Ritual Fitness, located at 5628 York Blvd, Los Angeles, is a renowned fitness center with a vibrant community environment and professional instructors. It provides a range of unique and fun-filled classes that help you to sweat and challenge yourself. Interactive sessions featuring both traditional and innovative exercise routines such as rebounder classes are designed to promote physical and mental strength.

The instructors at Ritual Fitness are praised for their approach towards individual growth and learning. They cater to all fitness levels, provide personal training, and are proactive in assisting members to modify workouts according to their specific needs. All classes are designed to be both challenging and rewarding, keeping them engaging for the members.


  • Professional and versatile trainers.
  • Offers a wide variety of traditional and innovative classes.
  • Highly recommended for an incredible workout experience.
  • Focuses on holistic development including both physical and mental health.
  • The gym provides personal training options.
  • Maintains a welcoming, warm, and bright studio environment.
  • Offers the unique feature of trampoline workouts.
  • Features a supportive and growing community of fitness enthusiasts.
  • Small extras such as cool towels are appreciated by members.
  • Perfect for individuals at both beginner and advanced fitness levels.


  • The location might not be convenient for everyone.
  • The workout can be intense for few, though adaptable according to needs.
  • The gym facilities are not mentioned in the review, so details about them are not clear.

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I am forever grateful to have found Ritual! I had been searching for a gym in the area for awhile and wasn't really finding an environment I felt comfortable in. Once I took my first class at Ritual, I knew right away it was the place for me. The instructors are incredible, the classes are a ton of fun...but most importantly, it has such a down-to-earth, community feel. 10/10 the best studio!


I did initially join the gym for the rebounder classes, which are so fun and totally unlike anything you will find at another gym and are a truly incredible workout. However I now take and love the full variety of classes they offer and leave every class I take dripping in sweat. The teachers know how to push you to challenge yourself in the most wonderful ways so you are always pushing yourself and getting stronger. The classes are challenging and rewarding and the community of people are wonderful and support each other. Classes are great. Vibes are great. Can’t recommend enough!


The most beautiful and welcoming community in the heart of highland park! Natasha and Zoe have the perfect balance of classes that target the whole body and mind. The instructors are so knowledgeable. Great for advanced or beginners! Do yourself a favor and check out a bounce class! So fun!!


Ritual is a welcoming studio with incredible, kind teachers, fun classes, and a special little growing community. I love every class I’ve tried, but it’s the first time I’ve ever had a trampoline workout and it’s so fun and motivating. This is the cardio I’ve been missing from my at home strength training practice, and it feels so good to bounce around and play while working so hard. I love how warm and bright the studio is and the cool towels at the end are such a special touch. Highly recommend trying!


I was searching for a close gym in my neighborhood and came across the Ritual Fitness studio. I was so happy to connect with Natasha and Zoe and start personal training with each of them. They really listened and modified initial workouts to accommodate a past injury. I am so much stronger, physically and mentally, than where I started and credit both of them for being amazing trainers! I never thought I'd find myself looking forward to workout, and I do now. The workouts are always fun and changing. I love connecting and learning from both of them. This studio is my favorite community in LA, and I am looking forward to trying some group classes in the New Year! Check it out!


I moved to the East Side two weeks into the pandemic shutdown (March 2020) and like many of us, I proceeded to gain a bunch of weight and depression over the following year. I found Natasha and Zoe at the gym’s prior location in Eagle Rock, and I’ve been a loyal member ever since. It’s more than just a place to workout. For me it’s been a powerful body/mind experience unlike anything I’ve experienced in my previous 20+ years of working out. I’m a member of the gym for their incredible, transformative classes, but I also do some personal training sessions just to refine my workouts, or whenever I need some intense, restorative stretching from highly-trained, skilled professionals. The workouts are hardcore, but still totally fun. And spiritual, but just the right amount. My favorite classes are Flex+Flow and Rush. You have to do them to understand. They’re addicting. I LOVE this place.


Ritual Fitness has fostered the most inspiring group of movers and instructors, every day I'm motivated and encouraged by the space that Natasha and Zoe have created. All the classes are designed to tone the mind and body, while having tons of fun! I'm so thankful to have found this community in LA!


Fours years ago a friend told me about Madre in Eagle Rock which is now Ritual in Highland Park. Once I stepped into the studio and starting taking Rebound and Yoga classes I was hooked. Natasha and Zoe have created this warm beautiful space and community that keeps me coming back. For me it's worth going outside of my neighborhood to get both my body and my mind energized. The classes and instructors the best!


Best fitness studio I’ve ever been to! I’ve been attending classes here for over three years and it has changed my life! Yoga, HIIT, cardio (bounce), mat pilates…they do it all. If you want to see results (mentally and physically) then go here!!


I can't say enough great things about Ritual Fitness!! This studio helped me fall in love with my workout routine again, and ultimately, myself! So grateful to be a part of this fitness family!!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 5628 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042, United States .

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