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Hardcore Fitness Bootcamp Downtown Los Angeles offers an invigorating physical fitness program in a friendly, welcoming environment. Members praise the bootcamp style workouts, finding them to enhance both physical health and mental resilience. The fitness center is located at 400 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, and opens early in the morning till late at night, providing plenty of flexibility for members.

The gym is manned by supportive, attentive staff and coaches who actively assist and motivate participants throughout the various workouts. The classes are structured and diversified, each day targeting a specific muscle group. This gym also takes member safety seriously with strict protocols regarding COVID-19.


  • Variety of well-structured, target-focused classes
  • Highly certified, friendly, and motivated training staff
  • Long operation hours providing flexibility for members
  • Positive, inclusive gym community
  • Effective diet and physical transformation guidance
  • Efficient, safe COVID-19 protocols in place
  • Fun and energetic training environment
  • Allows effective weight-loss results
  • Inclusive schedules catering to busy individuals
  • Located conveniently with accessible parking


  • Organization’s policy difficult for injured members looking to pause their program
  • Some dissatisfaction with management and sales team
  • Loss of some popular trainers

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Trainers are amazing, love their instructions and style - always make it so fun! I enjoy my workout a lot here.Front deck is also amazing, attentive and very friendly.The management and sales people on the other hand, not so sure how I feel about them. I once hurt my shoulder and wanted to pause my membership to recover, but they said that I had to provide a doctors note. Lol this should not work like school or work, people pay for it so they have the freaking rights to pause their membership if they need. Bad bad bad company policy, probably why a few of the good trainers are no longer there and sadly also the reason why I’m not coming back.


I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a community of people constantly improving themselves. I lost 36lbs and maintained them off by going to this gym. I learned how to change my diet which was ultimately the game changer. The classes are fun, the staff is welcoming, the coaches like to challenge us. I had been part of several gyms before but this one has been the best so far when I look at my results.


Great bootcamp! I’ve been working out since I was 15 years old, power lifter. But since the pandemic I have struggled with motivation and consistency. It just wasn’t the same, it got boring. Put on some pounds. This place is helping with my motivation again with the structured setting of class times and station rotations. Hasn’t even been a week and I’ve already hit a new low on the scale ive been plateuing on for months. The workouts are smartly designed! Friendly trainers.


Unarguably the best boot camp in town. It’s a community and home away from home. Great staff, great members. If you need to stay fit and have fun doing it, Hardcore Fitness is the place to be.


The place is great! The trainers .. location and members make this place worth it! Never the same workout, you can get an amazing workout everyday. Perfect schedules


It's very fun gym with amazing staff! I enjoy coming every time to enjoy a boot camp or fight camp after a long day from work.


Was hoping to find a program or center that would keep me on my toes since I tend to lose focus in the gym. Hardcore Fitness DTLA is a place I would 100% recommend because of its split body workouts, inclusive schedules, and great morale. I have been able to join a class whenever it fits my schedule since I am juggling a lot these days.So happy to find a place close to home, with accessible parking, and with no “cocky” community.


Love this gym! Everyone is extremely friendly and pushes you on your fitness journey. I have met some great people in the year that I have been attending this gym. Really like the timed stations which makes me push myself. You will enjoy this gym and you will also love their staff specially Citlalli who greets you at the entrance.


I am a very athletic person and I have belonged to many gyms prior to joining my current gym Hardcore Fitness. And I have had numerous bad experiences with my prior gyms. Too many members not enough equipment having to wait on equipment which we all know is extremely frustrating. Gym staff rude nor very helpful. So before joining another gym I have weighed the pros & cons and decided I would take my time choosing my next gym amd.membership and I am so elated that I have found the perfect fit fitness needs . Hardcore Gym is by far the best choiceoice I have made and found Hardcore exceeds all of my workout needs and expectations. I would like to thank Alondra, Ciclali and the Hardcore staff.Sincerely,Horacio Padilla


Been a member for over a year and a half and HCF is one of greatest gyms I have ever joined. The manager was and still is passionate about helping others improve and transform not just on the outside, but the inside as well. I did not feel like another transaction when I signed up and then I'm left to just do my thing. The people here are really encouraging and the bootcamp style workouts really take the guess work out of your workout! Each class is led by two trainers who show you every movement and there to assist if needed during the actual workout. Basically, the week is planned out and each day focuses on a different muscle group or groups and all you do is show up and get that weight moving. With covid, all classes are outside and the staff is on top of keeping members safe with cleaning protocols, announcements from trainers, limited class size, face covering and glove requirements, and more! If you are looking for a gym, I definitely encourage you to check out Hardcore.Update 12.4.2021 -- I added past photos fr 2019 and early 2020 (January to March shutdown) to show energy and commroderie of gym. They are in no way a reflection of the gym and their covid protocols currently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.6-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 400 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States .

The contact number is +1 213-476-2122

This service is listed under Physical Fitness Program .

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