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Anytime Fitness in San Diego offers a 24/7 accessible, well-equipped gym convenient for those looking for flexibility in gym hours and a variety of workout options. While testimonials highlight a welcoming environment for beginners and seasoned gym-goers alike, this branch fosters a sense of community through professional trainers and non-intimidating spaces.

However, several points of concern are quite apparent, largely focusing on gym cleanliness and maintenance issues. Customer feedback varies, with absurd situations in sanitation being a glaring issue, as well as confusion and dissatisfaction concerning membership cancellations.


  • Open 24/7, providing flexibility for all schedules.
  • Offers a welcoming, non-intimidating environment.
  • Smaller gym size reduces feelings of claustrophobia.
  • Key fob entry allows members to access the gym at any time.
  • Well-equipped for a variety of workout options, including free weights and CrossFit.
  • Provides all necessary machines for comprehensive workouts.
  • Professional trainers receive positive mentions.
  • Generally not overcrowded.
  • Some customers highly satisfied with the staff and cleanliness.
  • Membership includes value for price on a monthly basis.


  • Repeated complaints about unclean and unsanitary bathrooms.
  • Membership cancellation process creates frustration among users.
  • Understaffed, particularly noticeable in maintenance efforts.

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Great place to zone in on your workout. Nothing extremely fancy but has all the machines and free weights one will need. Big plusses for me are the monthly price and the key fob to go anytime I want. All members are pretty chill and seem to be there only to get their workout in, like me.


Good value for the price. Staff are friendly and the other people working out keep to themselves which is nice. Sometimes can have people hanging out in the lobby after hours charging phones and watching TV but they don't bother anyone.


This gym is absolutely disgusting.Ive been going to this gym for about 9 months now and each week this gym just seems to get worse and worse. It is extremely cramped inside and so hot that I doubt there is an AC inside. The bathrooms have no paper towels, rarely have soap in the dispensers, and don’t have working locks on the bathroom door which is just straight up evil of the owners to think they can get away with that. Not to mention I have seen human feces on the floor of the bathrooms multiple times. There are rarely any staff on site and when they are they barely do they job, not letting customers in, and leaving for a “break” for hours at a time. do NOT get a membership at this sad excuse for a gym, there are plenty of better options within the area.


So about this gym. Its a great place for beginners or people that are just trying to get back into fitness . Generally speaking I like it because it's very quiet and it's a smaller gym. you don't feel claustrophobic. There would be a definite five stars if they put the boxing bag in a whole different section of the gym. Also to make sure that the bathrooms were consistently checked on and cleaned all the time. that's all but its a cool gym all around..


I am visiting. This location was a surprised to me. Mountains of excrement in the restrooms 🚽 . I came out vomiting 🤮 The lack of cleaning and maintenance is obvious. It’s gross. Days old shi* all over the place in those restrooms. Are they just ignoring cleaning the restrooms? Plus, the equipment is very old, but this is not the cause of this poor rating is rather the piles of excrement enough to know it’s been days with restrooms clogged. There is zero consideration for sanitary conditions .


Great equipment and location. Can do any workout from free weights, CrossFit, cardio to calisthenics.Note to Mgt, members follow by example. Management needs to give some major TLC. Some cleaning and maintenance will keep this gym strong.

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Visiting from out of state,this is one of the smaller Anytime I been to but I love it. What a great gym, this gym has everything you need.

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I went here while on vacation in San Diego and loved it! It's a great gym and although it's relatively small, it has all the equipment I needed.Malia is also awesome! She's the perfect person to look after this gym, and she was super nice and welcoming. Hi Malia!


This is by far the worst gym I’ve ever stepped into. The bathrooms are beyond disgusting and I slipped and fell into a puddle of someones urine one morning when going to the bathroom before my typical morning jog. When I called and …


The cancellation process with this gym is absolutely absurd. I have been asked to write and send a letter, which they received, and then proceeded to not cancel my membership because the letter wasn’t received through certified mail. After this, I was told that my membership would be cancelled, but NOT until after they charged me for another month because of their mind boggling “30 day notice” policy. I implore anyone who sees this to NEVER sign up for a membership to any Anytime Fitness location. They purposefully mislead and abuse customers into drawing out as much money as possible from them before actually allowing them to cancel their membership. This company is predatory and vile, it deserves to be shut down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.9-star.

This business has 20 reviews.

The address is: 3165 Rosecrans St, San Diego, CA 92110, United States .

The contact number is +1 619-323-1993

This service is listed under Gym .

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