for creating drastic and positive changes in one's body, contributing to long term health. The gym's trainers, Darryl, and Sonda are known for their extensive knowledge of exercise, anatomy, and nutrition. They provide a safe space for people to not only build their physical strength but also improve self-esteem and confidence.

The appealing ambiance and personalized training sessions make working out enjoyable. Clients consistently praise the patience, motivation, and professionalism displayed by the trainers. The gym has a loyal following with many passionate clients that have been part of the Dungeon Discipline family for years. Despite the small space, the gym has been successful in delivering big results.


  • The training sessions are tailored to individual needs, catering to the weaknesses and strengths of the clients.
  • The trainers are patient, supportive, and are known to highly motivate the clients, which contributes to an enjoyable workout experience.
  • Despite its small size, the gym has a strong reputation for efficient use of space and big results.
  • Dungeon of Discipline Gym prides itself in having a loyal customer base that has been consistent for many years.
  • The trainers also provide guidance on essential diets for desired results.
  • The gym also has a supplement line that has garnered positive reviews from the clientele.
  • Based on client reviews, training at Dungeon of Discipline Gym has resulted in improved self-esteem, confidence, and overall positivity.


  • Some clients have cited extremely high prices for short-term memberships.
  • One client reported being subjected to an insult by a trainer after questioning the high cost of the membership.
  • The gym is closed on Saturdays and Sundays which might not be convenient for some people.

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This gym changes you in a whole different way. It is not just about the weight loss, but it is about creating positive changes in your body that will last a lifetime. Since I have been training with Darryl, I feel much stronger and areas of weakness such as my wrists and ankles have improved tremendously. Darryl is incredibly patient and talented in the training exercises he chooses for you. He is also very motivating, especially when you feel like there is no way you can complete those final reps. He will get you through! I am also a big fan of their supplement line. The women’s daily vitamins give me so much energy to get through my daily routine that I don’t even need caffeine. I feel very grateful to Darryl and Sonda for their kindness and encouragement as I work through my personal fitness journey.


Almost three years ago I went for my yearly physical with my physician. I was feeling sluggish, not happy in my body, and for the first time in my life, dealing with high cholesterol. My doctor did not prescribe medication, but instead strongly encouraged me to call Darryl and Sonda at the Dungeon of Discipline, with whom he had been exercising for years.I have never enjoyed exercise as much as I do with Darryl and Sonda. They have created an amazing atmosphere in their small yet efficient gym, a safe space in which I have been able to not only build muscle and endurance, but also self-confidence and self esteem. I look forward to my workouts twice a week, and I’ve never felt physically and mentally better in my life. Darryl worked closely with me throughout my pregnancy last year and I never felt stronger – I only gained 20 lbs., delivered my baby in 27 minutes, and had a quick and smooth recovery. I know the exercise I committed to had a lot to do with it. I always feel safe working with Darryl – he is a gentleman, has dignity, and takes pride in his work and his gym.I give the Dungeon of Discipline my highest recommendation. I often feel as though I want to work hard at the gym, not only for myself, but also for them, because they have helped me discover a love for exercising. I also have to point out that the Dungeon of Discipline has a very loyal following for many, many years – people of all ages and walks of life. That alone speaks volumes. They are not pretentious, their vibe is not pretentious, you show up, roll up your sleeves, and get to work.


I've been training with Darryl Rudd at this gym for a little over 2 years. Darryl is the best - he tailors my workouts to what works best for me and makes them fun. I've referred many friends to Darryl, and everyone loves him like I do. I highly recommend this gym and training with Darryl. Sonda, the other trainer, is also amazing!


Exercising has always been important to me. I have been to many gyms, worked with several trainers throughout my life but never quite felt like I was getting what I needed. Almost 2 years ago, a friend recommended Darryl and Sonda at Dungeons of Discipline. I went for my first session and I have not looked back since. 2-3 days a week, I train with Darryl. I have never experienced training sessions like these. I walk out each and every session feeling stronger and more confident.Darryl and Sonda's knowledge about the anatomy, nutrition, physiology and injury/recovery is remarkable. Both Darryl and Sonda are athletes by nature. That, coupled with their knowledge base and extensive experience as trainers, makes them top notch. Sonda has worked with me on nutrition and educating me on what types of food I need to eat to get results. She is a wealth of information!Darryl has helped me to become stronger and more confident in my body. He pushes me and believes in me even when I'm not believing in myself. My workouts with Darryl have not only changed my body but my mind as well. Dungeons of Discipline is not a big space but it definitely produces big results! I cannot recommend Darryl and Sonda enough!


After many failed attempts to "get in shape" through assorted gym memberships, taking Cardio Barre classes and Pilates, and running as much as my body could handle, I came to the Dungeon of Discipline with the same cautious optimism that I brought to each new exercise enterprise. What I was pleased to discover, however, is that the Dungeon is so much more than just another gym or exercise class. The Dungeon provides a uniquely personal training experience that can only be offered by the expertise of its trainers, Darryl and Sonda. Thanks to them, I feel better than ever and my husband has never found me more attractive.


My Kids and I had a great time working with Darryl. We had so much fun that we lost track of the time and the great workout he put us through . As a nutritionist I have worked out and have trained with many trainers, and Daryl is very professional and knows his stuff!


The Dungeon of Discipline is the best gym in LA if you want to take your workouts seriously. Daryl and Sonda know how to create a welcoming environment while also pushing you to perform your best. They're extremely knowledgable and will always answer any question you have for them.


By far, the best trainers in Los Angeles. The quality of the workouts, as well as their wealth of knowledge ensure that you understand more about your body, and how to take care of it... even push your limits. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting on track, with no excuses.


Love working with Daryl at DDG! He keeps me motivated and focused and is in my corner every step of the way! I have never felt stronger both physically and spiritually!


I was visiting LA for a couple of days, went to Dungeon of Discipline, asked for a 10-day package and felt DISAPPOINTED and INSULTED.1) They wanted to charge $750 for a 10-day package!! That's more than a monthly membership at Equinox and other top-notch gyms!! And the structure at Dungeon of Discipline is SUPER simple. How come can try to charge that much from a consumer???2) When I said it was way to expensive for the services they offer, one of the trainers at the gym got upset and told me I didn't "have the structure" to do a training by myself. WORST service I've ever seen at a gym!!Don't lose your time and go somewhere else!Bolder Fitness has better services, structure and fair prices.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.4-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 1100 S Beverly Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90035, United States .

The contact number is +1 310-424-8538

This service is listed under Gym .

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