Fit Body Boot Camp is a popular gym located at 5809 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles. It operates on all days except Sunday, with multiple sessions to choose from. Known for its professional boot camp style fitness programs, it is highly recommended by the clients for its diverse workouts, effective weight loss regimes, and exceptional coaching.

The gym positioning is unique owing to individual attention each member receives and a sense of community they foster. It stands exemplary in presenting a friendly and welcoming environment, making it the preferred choice for those pursuing sustainable lifestyle changes through fitness.


  • Staff members are resourceful, supportive and offer personalized attention.
  • The gym fosters a great sense of community and camaraderie among members.
  • Surpassingly effective workout sessions and weight/fat loss challenges.
  • Flexible hours with multiple sessions throughout the day.
  • Encourages sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • Strong focus on nutrition and mental health.
  • Frequent community challenges, activities, and events.
  • Sessions are brief, yet highly effective.
  • Gym welcomes members from other outlets and locations.
  • Excellent reviews and highly recommended by the clients.


  • The gym remains closed on Sundays.
  • No sauna or similar facility is available.
  • Requires commitment to regular classes, could be challenging for people with an irregular schedule or preferences for solo workouts.

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I was a member for about 3 months and absolutely loved it. The experience helped me learn more about tracking what I eat (I quickly realized I had been in a caloric deficit for a long time) and the workouts are super fun, challenging, and effective. I highly recommend checking out this location. You will love the fun and resourceful staff! I miss them!


I’ve been a member since 2021. The best experience I’ve ever had. All the coaches are great! I’m one of those who can exercise on my own so the set up 45 minutes sesión is perfect for me. The coaches are there checking every movement and posture. One of the things I enjoy the most are the weight/fat loss challenges in which my coach monitors my diet and exercise to help me achieve my goal. Highly recommended


Been coming here for a month now. I Love the energy of the people in the class . It helps me want to work out more and get healthy and have a better life style. Love the coaches they help out alot if you don't know what your doing.. I lost 7 pounds already am ready to keep going and start these new journey of my life to eat healthy.


Highland Park FBBC has been an absolute game-changer for me this past year. They have challenged me both physically and mentally to where I am more self-disciplined in achieving my goals. It's through the support of the AMAZING coaches and community that is built with other members. My coaches have taught me how to make sustainable life changes and I continue to do so as I approach my year mark with this gym. The energy you feel when you make it to boot camp is one you will want to hold on to. I now come with family and friends and love working out together ❤️ 💪Give it a shot!! Once you do, it will be a decision you will be glad you made :)


I’ve been coming to this gym since 2021, and have just hit my 250th session and feel stronger than ever.I’m a single mom, work full time, and am in school, but have always managed to find time to make for these sessions. They are short, but are very effective.Coach Gina and Coach Bonnie are especially amazing because they understand how hard it is to find time for yourself as a busy mother, and help motivate you.Whatever modifications you need, the coaches will help you with no judgement.

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I joined this bootcamp about a year ago and it has been so much fun! It's my first time going to a regular exercise class rather than gym or run on my own. I love:1) the wonderful coaches and camaraderie with the other members2) the music3) the fact that I never have to plan a workout. I do more different things than I would have done on my own, and I also can roll out of bed and go without much thought on the days when I don't feel like working out4) getting fit in an enjoyable way5) extra community challenges, activities, and events


I really love coming to this gym because the staff there caters to every one of its members individually and I feel so welcomed there! I have such a blast when I go because the trainers make me laugh and sweat simultaneously and I look forward to going to the gym knowing that I have my favorite coaches there. My favorite sessions are when everyone is having a great time and the vibes are just there. When you go for the first time, you can expect to see the members there loving the time they spend there and the staff ready to make your exercise a wonderful part of your routine.


I love the environment at FBBCHLP! Everyone there is very supportive towards one another throughout the workouts and challenges. I’ve learned so much about my nutrition, mental health and physical strength. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. You will definitely have a large support group not only from the coaches but from the community within this FBBC. I’ve been a member since 2018 and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made towards my health and fitness. Don’t think about it just do it! Join today.

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I have been going to this gym for over three years and I really enjoy it. The atmosphere is great, the coaches are awesome, and the sauna is great. Just kidding! No sauna:). Sauna is not needed cause a 30 minute workout is better.There are not many places where you are a customer and the business gets to know you, most importantly your first name. It’s a closed knit family.

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I was visiting my family in LA and wanted to work out. As a member of another Fit Body location on the east coast, the owners didn’t hesitate to allow me to come to their gym. The workout was amazing, great coaches, good music, and amazing people. Thank you for your hospitality! Highland Park Fit Body Bootcamp rock!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 5809 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042, United States .

The contact number is +1 323-579-9650

This service is listed under Boot Camp .

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