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Located in the heart of Miramesa, Being-Fit Fitness Centers is well known for its wide range of equipment that caters to diverse exercise needs, from muscle building to cardio and high intensity workouts. Established with a goal to promote fitness and facilitate easy access to fitness services, it offers convenient and flexible membership plans starting from just $19/month.

Moreover, the center not only provides a variety of classes and well-maintained equipment for keeping you fit, but also stocks drinks that you can buy for hydration post workout. The personal and personable service offered in the establishment sets it apart from regular corporate gyms.


  • It is conveniently located, within walking distance from many residential complexes.
  • The gym offers affordable and flexible membership plans.
  • It has equipment catering to a wide variety of workouts.
  • The center has supportive and accommodating staff providing personalized assistance.
  • Gym offers various classes including yoga, power-lifting, and many others.
  • It has a friendly and social climate.
  • It promotes a sense of community among gym-goers.
  • Being-Fit Fitness Centers also sells drinks for post workout hydration.
  • The gym is regularly cleaned and maintained for hygiene.
  • The cancellation process of membership is straightforward, needing just 30 day written notice for month-to-month memberships


  • Some visitors have complained about rude behavior from the staff.
  • The gym could additionally provide cleaning towels for better hygiene.
  • There are reviews indicating difficulty in cancellation process; gym has been reported to continue charges after cancellation


Basic neighborhood gym & fitness center offering personal training & various group classes.

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This place sells drinks so you can buy one or mor after working out in the gym or after doing a workout class.


I wouldn't know how the gym is. Even tho there is 3 day trials available and the gym is nearly empty the rude lady at the door turned me away twice. I'm assuming this Karen works there quite frequently. I'm a veteran of san diego and I've been strength training for the last 11 years. It's incredibly sad that we have people like Karen in this industry,thst doesnt know a bit about nutrition or trainint and turning away people like myself that genuinely helps people become more healthy with my years of knowledge in powerlifting and life style coaching.


The best thing about this gym is that it has got equipments for almost every exercise. Whether you want to focus on muscle building, cardio or high intensity work out, you will find an equipment for that. Conveniently located in the heart of Miramesa, it is at the walking distance from many residential complexes in the area. They offer a range of different plans starting from just $19/month. There is only one thing that I would like the administration to add i.e., adding more cleaning towels. I'm fully satisfied and highly recommend this place.

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Member since 2003. My training philosophy and practice have evolved over the years and Being Fit has had super options for me every step of the way. My primary focus is now on yoga and the yoga instruction at Being Fit is generally quite good. In fact, the six times weekly yoga classes alone are worth the price of membership for me.So, too, the staff, in addition to being small enough to greet on a first name basis without needing name tags, is very helpful and accomodating. It is a pleasure being able to deal with people on a personal level rather than being a number in a corporate data base and getting tangled up in the red tape of corporate bureaucracy.


My husband and I have been members over 10 years. WE feel very comfortable at Being Fit Mira Mesa. A real sense of community.....and the people are friendly and helpful with equipment or class suggestions. They offer alot of classes at all different levels of fitness, from Zumba to the Senior classes. We feel very comfortable going here, people from every walk of life do too. Being Fit in Mira Mesa is a wonderful gym.....


Where do I even begin worse establishment ever!!! They are rude and have terrible customer service! I think the last one I spoke to was Sarah or Samantha and she's the rudest of them all. the gym is small and stinks so bad!! I moved across the country 3000 miles away and Called and told them that I moved and I no longer need the membership they asked me to send in a written 30 day notice. I mailed them a notice in January 2018 this year and they keep saying they did not get the notice. I have called over and over again And they will not cancel my membership. I live in Virginia now and you're located in California so why do I need to send a written notice in the first place just take a notice over the phone. They have charged me for almost a year now while I live in another state. I have called them almost every month since I've moved away and I just get the runaround then I go and change my debit card number and get a whole new debit card and they threatened to take me to collections. do yourself a favor and stay away from this place they have no morals and they will not stop charging your card if you want to cancel or even move away! I will be going to the better business bureau with this. I called the Claremont location and that is what they recommended.


This isn't some ritzy gym with pretentious guests and that's why I love working out here ! Very community -oriented and lots of chill , laid-back retirees when I go, especially morning hours, people are on a first-name basis, etc. Great variety of classes with motivating instructors. I've only been to one class that I wasn't a fan of, but everything else was awesome. Zumba classes especially become overcrowded here , so plan accordingly! I also wish they would provide sanitation wipes instead of communal sanitizing spray bottle and towel , but it's not too bad. I mingle with awesome people and get a great workout, and very minor discomforts are worth it for the savings in my opinion. Price is unbeatable and extra points for not being stuck in a pricey contract! Was a member here over a decade ago and wasn't as much a fan, but gave it another chance. . I like the management and staff much better now .


My boyfriend and I recently decided to cancel our gym membership with a "corporate gym" because of how busy it gets and a few other reasons I will not mention. I heard about Being Fit in Mira Mesa through a coworker, and since I recently moved to Mira Mesa, I decided to go check it out. WOW!! Am I glad I did! It was like night and day compared to the corporate gyms. The staff was extremely friendly and so helpful. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a smile by an employee named Todd, he even shook my hand when introducing himself. I received a tour of the gym and he answered all of my annoying questions I had for him. Signing up was never so easy and he went over the agreement with me explaining their cancel policy, which I never got from the corporate gym I was at. But Being Fit was simple, since I know my job requires relocating at any given time, I chose their month to month membership, and all I have to do to cancel is give a 30 day written notice (they even have the form there at the gym). The staff was amazing and made me feel at home. I was so pleased to see that awesome customer service still exists! I look forward to my first workout there.


10 Years ago when I was in high school I walked in to Being Fit. I sat down with Todd who asked me what my goal was. I looked him dead in his eyes, the windows of his soul, and I said "I want to be fit".10 years have gone by and after spending 4 years in japan it was time to return home to Mira Mesa. I renewed my membership with the same goals in mind. Nine months later I feel like the Bob Ross of physique. The courteous staff has been nothing but friendly and supportive, especially Todd. I know that when Todd says "Hi Dustin" what he is really saying is "Dustin you are very big and strong today" and that always seems to give a nice boost to my self esteem.Seriously though, Being Fit is awesome. If you want an affordable gym, with a great staff, its own Todd, and good equipment, Being Fit has everything you need and more. The social climate is great and I never have issues working in a set with someone and asking for a spot.This gym is great.


My husband and I have been going to this gym (in Mira Mesa) for over a year and LOVE it! The people we have been in contact with and have trained with are very knowledgeable and nice and we have a lot of fun. They inspired me to become a personal trainer to help others. Will be going here for a long time to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.9-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 8292 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126, United States .

The contact number is +1 858-549-3456

This service is listed under Gym .

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