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At CrossFit ATR Mission Valley, located in San Diego, the gym emphasizes community and quality coaching, offering a refreshing experience tailored for any fitness level. The recent change in ownership has introduced significant upgrades to the facility and equipment, enhancing the workout environment. Members have consistently rated it highly for its family atmosphere, exceptional staff, and its focus on helping individuals grow stronger and more confident.


  • Coaches receive high praise for their effectiveness and approachability.
  • Programming caters to a wide range of fitness levels.
  • Recent upgrades to the facility and equipment.
  • Strong sense of community among members.
  • The gym fosters a family-friendly atmosphere.
  • New ownership is proactive and well-received.
  • Location is accessible and well-maintained.
  • Offers a true CrossFit experience with a focus on personal growth.
  • Highly recommended by long-term and new members alike.
  • Supportive environment that encourages pushing personal boundaries.


  • Limited weekend hours might not fit everyone's schedule.
  • Closed on Sundays, restricting weekend access.
  • May be challenging for those who prefer traditional gym settings.

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This is a great gym to workout at, the programming is great and the coaches are all fantastic. Recently went through ownership change so there have been a lot of improvements to the space and equipment. New owner is a cool dude too😎 …

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Best Gym in all of California!! Coaches are awesome!! Classes are awesome!! Equipment is fantastic!! Adam is an amazing owner and by far cares about every client/customer that walks through the door. Been working out for over 8 years and there’s no better place if you’re trying to get in shape or stay active. Highly recommend going here


I've been coming to the crossfit gym at this location for years and thought it couldn't get much better. Adam at ATR took over management this summer and proved me wrong. The programming has been great, the community is still as fun and friendly as ever while growing with new members, and the physical space has seen some nice improvements and new equipment. Would definitely recommend.


I've been a member at this gym since fall 2011, and even after more than 10 years, and 3 owners, I still love it. The staff, the community, the workout programming, is all fantastic!With the recent change in ownership has also come some really cool improvements (upgraded flooring, rigs, additional equipment, etc) and I know there are more awesome plans in store. There's a renewed energy and a welcoming environment awaiting anyone who wants to check it out!


Crossfit 858 has a fantastic staff and a well-outfitted facility. The community that works out there is both supportive and competitive, making for a top-notch CF experience. The programming is well-thought-out, and options are provided for ALL levels of fitness. I am happy to call Crossfit 858 MY gym.


I'm from New Jersey but have dropped in here several times for both the Open workouts and regular workouts. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful. I felt like I made new friends after only a few visits!I found the coaching very helpful and it is good to get pointers from different coaches. I will definitely workout here again on my visits to San Diego.


Had a great experience with CrossFit 858 Mission Gorge, definitely a family atmosphere and all of the coaches are knowledgeable and able to adapt to every athlete no matter what level of experience. The facility itself is clean and well kept, would encourage anyone to check it out as part of their fitness journey. Much love for CF 858!!


Being new in town, it was really tough to meet people and find that one CrossFit gym. CrossFit Mission Gorge is that one gym where there is a true family feeling, and place of belonging. The people are genuine and very friendly.The coaches are an excellent representation of CrossFit and focus on form to help you become stronger, faster, and better at life.I would give this gym no less than a five star and recommend it to everyone who wants a fun,active, and professional place to workout at.


I had done crossfit before, but CrossFit Mission Gorge was the first crossfit gym I ever joined and I couldn't think of a better gym to become apart of. The work outs are great and make me stronger physically and mentally. Just when you think you can't go on any longer there is always a personal cheering squad from the other members and coaches to keep you going! The sense of community and the amazing coaches and people within the community make coming here a highlight of my day!


The first gym where working out became more than just 45 minutes on the elliptical machine and began to have a positive impact on other areas of my life. Not only did I get into the best shape of my life, but I found a new passion - coaching. The coaches and members at CFMG are a family, and they will welcome you in and help you get comfortable being uncomfortable. You can't get that at a regular gym.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.9-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 5841 Mission Gorge Rd H, San Diego, CA 92120, United States .

The contact number is +1 858-565-2582

This service is listed under Gym .

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