Equinox Sports Club Los Angeles, situated at 1835 S Sepulveda Blvd, disrupts the typical gym experience by offering a diverse array of high-quality amenities, from a full-length basketball court to a rooftop workout area. The club, operating under extended hours throughout the week, aims to serve its community with engaging classes and exceptional facilities, framed by the vibrant Los Angeles backdrop. However, it also faces criticism due to maintenance and management issues that affect the overall member experience.


  • Well-maintained locker rooms and executive facilities.
  • High-quality class instructors offer engaging sessions.
  • Extensive equipment and amenities like basketball courts and a spa.
  • Discounts available for certain groups such as American Express Platinum cardholders.
  • Fun and huge facilities with a variety of classes to choose from.
  • Offers a significant array of spa services for relaxation.
  • Helpful and polite staff noted by several members.
  • Located in West LA, accessible for the local community.
  • Engages with the community, offering a neighborhood feel.
  • Receives high praise for cleanliness in key areas.


  • Charges for parking without offering validation for non-executive members, unlike other locations.
  • Food and beverage areas are often closed, reducing available amenities.
  • General maintenance issues reported, with dirty facilities and downtimes in repair.

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Dude…. Cold plunge, ecalyptus steam room, strong water pressured showers, and stretched by a trainer afterwards. SPA DAY SATURDAYS AT THE NOX BABY!!!! This is gonna be my new weekend tradition 🔥🔥 …


August 3, 2023 - same noise continues.. someone screams and yells at 6:30am on thursdays and saturdays. I tried to contact with someone but no one cares.—-September 1st Thursday, noise pollution continues!!Ignorant Equinox staff do not care about the community.. 6:00 am "noise pollution" from Sepulveda Equinox Club (1835 S. Sepulveda Blvd., LA CA 90025) woke my daughter and I up..Thursday 6:00 am rooftop class creates so much noise pollution very early in the morning!!! You don't have right to do this noise this early!!--Last weekend, Saturday August 20th, the "noise pollution" started at 7:00am.. I emailed earlier today, hopefully there will be a respond and a solution..--Thank you for the respond..--There is a disturbing “rooftop” class every Thursday starts at 6:00am. They wake everyone up in the neighborhood.. I’ve been calling for 3 weeks in a row with no solution. it’s ridiculous. They are just bunch of ignorant people who don’t care.. don’t recommend this place.. They’re ignorant inside out!!


Review update: August 2023Overall facilities have become very beaten up and rundown. As an example, the elevator has been broken for well over a month and “they are working on it.” Constant leaking in the ceiling of the locker room. The locker room is meaningfully dirtier than other Equinox locations - ground is always dirty and wet. Revised to two stars given all of the above.Go to Westwood or Century City locations instead.Review update: December 2022They finally fixed the locks on the lockers so I am revising my review back up to 4 stars as this was the biggest issue with this location.Review update: October 2021I’m lowering my review from 5 stars to 2 stars because of the locker room: almost every single locker is broken and requires you to get staff to come and manually unlock for you.Sometimes the staff is nowhere to be found, so you’re stuck waiting around for some indeterminate amount of time in the hope that an employee walks by to help.When you check on when this is going to be fixed (all they have to do is replace dying batteries), the managers have no answer.Just unacceptable at this price to have this significant of an inconvenience on one of the main parts of the gym (i.e., the literal locks on the lockers).Only reason this place gets more than one star is because of the expansive weight room.


They are very inconsiderate people. They don’t care about the community and the neighborhood. They start making so much noise starts at 6:30 in the morning every Thursday. They called it “rooftop class” and someone constantly yells and screams with a megaphone or something.. Very very disturbing and unpleasant. I called so many times, left so many messages and no one cares.


You guys have to stop that 6:30am so-called rooftop class on Thursdays or take it indoor or something!! Constant screaming and yelling is not something your neighbors want to hear that early in the morning.. it is really annoying for the rest of us and you guys should consider others..


It is completely ridiculous that they charge cash only for parking and refuse to validate for non executive members, I pay $300 a month thats $3,600 a year to be nickel and dimed for parking, absolutely inexcusable when every other location offers free parking for 2 hours. The only reason I come here is for the basketball but may just find a better gym situation if they can't fix this idiotic policy.


So far this is the nicest gym I have been into. If you have a American Express platinum you get additional $25 off per a month. If you have been to UCLA or, know someone that goes there, there are ways to even get more monthly discounts.


I miss my friend Jesse Peterson 😢 at the gym who was banned for being a pastor, believing in God, being a proud African American and supporting the greatest president ever …


This place has a very different vibe than other Equinox locations, and not in a good way. The structure and layout of the location itself is great, and it has tons of potential if they're willing to pay for a remodel. However, poor maintenance and care means that I feel the need to wipe down every equipment before and after use... and I have not felt this at other Equinox locations. The lack of any credible explanation for why the entire food and socialization area is still deactivated also makes for a poor experience.The locker room facilities though are decently kept. That's a redeeming quality and the executive facilities are well done. Staff seem to be good people as well, and classes are high quality with great instructors.


I want to start this review by saying I do enjoy working out at the Sports Club. I’ve built some great relationships with some of the gym goers and there’s a nice since of community there.On the flip side, I joined this location in Oct 2022 because of 3 major amenities. The hot food/drink area, the full length basketball court, and the rooftop workout area.My issue is there has been a price increase yet only 1 of the amenities I care about is fully functional (basketball court). The rooftop has limited use since the weights and other equipment have been removed, and the hot bar doesn’t look like it will be open anytime soon.All in all the experience could be better. Equinox staff and leadership for this location need to do better at managing members expectations and communicate any delays that might affect the guest experience.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.5-star.

This business has 60 reviews.

The address is: 1835 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025 .

The contact number is (310) 473-1447

This service is listed under Gym .

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