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9Round Fitness in Rancho Carmel Village Center, San Diego, offers a unique and efficient workout experience tailored for anyone looking to enhance their fitness levels. The gym specializes in 30-minute high-intensity workouts that vary daily, ensuring members are never bored and always challenged. Managed by Angie, who is highly praised for her effective leadership and care, 9Round Fitness creates a welcoming community atmosphere where everyone feels like family.

The trainers are commended for their dedication and skill, providing personalized attention to help members meet their fitness goals. This approach has not only fostered a supportive environment but also ensured that workouts are enjoyable and impactful.


  • 30-minute high-intensity workouts save time.
  • Daily variation in workouts keeps it interesting.
  • No fixed class times offer flexibility.
  • Personalized attention from skilled trainers.
  • Community atmosphere feels like family.
  • Management by Angie who is responsive and caring.
  • Reasonable membership rates.
  • Positive and supportive environment.
  • Trainers help tailor workouts to individual needs.
  • Workouts include a range of exercise types.


  • Limited hours on weekends.
  • Closed on Sundays which might not suit everyone.
  • Previous issue with a less inspiring trainer.

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The staff at Rancho Bernardo 9 Round deserve all the accolades there are to offer. Their commitment to their members is unmatched; anyone who walks in through those doors is treated with respect, and the staff are easy to build connections with. My experience with this location has been nothing but positive.You will not find a better community of wellness.


Great! Walk in, 30 min trainer led workout starts, walk out feeling lighter, leaner & stronger! Highly recommend this super convenient workout!

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Great place to workout, I always get a challenging workout there. Update (12/16/21) I'm still going here, still an amazing workout, never gets stale because the workouts are always different. Great trainers there that motivate you to try harder.


9Round RB is an incredible place to work out! The people here have become like family! The environment is so welcoming and positive. I love the energy in this place. All the trainers are amazing and incredibly gifted in what they do. This place has pushed my fitness goals to new levels and has helped me be in the best shape of MY LIFE! Angie, the Manager, is an incredible person - very caring, respectful, and responsive. She knows how to run an amazing gym! The workouts are great because they change each day. Each trainer knows me well enough to know exactly what to push and how to help me excel in my activities outside of the gym. (Hiking, soccer, skiing, etc.) I highly recommend 9Round.


For me, the most difficult part about working out is being consistent. I also thought that it was going to be impossible for me to find a workout that I enjoyed doing; however, then I started going to 9-Round a few weeks ago. The workouts are intense, but never impossible. I love that there are no class times so you can plan your workout around your schedule.But I think that the best part about this gym is the trainers. There's always someone there to show you what you're going to do next and to encourage you to keep going. They are also some of the nicest people and they're what makes the workouts so enjoyable.If you're someone that has always struggled finding an enjoyable workout, I highly recommend 9-round and this location in particular.


I absolutely love this gym. I’ve never been a gym person, I’m always quickly bored, don’t see results quick enough and i usually wander away from it. But not at 9Round. The trainers, the atmosphere, the positivity, the value for the money, their concerns for my safety, the workout, the 30min and done! Best thing I’ve done for myself EVER. Heck, I even look forward to going and that. EVER happens!! I am looking to buy a house and the proximity to a 9Round is paramount in my house hunting criteria: that’s how much I love this gym.


Management, trainers, and the positive atmosphere in the Rancho Bernardo facility make it the best place to exercise and stay in shape. You can get in, work hard, and get out. No wasted time, and there’s no better workout program that I’ve ever found. Accommodates almost any fitness and/or skill level.


Extremely efficient workout; trainers are the best. And after COVID they work hard to make sure you are comfortable with the situation and will accommodate, including membership.


9 rounds is only as good as its trainers and its trainers are very good now. There was one trainer that was very uninspiring but she has since left. Good energy, a wide-variety of exercises and trainers offering continuous feedback on your exercise techniques. Some days the workout is a 5 rating and other days its just a 4 but Angie the manager keeps the rates very very reasonable as opposed to other live-gym experiences. Very friendly trainer staff as you always feel welcome there. A good vibe for sure!


The best 30-minute workout! You truly get the most out of your 30-minute workout at 9Round fitness! I've been regularly working out for over 15 years and have tried all types of workouts. 9Round hits the spot for everything that I love, from functional, to weights, to non-stop cardio. Angie, the owner, is amazing, engaging, and is extremely helpful, and her entire team is the same way. Be ready to sweat, get healthy and have fun while you're at it. It's a great community at 9Round. I highly recommend 9Round Fitness!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.8-star.

This business has 20 reviews.

The address is: 12125 Alta Carmel Ct Suite #350, San Diego, CA 92128, United States .

The contact number is +1 858-485-9292

This service is listed under Gym .

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