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Mixtape Athletics in Downtown Los Angeles is a top-tier CrossFit and boxing gym known for its inclusive and welcoming environment. The gym offers expertly run classes with highly skilled coaches who are patient and accommodating, making it ideal for beginners and seasoned athletes alike. Open gym hours, a clean and spacious facility, and a vibrant community further enhance the workout experience. Members rave about the supportive atmosphere, personalized attention, and friendly vibe, ensuring every workout is engaging and rewarding.

With dedicated trainers like Mercedes and Jason, Mixtape Athletics fosters a familial culture where everyone feels valued. Whether you’re looking to get fit, make friends, or bring your dog along, Mixtape Athletics offers a unique and inviting place to achieve your fitness goals.


  • Inclusive and welcoming environment
  • Expert trainers who provide personalized attention
  • Ideal for both beginners and seasoned athletes
  • Clean and spacious facility
  • Wide range of intense and rewarding workouts
  • Flexible open gym hours
  • Pet-friendly policy
  • Strong sense of community
  • Convenient parking
  • Offers yoga classes for added flexibility


  • Classes can get busy
  • Gym only open part-time on weekends
  • Possible intimidation for those new to high-intensity workouts

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The best community of people from every part of the world. The best workout for any level of athlete. It's been so fun to see myself level up and all those around me.


I've been Crossfiting for the past 10 years and Mixtape has been by far has been the best!! What sets mixtape from all the other Crossfit boxes is 1. The coaches 2. The hours for open gym Monday to Friday 3. The community and the vibe!! 4. This is the only place where I can set my wallet and cell phone and not worry about it!! Sadie and Jason ( the owners ) have the best outlook in life and it shows when they coach and just sit down for a chat... If you want a place to train and just get healthy come to mixtape...


Mixtape Athletics crossfit/Boxing class has been one great experience so far , the environment the vibe , the workouts , the trainers . Everything thing has been wonderful . I found them on Instagram looking for a new boxing gym and little did I know I would find it in dtla where I love to go. Every time I go it feels so welcoming and the workouts are intense but overall rewarding. Want to know the best part is that they let dogs in omg ya'll can take you're puppy with ya'll but make sure to clean up after them . Mercedes such an awesome trainer . I look up to her .Jason an awesome trainer /fast runner from what I saw the other day .Jay an amazing boxer very patient and a great coach.I highly recommended this gym. Best thing of this gym is that they treat you as family and make everyone feel welcomed. Love it here wish I can go every day .

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I really enjoy going to this gym. I was also intimidated to try crossfit, but as a beginner the coaches were all so friendly. On my first day, the coach made me feel welcome and there are always alternative workouts for different levels. I am so glad I tried this gym because the coaches and members are very nice and supportive. Everyone is very helpful and the coaches really want you to succeed and get better with your workouts. They are very knowledgeable and passionate. I am always looking forward to the different workouts. Sadie, Jason, and Scott are all helpful! The workouts are never boring and keep me engaged!


I've been a member of many CrossFit boxes and will tell you that Mixtape is easily the best run gym out of the list. The space is clean, the decor is stylish and the gym is well equipped. What really sets them apart is coaching and how accommodating and welcoming the owners are to beginners. They patiently explain all of the exercises to new athletes and offer easy scaling options if needed. The community has grown strong here as a result. I would highly recommend regardless of experience level.


I started going to Mixtape in February of 2022. Knowing I was going to be moving in June I was reluctant to get into a new box only to leave in a few months.In the short amount of time I was there I connected with Mercedes and Jason and they were absolutely amazing. They care so much about their members and go above and beyond to create a welcoming environment for everyone.I moved in June of 2022 and tried out three other CrossFit boxes in the Santa Monica area only to find out that I’m a Mixtape-er for life. I missed the WIN and FIT workouts that included modifications to some of the more advanced movements, I missed the open gym environment with TONS of room to workout, I missed the doggies, I missed the one on one coaching you get during class, but most importantly I missed the culture that Mercedes and Jason have cultivated with this new CrossFit box.I recommend this CrossFit box over any of the other ones in Los Angeles simply because Mercedes and Jason. They’re an amazing duo and have created an even more amazing CrossFit culture that is inviting and welcoming to all who have a passion for fitness.Definitely worth the drive everyday to spend time with my gym family.


Dopest CrossFit gym in Downtown LA. Was in town for the week and found this little hidden gem while in the area. The environment was very laid back and chill. Came during open gym time and they welcomed me with open arms! Felt like I was back at my box in my hometown. If your in the downtown area and looking for a box to go don’t hesitate to go here! You will absolutely love it. I will defiantly be back. Thank y’all so much for the hospitality! ♥️


This place is great! The coaches are all friendly and welcoming. The coaches break down these complicated exercises and help you every step of the way. The community they’ve cultivated is phenomenal! As a person who steered clear from big box gyms, I’m so glad I found this place! While the classes might get busy, you never feel out of place or unwelcome here. Check out the yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you’ll surprise yourself with how quickly you become more flexible!Thank you Mixtape Athletics!!!!


Found this gym after a random search a few months ago, and have found an incredible community here! The coaches are awesome — welcoming, patient, and eager to help me grow as an athlete. CrossFit was always intimidating to me until I started coming to Mixtape, but here I’ve found an inclusive and positive space where I’m encouraged and challenged each class. Come join us!


MixTape is truly a fantastic spot if you are looking to get back into shape and reconnect with friendly folks after the last two years of being inside.I started in late September and this gym welcomed me with open arms. I was the heaviest I’d ever weighed and felt really disconnected from my body. I saw Mixtape on my Instagram, and though I was terrified of CrossFit, I saw they were an inclusive gym (I’m LGBT and was worried there was not a place for me in CrossFit) and they offered yoga which interested me. One class with Jason made me realize their inclusive message was the real deal. It was all about starting me at where I was at and making me feel comfortable. By my second class on Saturday with Sadie I was hooked. These two create a phenomenal environment.The workouts have scaled versions of intensity which allowed me to keep going despite being new to CrossFit and keep me engaged. I’ve lost over 30 pounds since joining the gym, but the real reason I stay is the community. Jason and Sadie run an incredibly welcoming business that is only enhanced by the incredible community they are building. Their additional coaches are all equally kind, knowledgeable, and make working out fun. I’ve yet to try there boxing classes but I hear amazing things. I’ve already made incredible friends there, and often it feels just as much a social club as it is a gym. Looking forward to staying at the place for a long time.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 20 reviews.

The address is: 2023 Bay St, Los Angeles, CA 90021, United States .

The contact number is +1 747-228-2966

This service is listed under Gym .

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