Anytime Fitness in Seal Beach, CA, offers a comprehensive workout environment that's open 24 hours a day. With a range of equipment and stations, it caters to both casual gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts. The gym is renowned for its cleanliness and friendly staff, providing a comfortable atmosphere where members can focus on their workouts. Trainers are highly regarded, offering varied and engaging sessions. Although the facility is smaller in size, it never feels crowded, and the equipment is well-maintained. However, some members have expressed concerns about the behavior of certain staff members and the condition of some equipment.


  • Open 24 hours a day.
  • Clean environment and equipment.
  • Friendly and helpful staff.
  • Varied and engaging training sessions.
  • Never feels crowded.
  • Well-maintained equipment.
  • Comprehensive range of machines and weights.
  • Calm and respectful environment.
  • Real squat rack, bench press, and smith machine.
  • Multiple clean showers available.


  • Some staff members can be rude.
  • Equipment could use updates.
  • Higher cost compared to other gyms.

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The manager, trish, is incredibly rude and unhelpful when dealing with customers. The staff are either not there, or are in your face whilst working out. In terms of equipment, there was not a large range of it and it was all stuffed into a small location eliminating it being “anytime” or convenient for that matter. Do not recommend. The floor reminds me of a storage bin that you haven’t cleaned in 15 years, looks like that in this location too but worse. A poorly lit and depressing environment that is reminiscence of this too. Additionally, when instructed on how to use your personal keys to get in (which if you lose then you pay $30 each), customers were instructed to ignore people banging on door to get in. I am not sure what it is worse, the fact they had to instruct customers to ignore people banging on the door or that a 1cm key costs $30.


Very pleased with this place so far. It's clean, the staff is friendly and there's lots of different weights, machines and stations to choose from. Highly recommend if your looking for a new gym!

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Love it because this location has a weightlifting pad. Come here for leg day because I can do deadlifts on it.


Great gym! Always clean and comfortable. Friendly members who are just there to work out. The trainers Anthony and Andrea are fabulous and have helped me reach every goal I have set - and pushed me for more. Their training sessions are always varied, but thorough - and never get boring.


It’s a small place but has plenty of machines and equipment. I have been here twice for a few hours each time and never felt crowded at all. I really like that they play music but it is not so loud that I can’t hear myself think. They provide plenty of towels and sanitizer. There are multiple showers available. From what I’ve seen there is typically an older crowd which in my opinion is even better because it has a calm aura. I one slamming weights around, yelling, or being overly invasive. Mirrors all over the place which I think is essential for any good gym.


Great little gym. Never very crowded and you can pretty much always find your equipment you need free. Staff is wonderful!


Anytime Fitness locations occupy smaller spaces and charge a bit more than the famous chains. That said, the Seal Beach outpost (like the others I've used) is never crowded and has everything I need for a good workout. Some of their equipment and accessories (mats, etc.) could use an update, but the overall convenience and experience more than offset any deficiencies.


Finished a week free trial and I have to say I love this place. So far it's in my top 3 within a 10 mile radius.


Love that it’s open 24 hrs… but it lacks luster. The equipment looks old and not sure if they actually mop the side where all the HIIT equipment is at. The floor is disgusting. Restrooms are clean (well women’s anyways). I come here if I’m waiting for my kid to finish her practice but not my “home” gym. It will get the job done though. And I guess that’s all that matters.


This has been by gym for over 10 years. It is well supplied. It has actual cloth towels and cleaning sprays to sanitize the equipment before and after use. Any equipment that breaks down is usually fixed in a few days. There are plenty of free weight racks. bungees, pads, weight stations, and machines. During the pandemic when we had to have outdoor workouts, staff were more than willing to help you with a workout adapted to the outdoor equipment. The facilities are clean. Carpet and flooring were recently changed and clean. Overall, GREAT gym!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.5-star.

This business has 20 reviews.

The address is: 2920 Westminster Blvd., Seal Beach, CA 90740 .

The contact number is (562) 598-2100

This service is listed under Gym .

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