Gold's Gym located at 8485 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA, is a top choice for serious bodybuilders and general fitness enthusiasts alike. This gym offers a wide range of well-maintained equipment, ensuring users rarely wait for their turn. The atmosphere is motivating and the management continues to update machines to keep up with fitness trends. Memberships start around $47/month with multiple options available. Although the gym isn't the most family-friendly, it excels in providing a serious workout environment and extended hours, especially on weekends.

This gym maintains high standards of cleanliness, though there have been occasional complaints about dirty bathrooms and paper towel availability. It is recommended for those seeking a focused training environment with less crowding compared to other local gyms.


  • Wide range of well-maintained equipment.
  • Motivating workout environment.
  • Extended hours, even on weekends.
  • Cleanliness and good gym etiquette.
  • Regular updates and new equipment.
  • Membership options to suit different needs.
  • Serious fitness-focused community.
  • Quick and hassle-free sign-up process.
  • Friendly and helpful staff.


  • Not family-friendly.
  • High membership costs.
  • Dirty bathrooms reported occasionally.

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By far the best for the area great staff and community also have a good price


I am a caregiver and I have been taking my client to work out with his personal trainer. for the past 6 or 7 months - all I had to do was to sign my client in for his workout session. last week, a young man at the front desk stopped me while I was signing my client in, and wanted to know what my name was. I hesitant gave him my name. The exchange was rude, condescending, disrespectful - to say the least. But, I let it pass. The second time - which was today, while checking in with another attendant at the front desk, this same kid who hassled me the week before decided to raise his voice and ask me for my name again - while I was checking in with his colleague . The fact that he had to engage me while I am with his colleague trying to sign in made me a little upset I refused to give home my name. He got a hold of David - the gym manager and David - visibly upset, without asking questions began to sternly rebuke me - I told him several times - that he was visibly irritated - so I was not going to communicate or keep talking to him.Her's my point:1. I have no problem with a rule - but if a rule is going to be a rule - start enforcing from day one.2. Teach your employees manners on how to address/talk to people. Condescension, rude gestures or telling someone they are going to lose their job is not helpfu.3. If it is a rule - then it should be applied to everyone. I have never seen anyone come to this gym and have to repeat their name every time they come in.4. This is a leadership problem- David should learn that customer service is key to leading a great busines. Even if there is a disgruntled customer- his employees need to be trained on how to handle such cases. He, David, as the manager- should find out what happened by asking the customer to explain before addressing the situation.5. And finally David should not have been visibly upset without knowing the facts. He obviously only listened to his employee and dismissed any input from the customerI give the guy at the front desk 0 ratings - for being rude and disrespectful.I give David 0 for poor leadership and conflict resolution skills............David your statement that I have refused to check in at the front desk once a week for six or 7 months is not only a lie, but it also shows a deficiency in your leadership skills. As a business owner, this is something you should have heard of on day one and you should have sought to enforce the rule. But it never happened until today. So, I am certain that you're just trying to cover your leadership problems and shift blame.By the way, adhering to this rule is not the problem. You don't even understand my problem. If you had taken the time to talk with me or ask me for an explanation, maybe you would have had clarity.David, another lie in your comment is that I said,"I don't have to sign in - because I've been coming for six months."On the contraryI never said that.My point was - why was this my first time hearing about this - after coming into your gym for the past 6-7 months?Let me make it abundantly clear again- I am not against following a rules at your gym. It's the manner in which your employee was addressing me - that is the problem. He was rude, condescending and respectful.That is why I refused to give him my name today. Because last week he was very rude toward me. Today as well - dismissing me with hand gestures. Like I said, I was in the process of signing in with his colleague when he started interrupting me. And because he was rude towards me last week- I didn't want to deal with him again today.So David when you approached me visibly upset scolding me - not even taking the time to hear what I had to say - I turned and walked away- saying you are upset - I'm going to walk away. And I did.I do not remember raising my hand to you- if I did it was not mean spirited. You’re simply just trying to shift blame. Maybe- if you had taken a diff approach we would have come to an understanding.


This is the best gym in Sacramento.I've had memberships at CalFit, 24 hour fitness, Planet Fitness, cross fit gyms, and I've done the bay area health clubs as well. My membership is $35 per month and worth every penny. Here are the pros:1. The machinesWhat's great about this gym is that the machines are new, well maintained, and in working order. Every machine has duplicates so you're rarely waiting for a machine.2. It's cleanUnlike many other gyms this place is clean. The floors, the windows, the mirrors, even the locker rooms. This goes a long a way for me.3. The peopleHere the people really adhere to rules and gym etiquitte. The weights are re-racked, people wait their turn, and give others space. For the most part everyone is minding their own business and focused on their own workout.The hours4. They open early and stay open late. This is huge.There is no pool or sauna, no group classes, or juice bar but if you want a solid gym with good equipment, this is the spot.


Great! A lot of machines, punching bags, free weights, and friendly people.


Great gym and with a simple bodybuilding focus. The bathrooms are constantly dirty and out of paper towels, but that can be easily fixed.


I’m coming from the 24 hour gyms in Elk Grove/Sacramento and wow, what a huge difference. The initial fees were outrageous but this gym has so much nice equipment, it’s worth every penny. I can always get a bench even at 5pm which is unheard of in most places. The atmosphere here is different than other gyms and the people here take their training much more seriously. There’s no immature high school kids here either.I was worried sign up was going to be hell but it only took 10 minutes. They didn’t try to upsell me with extra stuff and waste my time either. I’m really glad there’s a Golds in this area. I can’t imagine going back to 24 hour. That place is a circus even at 10-11pm. I drive 40 mins just to come to Golds now.


