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Located at 7924 Ronson Rd in San Diego, CrossFit TurnPoint is a hub where fitness and community intertwine. Known for its welcoming environment and proficient coaching, it serves not just as a gym, but a lifestyle enhancement center with a variety of programs suitable for different fitness levels.

From exceptional cleanliness to a culture of personal improvement and mutual support, CrossFit TurnPoint provides a well-rounded fitness experience. The gym offers targeted training with detailed attention to form and functional strength, ensuring safe and effective workouts.


  • Community-oriented atmosphere where gym goers motivate each other.
  • Coaches include experts like nutritionists and physical therapists.
  • Highly detail-oriented coaching for efficient and safe workouts.
  • Clean facility with daily cleanings and personal space.
  • Offers comprehensive training including gymnastics and weightlifting.
  • Programming tailored to individual fitness levels and goals.
  • Friendly environment, suitable for both beginners and long-term CrossFitters.
  • Active support system focusing on health, fitness, and lifestyle.
  • Welcoming to temporary visitors with easy sign-up for classes.
  • Offers both group and personalized training approaches.


  • Lacks the space and equipment variety larger gyms offer.
  • Programming may be too challenging for some newcomers.
  • Limited class sizes could mean pre-booking is necessary.

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CrossFit Turnpoint is such a great Box! It is truly a place where friends become family. Everyone here is very friendly and supportive, and the members and coaches encourage one another in a positive way to meet their goals. They are dog friendly, family friendly, and work to meet your fitness needs at your level, injury free, whether you are new to CrossFit or a long time competitive CrossFitter. They have coaches who are nutritionists, physical therapists, and experts in working with their members to achieve proper form for functionality in life. I cannot recommend crossFit Turnpoint enough. They helped give me focus during some of the hardest moments of my life, helped give me a goal and a purpose, and built me back to life. I am a stronger man for having devoted myself to the craft, and have my coaches at CFTP to thank for it. Cheers!

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This gym has definitely changed my life for the better!I decided to transition from powerlifting to CrossFit and after doing some research this gym looked the most promising. From the start I loved this box and I loved the people that are a part of it. Everyone is so friendly, the coaches are amazing, and more often than not coming here doesn’t just feel like an average trip to the gym. 10/10 box, 10/10 coaches and 10/10 community.


The coaches really take the time to prep and create classes that meet individuals where they are at, but still push to challenge you as an athlete. The small critiques to my form really elevated my performance and helped me to excel.Loved the results on my body and the tools they gave me as an athlete to grab hold of my fitness goals. Awesome friendly environment. Go to this gym if you want to be pushed to be a better you!


I was in town for a two-week work trip and dropped in 11 times during that time - that must say something! Everyone was welcoming and encouraging and the overall atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, with the added benefit of some great athletes working out there to look up to. The coaches, particularly Coach Michael, gave me lots of tips and specific instructions on snatches, cleans, and mobility/stretching drills. I will be back for another work trip next month and will definitely be back at Crossfit TurnPoint. The sign-up process was easy, and the gym itself, while not one of the larger Crossfit gyms I've been to, has all the equipment that you need.


I dropped in at Crossfit Turnpoint for a week while I was in town for work. Coaches Mike and Chelsea both made me feel welcome and at home. The programming is excellent and the layout of the room maximizes the space. I'm looking forward to coming back the next time I'm in San Diego.


I was in San Diego visiting my parents and wanted to visit a gym to keep up on my workouts. Everything was great about Turnpoint! They were easy to contact and easy to book a drop-in. I had coach Chelsea who was not only very welcoming but also did a great job giving me extra tips on squats and thrusters. There was only one other person in my class (Chrstine is amazing!) and we had a great time. The gym is clean, organized, and efficient. I will be back on my future visits to San Diego.Update Jan 2022: I went back for 3 sessions over the holidays when I was visiting. Still a great community and excellent place to workout! Chelsea even introduced me to throwing stones. LOL


It’s been almost a year since I had started here, I really enjoy CrossFit but my experience in other gyms made me skeptical to start working out anywhere else affiliated with crossfit. From the first moment that I stepped in the gym I felt like I was at home. Coaches are very kind and inviting, I feel like I’ve made such great friends by coming here they feel like Familly. WARNING: the programming is amazing, if you want to see PRs please proceed. By far the best crossfit gym I’ve ever been to.


Warm and welcoming environment that caters to all level of athletes through really fun and challenging workouts. Super knowledgeable staff that care about you and will individually help you accomplish your goals no matter what they are! Unlike many other places, Turnpoint is a box for everyone!


What makes this gym stand out from other CrossFit boxes and gyms in general:COMMUNITYThere is a wide range of athletes, ranging from brand new to 7+ years of CrossFit experience, 21 years old to 50 years old. This helps take out the intimidation factor a lot of athletes get at other gyms. Members here take their health and fitness seriously and keep coming back because it's a fun and supportive community to be around. If you struggle with motivation or accountability, you'll easily find a swolemate here.COACHINGThe coaches here have made CrossFit a priority in their own lives. They practice what they preach and run the programming of the gym themselves. In addition to coaching they are active members of the community with their own goals and fitness ups and downs on the forefront like everyone else. While the main focus is group training, the coaches here take personal interest in each and every athlete.PROGRAMMINGThere is a great balance of skill work (gymnastics, olympic weightlifting), strength training with barbell, and endurance focused metcons. Follow the programming and you'll naturally feel better and look better. Workouts are thoughtfully written in week long blocks - so you'll be sure to get a full body workout every week without over taxing any muscles and still get appropriate recovery so you're ready to go hard the next week.


Been going here for a little over two years now.The pros:Very detail oriented coaching staff. They will find your energy leaks, lifting inefficiencies, and opportunities for growth. They will work on building you up into a strong, resilient human capable of handling anything the world throws at you. Even 2020.This place is CLEAN. It's a smaller gym with smaller class sizes, so it's always been a little cleaner than most gyms. No sharing equipment, plenty of personal space, etc... But they really stepped it up in 2020 with daily washdowns and scrubs between classes. The members do a great job wiping everything down too.There's a great health, fitness, and lifestyle culture at this gym. It's a tight group who love to motivate each other to be better humans everyday. When you go to TurnPoint you will walk in expecting a new place to pump some iron, but you really get a whole new lifestyle support system challenging you to carpe diem.The cons:Sharks with laser beams. We all have our kryptonite.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.8-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 7924 Ronson Rd ste j, San Diego, CA 92111, United States .

The contact number is +1 619-818-5070

This service is listed under Gym .

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