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Located in Los Angeles, Sparta Academy is a revered martial arts school and gym offering a wide range of services. Its strategic location at Brentwood Place Center offers easy accessibility for its diverse clientele. The gym provides committed services from Monday to Saturday, leveraging knowledgeable and experienced trainers for maximum client satisfaction. The welcoming atmosphere at the establishment and its comprehensive class schedules cater to varied fitness levels, foster a positive community, and allows for personalized attention.

Sparta Academy stands out as the fitness destination of choice for individuals seeking to improve their fitness levels, learn martial arts, or undergo transformative weight loss regimes. Impressively, customer reviews show high satisfaction levels clocking in an average rating of 4.9/5, with the majority expressing their satisfaction with fitness gains, trainer professionalism, community support, and class diversity.


  • Customer satisfaction is high as indicated by an average 4.9/5 rating.
  • The gym offers a diversity of classes including Muay Thai kickboxing and cross-training.
  • Schedules cater to various fitness levels with an emphasis on personalized service.
  • The gym is conveniently located at Brentwood Place Center
  • Opening times range from early morning to late evening, providing ample access.
  • The trainers, particularly the owner JJ, are highly praised for their expertise and dedication.
  • There is a solid community of regular clients providing a friendly and motivating environment.
  • The gym is praised for being clean and well-maintained.
  • Flexible membership packages available to cater for varied customer needs.
  • The Academy accommodates both beginners and professional athletes.


  • Some customers have found the gym initially intimidating.
  • There were concerns about unfriendly trainers.
  • One review indicated dissatisfaction with the instruction for lifting techniques.


Contemporary fitness facility offering free weights & Crossfit, kickboxing & martial arts classes.

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Highly recommend to all individuals who are looking to transform themselves & find there potential!! Hands down thee best place!! Along with that, everyone is really friendly & bring the best of the environment! Become a Spartan Warrior


Great gym for beginners and advanced athletes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


Needing to take the next step in my fitness journey, I walked into Sparta Academy feeling nervous and not exactly sure what to expect. JJ quickly made my fear and apprehension disappear as he is the most knowledgeable and friendly trainer I have ever met. JJ blends his fitness and training expertise by not only explaining proper body movement, but also teaching how each muscle and its movement are interconnected. JJ and the team at Sparta Academy are helping me achieve a pride and confidence in myself I have never felt.


Sparta Academy has been a transformational experience. I began with a couple of one-off classes in Muay Thai kickboxing, then bought the 10-class nonmember package, then I decided to add Cross Training classes, and finally went ahead and got the monthly unlimited package. JJ is a great teacher who not only shows you the right moves and form, but explains how everything connects in the larger picture. It is true that consistency is key, and that you will get out of this place what you put into it, but as someone who has never worked out in his life I've been really happy with what I've learned and how I've grown in the 11 months I've been coming here. Highly recommend to serious goal-setters with a good sense of humor!

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It was hard getting back into a routine after the pandemic, but finding Sparta Academy was such a blessing, I cannot say enough good things about this gym. I initially booked personal training with JJ. Not only is he a great trainer and dedicated to helping me achieve my goals, but he also helped push me to get out of my comfort zone & try the other classes offered there as well. Not long after joining I found a great community of people who are fun to train with and keep me on track. If you’re considering or have been wanting to try any of the martial arts this is the best place to do it. All levels are welcome and the all trainers are very patient and helpful.


Highly recommend Sparta! This is a gym for all levels—everyone from competitive MMA fighters taking martial arts classes to those (like myself) with zero experience in weight lifting. It’s not intimidating though bc JJ, the owner, is such an expert that he can break down a movement to make it accessible to anyone. He somehow seems to know what I’m capable of before I know myself, so he knows exactly when to push me. That’s what makes every workout challenging and super effective. The gains I’ve made in just a few months have been unbelievable & fast! I’ve also tried a few kickboxing classes, which are a great full body workout. Added benefit is a supportive & friendly community working out here regularly so that always makes for a fun social atmosphere.


As a female, this gym was very intimidating at first, but my SO was looking for a gym to lose the pandemic weight we put on and we decided to give it a try. We’re so glad we did because we’ve been so impressed by the results! We’re only doing the cross-training classes 4x a week and see better results than when we were doing HIIT classes 6x a week. I was afraid that lifting heavy was going to bulk me up, but it’s been the opposite - the cross-training classes helped LEAN me out. The morning cross-training classes are great. The class sizes are SMALL- like 6 people max per class. And I’ve never had an issue with booking a class. I’ve been to other gyms where it’s been 20+ people per class, where it’s been difficult to book and you don’t get much feedback from trainers. With the small classes at Sparta Academy, it’s as if you’re getting personal training. The coaches (JJ, Brennan, and Jason) are EXCELLENT- very knowledgeable and friendly. The coaches will monitor your form and offer advice on how to improve your lifts safely. JJ customizes the workout of the day, so you’re training strategically. The other clients are friendly and motivating. If you are new, do not be intimidated! The trainers will help you throughout the class (for several sessions), so it’s almost like you’re getting personal training.TL;DRPros:Excellent coachesSmall classesRapid resultsStrategic workoutsFriendly environmentNewbies welcomed


Hands down best dojo I've trained at. The owner, J.J., is an phenomenal instructor who has a considerable amount of combat experience; while also being an expert at passing on that knowledge. I lost 40 pounds in six months training martial arts with him and started fighting in tournaments after less than three months of training (won two bronze medals!). The gym is immaculately maintained and a strong sense of camaraderie exists amongst our teammates. Every tournament I've been to, our fighters take home multiple medals and we all have a fantastic time. Sparta Academy breeds champions!!


As a woman, I've tried different MMA gyms and have mostly felt ignored because I was a female. That is NOT the case at Sparta Academy. Everyone, especially the owner Jonathan, was friendly and were willing to work with me and treat me like …


I have wanted to learn Muy Thai and take classes for a while now, for both self defense and fitness purposes. I found Sparta Academy, and I am so happy I did. From the time I walked in, JJ (the owner) had a great personality, super …

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 20 reviews.

The address is: 11701 Wilshire Blvd ste 15B, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States .

The contact number is +1 424-832-7404

This service is listed under Martial Arts School .

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