Gyms management is againstMUAY THAI FIGHTERS AND KICKBOXERSManager Trevor told me if I want to use the kickboxing bag safely without shoes to go join a Muay Thai gym or kickboxing gym and this gym is for "bodybuilders" and no shoes Re allowed on the bag , witch puts people at huge risk for injury and puts the company at risk for law suite , also last time I checked that was called "discrimination" me and a few friends from my Muay Thai gym joined this gym to bulk up n put on some extra muscle for our fights but since we signed up we have getting nothing but harassment from the manager named Trevor every once else is really cool but this one guy seems to have it out for all the kickboxers and muay thai guysFor those of you who attend the gym your probably aware of the rule you must use shoes while using the kickboxing bag let me explain why this rule is putting everyone in danger and extreme high risk for injury and law suite , especially those who are untrained in kicking. When kicking a bag with shoes on, the rubber on the bottom of the shoe can often catch on the bag "vs gracely slipping off when barefoot" when making contact causing a over rotation of the heel and knee simultaneously causing a tear or often a dislocation in the knee. This is why at most kickboxing and Muay Thai schools there are big signs that say kicking bags with shoes are prohibited because this often happens especially when people are uneducated in proper hip rotation while kicking. This rule is putting people at risk and these body builders are completely ignorant to the risk


Maybe you've heard that "Gold Gym is for serious bodybuilders." Let me simplify and explain it from the perspective of someone who isn't a serious bodybuilder. After visiting all the gyms in Citrus Heights, I ultimately chose Gold Gym.Gold Gym isn't your average $10-20/month gym. With three types of memberships, it costs around $47/month as of March 2023. This pricing prevents overcrowding by high-schoolers who tend to monopolize equipment (unlike Crunch Fitness).The gym is well-maintained, and they take vacuuming seriously (unlike 24-Hour Fitness). Not only is the gym equipped with a wide range of exercise machines, but you can also see that the annual fee is put towards maintenance and acquiring new equipment. For instance, I think they have 7 bench presses, so you usually can get one even during peak hours (unlike most other gyms).All the pros and cons of Gold Gym can be attributed to the fact that it's designed for serious bodybuilders. But don't worry, this can work in your favor too. For example, while most other gyms close early on weekends, like at 7 pm, Gold Gym is open until 9 pm, eliminating the excuse of not being able to go to the gym or using the gym's closure as a reason to skip exercising.As soon as entering, I saw the gym is filled with natural bodybuilders, …, uhum, I mean the images of natural bodybuilders from old days on the wall! Many people here are on steroids, and I've overheard them chatting about their experiences with steroids between workouts. However, I haven’t seen any roid rage, except someone whom I complimented his body. I shouldn’t have done that but nothing serious.This gym receives a 5/5 rating for serious bodybuilders and a 4/5 rating for general fitness enthusiasts. Some suggestions for improvement are:1) Please add 2.5 lbs of incremental dumbbells, like from 20 to 40 lbs. For natural people, a 5 lbs increment can be quite challenging, e.g., 5 lbs increase from 20 to 25 is equivalent to 25% getting stronger which does not happen easily. But 5 lbs in 50 lbs is only 10% increase.2) Although gym etiquette in re-racking is very well established, these serious bodybuilders need to learn how to handle bathroom paper towels with both hands and not tear part of it and leave it on the ground. You can use the “broken windows theory” and for a period, and several times a day send staff to clean those ripped paper towels from the ground and post signs so that people stop the disorder.3) I understand the logistics behind hiring a full-time personal trainer are complex, but it would be useful if the gym had at least somebody available to incorporate these fancy machines into someone’s program or correct our form, like per request on an hourly basis (idk).I highly recommend other general fitness enthusiasts join this gym and contribute to making it more inclusive. If you’re new, ask for adding 2.5 incremental dumbbells, do not tear paper towels to leave the tore part on the bathroom ground, and if you want to do 30 minutes of cardio in summer but can’t tolerate sweating, ask the front desk to turn the cardio room fans ON.

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So many great workouts , memories, and friends made at Golds gym over the years.Gold’s gym’s equipment has likely the best selection for most people - in a very wide radius. It’s clean inside, machines are all very well maintained and typically lubed well (something that is not the case at a ton of gyms), and you can count on there being lots of perfectly working cardio equipment.New machines are been being added every few or handful of months, many of them in high demand with the times/trends (like Seal Row Bench, Pendulum squat, etc).You usually don’t have to wait (long) for equipment. Many (perhaps most?) people are kind and understanding and are cool with others “working in” when asked respectfully.I’ve been coming since they first opened nearly 10 years ago. David and Jerry, Ownership/management have done an excellent job at making this a reliable, great gym to train at for all of these years - always improving it via layout, machine selection, and by adding pieces of equipment like speciality handles and bars.Though i live closer to several other gyms, I typically find myself always programming at least a few sessions per week at Golds gym, (especially for certain machines that the other gyms don’t have). Many times throughout the years, I’ve trained solely at Golds, despite having 3-4 other gym memberships running simultaneously. Unless I move out of the area, I’ll likely continue to stay at Golds Gym member for the foreseeable future!


They keep all their equipment and working order which is a big deal

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.6-star.

This business has 21 reviews.

The address is: 8485 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, United States .

The contact number is +1 916-241-8939

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