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Rockreation Los Angeles Sport Climbing Center is a well-established rock climbing gym conveniently located at Westgate media park. It boasts a wide array of amenities including daily yoga and fitness classes, cardio equipment, free weights, and a dedicated yoga studio. Visitors commend the Center for its friendly and helpful staff, dynamic climbs, cleanliness, and great customer service. However, the Center also attracts criticism for its weekend operation hours and crowded bouldering areas.

The Center's routes provide varied and challenging experiences for climbers of all levels. It's a great choice for not only individual climbers but also for group activities such as kid's parties. It prides itself in providing a personal and community-like feel for its visitors, often being described as a 'mom-and-pop' local gym. Although smaller than other gyms, Rockreation stands out by the thoughtfulness and creativity that go into setting each route.


  • Versatile gym offering bouldering, lead climbing, top roping, yoga and fitness classes
  • Friendly, accommodating and helpful staff
  • Clean facilities with dedicated parking spots, locker rooms and showers
  • Interesting and thoughtfully set climbing routes offering a sense of accomplishment
  • Maintains a personal, community-like vibe
  • Yoga classes and workout areas with cardio equipment and free weights included
  • Conveniently located at Westgate media park
  • Great for group activities such as birthday parties
  • Well-maintained facilities with great customer service
  • Offers various programs including a women's climbing group on Wednesday nights


  • Not beginner-friendly due to grade ranges in labeling
  • Weekend operating hours could be longer
  • Can get overcrowded, especially during the weekend

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Amazing staff, great dynamic climbs, and a nice 2nd floor gym


Not really a good bouldering experience because the levels are labeled in range. For example v0 to v2 are labelled exactly the same, so not beginner-friendly. Also the lights are really bad in some bouldering areas

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Interesting gym, routes were broken up into sets of three grades, v0-2, v3-5, etc. There is typically a wide difference between a v3 and a V5 at most gyms which makes that rank not the most helpful grouping. There was a fun woody traverse that goes through the top rope area, that I recommend.It was really warm in the gym and we went on a fairly cold day, so I wouldn't recommend wearing long sleeves or pants, and the air was fairly chalky and somewhat stagnant.The parking was fairly limited in the lot, there was a fair amount of street parking close by wasn't bad.


Love the staff here! Ginger helped start the women's climbing group on Wednesday nights and I love it. Only knocking a star off because of the weekend hours- 12-4pm only.


Nice small gym that I've been trying thru for more than 16 years. Routes are ok but the staff is phenomenal! They were great with my son's birthday despite the buck of crazy kids running around! They even did a lead climb demonstration for the group that was great.


Here's the thing about Rockreation: it may be smaller than other gyms in the area, but it is WAY more personal and feels like much more thought and care is put into each route. It feels like it's run top-to-bottom not by businessmen but by passionate climbers, and the staff almost always seems happy to be there. They are always around: patrolling, giving tips, belaying for kids, or kicking around a soccer ball during slow hours. It feels like a community, hometown gym.The routes are quite difficult for their grade, particularly with the boulders, and that gives a greater sense of accomplishment and progress. The routes are interesting and set thoughtfully and are hardly ever "left-right-left-right"; even the easy routes require some problem-solving and are fun to climb again and again. As for the top roping, I'd advise anyone choosing gyms to focus not on the height of the walls, but on the quality of the routes. Although the gym is small, it doesn't feel that way when you're there - the creativity and care put into setting means that you spend more time with each route than you might at other gyms, and I've never felt like I've run out of things to do.If you're near the area, support the "mom-and-pop" local gym that is Rockreation! It truly does have a more personal vibe than the bigger chains - a difference that is worth the price. There's a second location in Costa Mesa that I like going to whenever I'm down there as well.


Great experience !!! We took the Gravity classes and they are great. The instructor tailored his teaching to our level and made it a great session. We were able to put his advice and teaching in practice as we were going. They have different levels so call in to see what's best for you!

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Small friendly community, but no more autobelays. Gets crowded with kid parties on the weekends but the routes are changed regularly and the staff is very accommodating.

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This is the only gym I've been to so far in LA but they haven't really given me any reason to go anywhere else. The staff is nice, the routes are varied and challenging, and the bathrooms are super nice. My only complaint would be that there are sometimes about a million kids running around and the boulders can get pretty packed on the weekend as well. Also, the monthly membership fee is a tad steep, even if you're just getting the bare bones package. But they do offer fitness and yoga classes for a few dollars more a month and I'm eager to check it out.


Great climbing gym where you can boulder, lead climb and top rope which also offers daily yoga and fitness classes. The staff are very friendly and helpful. It can get busy in the evenings. There are dedicated parking spots in a lot and street parking is typically available. There are lockers in the restrooms along with showers. There is an upstairs workout area with cardio equipment and free weights and a separate yoga studio. The place is clean and the people are friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.5-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 11866 La Grange Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States .

The contact number is +1 310-207-7199

This service is listed under Rock Climbing Gym .

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