AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club, located on the 1st floor of The Westgate Hotel in San Diego, is highlighted as an upscale wellness center with state-of-the-art workout and cardio facilities along with an extensive variety of classes. AquaVie boasts a rooftop lap pool, jacuzzi and a wonderfully helpful staff.

Their services extend beyond just fitness to include a day spa with exceptional services like massages, facials, and pedicures. They also feature diverse amenities like a sauna and an outdoor weightlifting area. Despite enjoying acclaim for its luxurious facilities, some customers voice frustration with the management and maintenance issues.


  • Exceptional range of amenities like a rooftop lap pool, saunas, and jacuzzi.
  • Wide variety of fitness classes with industry-leading instructors.
  • Upscale day spa with highly skilled estheticians.
  • Complementing services like use of gym or pool with massages.
  • Friendly and accommodating staff.
  • Clean and high-quality workout equipment.
  • Member benefits include discounts on hotel food and treatments.
  • Offers qualities of a premium and inclusive wellness community.
  • Flexible hours of operation making it accessible for various schedules.
  • Valet parking available for convenience.


  • Poor management as highlighted by some customers.
  • Maintenance issues including faulty equipment and unclean areas.
  • Not very responsive to customer complaints or issues.

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Beautiful Gym! On the rooftop with all the San Diego Sunshine!!! Great lap pool and hot tub... Inviting lounge chairs and large outdoor workout equipment. Everyone was so gracious and attentive, especially Shelley the Membership Enrollment Manager. She was very kind and asked if I had special needs and what do I really enjoy doing for my workouts. The swim instructor was also very informative, saying his classes are geared to those folks' needs who attend his classes. They even provide Q-tips - so need those after a good swim!All the Best to all the staff and members, someday soon.Que Sera Sera


Booked a massage through travel zoo. The facility was nice and clean. I had Josh for my massage therapist for my 50 min massage. He was terrific. He was very professional and adjusted the massage to work on my problem areas. He also suggested some stretches to help loosen up my muscles. The travel zoo coupon also came with a glass of sparkling wine and use of the facilities: hot tub, pool and saunas. The whole experience was lovely, highly recommended.


I LOVE AQUAVIE!!! It is incredible...the equipment is new, the space is very bright and expansive, and I've never waited for a machine. The locker rooms are incredibly clean and upscale, with tons of amenities -- big steam room, dry sauna, cold plunge in the locker room, good bath products. Free towel service, robes, and shower sandals.The small fee for laundry makes it easier for me to pop in to work out knowing I'll always have clean clothes there.The rooftop is killer with a jacuzzi, pool for lane swimming AND relaxing, full-size track for outdoor runners/walkers, stationary bikes, row machines, and weight racks. Certain classes are on the roof or in the pool too! Lots of lounge chairs with all-day sun but also umbrellas. There's poolside room service and members get 20% discount on hotel food and beverage and treatments in the actual hotel spa (massage, facial, blah blah). There's often live music in the hotel lobby and I chill there with my laptop.It's a really inclusive space, ego-free, and congenial environment. I don't feel like I need to arrive young and chiseled. I can show up how I am and improve one day at a time...Great community!Parking is quick with valet (so embarrassingly bougie to say, but it helps remove a barrier so I go more!) and not frightening as downtown parking can be, especially on Padres game days.Most importantly, the staff might actually be the best part of the gym. They are friendly and accommodating and just really wonderful. From Shelly the manager and the front desk team like Tim and Joseph to the locker room attendants, everyone is amazing. There are cool group classes with GREAT instructors like Tag and Angelina, all of whom are talented and really kind!Every time I am at AquaVie I feel so grateful and at home. Check it out! You can get a really comprehensive tour and try it out for a day! Truly, my only hesitance to promote AquaVie is that I don't want it to get so overly packed that it feels like a rat race with no access to machines lol... but really I want everyone to have access to a great holistic fitness and wellness community like AquaVie offers!!!


What a lovely treat! I received a gift card here from friends for a massage & included was the opportunity to use the amenities. The booking was seamless, my therapist, Josh, was amazing -- very knowledgeable, kind & saved my shoulders! Loved the rooftop & wish they had places like this in LA. Will definitely return!


I just called on their phone number to get more information about their gym. One guy picked up, and I told him that I'm interested in getting their gym membership. He didn't say hello or anything, he said "it's $200 a month". I also asked if they have a steaming sauna. He said "yes" and hung up. Best service ever.


Always a great experience getting a massage here. From the additional use of the gym and pool to the robes. Great experience all around. The massage therapist even gave me a book with some fun info on the city.


The best gym in San Diego! There is a great variety of work out and cardio equipment. Including 2 peloton bikes. There is a rooftop lap pool, hot tub and weightlifting area. They also have a lot of different classes you get free with your membership. From yoga, spin, barre, Hitt, Zumba, master swim and more. And they have some of the best instructors in fitness that you could find. Jess, Sharon, Tag, Elyssa, Joseph, Karina, Nia, Allie or Dominic…they will all give you the best workout or stretch you could get at any other much more expensive studio. A++++

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Great facility. Jess was amazing! Her fitness classes were so FUN, and I love Jess' positive energy and smile.The day spa was upscale. Zara is a skilled esthetician, and she did an exceptional job while I received a facial.I loved Karina's Yoga class. She was very detailed in her guidance & yoga demonstrations.

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This is a very nice gym with amazing equipment, however, it’s unfortunate that it has very poor management.It is connected to the hotel and the hotel management is treating the gym like a stepchild that was left behind.Equipment is not getting the routine maintenance or even the repair they need, the same goes for amenities like showers, sauna, and steam room, the steam room gets out of service frequently and more often it smells weird. Some of the showers’ hoses were broken for a very long time, and some of them didn't turn on. Occasionally you can find a razor lying on the floor.I talked with 3 different employees a few months ago with 2 weeks intervals about the machine getting wobbly when training that requires basic maintenance, nothing changed in 3-4 months.Employees told me that hotel maintenance staff care the least about the gym.AC in the corner has been broken for a few months.When it’s working they cannot decide what temperature to put in for both gym and men's room.One side of the 3rd floor can be in the low 60s and the other in the mid-70s. There are no standards.Rules are not enforced either, a personal trainer opened music from her phone today at 7 am while training her client and forced other members to listen to her music for 30 min while even good music sounds terrible coming out of that tiny speaker in such a large space. Another personal trainer talks over for an hour on the phone while using machines when there's a “designated phone area” on the 3rd floor.Employees should be good examples for others about following the rules but obviously, that is unfortunately not the case here.It is dusty in some places most of the time because there’s no real cleaning getting done.The staff’s shift doesn’t start until the gym opens in the morning. They mop the floors way after the gym gets open when members are training instead of starting it a few hours before it opens.The demographic of the gym started to change as well, there are members appeared recently who are trying to carry “Gold's Gym Culture”, screaming while lifting, and working out with 4-5 people together while speaking loud and obnoxiously taking the spa-like experience away.In short, current hotel management cannot keep up with it, hope it can change and the new one can turn it back to what it used to be.

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Such a wonderful gem! The staff went over and above to insure that we had a wonderful Wednesday celebrating a spa day for our small group of friends. The amenities were top notch from the pedicure, steam room, showers, and roof top pool service. Grateful for some sunny joy in January right downtown! 😊😊😊 Highly recommend! Can't wait to return!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.5-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 234 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101, United States .

The contact number is +1 619-557-3663

This service is listed under Fitness Center .

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