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Located in San Diego at 4345 Twain Ave, Deadweight Strength Inc is a premier gym that caters primarily to those interested in powerlifting and strongman training. Offering a range of specialized equipment and knowledgeable coaching, this facility promotes a culture of serious fitness and visible results. Upgrades and constant improvements ensure a state-of-the-art experience, albeit with a strict focus on strength and conditioning rather than luxury amenities.

It’s known for its welcoming atmosphere and no-nonsense approach to strength training, making it ideal for competitive athletes and anyone dedicated to significant physical achievements. The expert coaching staff, including Derek McCracken, tailors programs to individual needs, aiming to transform novices into competitors, which is evident from numerous delighted member reviews.


  • 24-hour facility offers flexible workout times.
  • Specializes in powerlifting and strongman training.
  • Tailored coaching programs by experienced professionals.
  • Cultivates a community of serious fitness enthusiasts.
  • Features an array of specialized equipment and implements.
  • Reasonable membership fees and drop-in rates.
  • Facility regularly receives upgrades and enhancements.
  • Non-intimidating, supportive atmosphere.
  • Allows freedom with gym gear like chalk and bags.
  • Knowledgeable staff actively helping members achieve goals.


  • Location can be difficult to notice, set off a side road.
  • Not rich in general amenities beyond training equipment.
  • Focus strictly on strength sports, fewer options for general fitness.

Location / Contact

  • Address: 4345 Twain Ave, San Diego, CA 92120, United States
  • Phone:+1 619-431-2890

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Hole in wall, but honestly well worth the find. It’s mostly a powerlifting gym, but honestly any strength/power athlete should feel at home


I've been training Strongman for 2 years now. I started at commercial gyms and still do my accessory work there as needed. But, for the most variety of implements for Strongman/Powerlifting, look no further. Deadweight isn't typical gym culture. This is where you can cut loose and really get a damn good workout in. There's always motivational music going (I always put on some sort of metal playlist) and the people there are some of the nicest I have ever met. If you're looking to get a flavor for it, you can play $15 for a rop in or $30 for the week. To become a member I believe it's around $80/month which isn't bad for what you're getting. This place is top notch when it comes to making some serious gains to your gym game.***EDIT***They've changed locations and are now off of Twain St. The new facility looks nice and is more open. Still needs work but they JUST reopened as of 6/10/19. It's off a side road when you turn in there so pay attention when you go there.


I almost don’t want to leave a five star review in hopes that this place will not get discovered. If you are serious about your training and what to be in a positive atmosphere with people who have serious training goals without breaking the bank you have found your home. 24 Hour access, plenty of squat racks, no distracting idiots, and all the weight lifting toys your can think of. This is not state of the art or filled with amenities, it does have what you need to get strong.

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If you are looking for a great gym, whether you live in San Diego or are visiting, this is where you need to go. There is a large variety of strongman equipment, powerlifting and specialty bars. The benches, racks, and all other equipment are top of the line and the atmosphere was great.


Great facility, friendly staff and welcoming environment. Super motivating since everyone here is really serious about lifting and getting stronger.


Best strongman/powerlifting gym in San Diego! I recommend this gym to anyone who wants to be stronger and faster or just to be healthier and feel more alive. All the programming are done by knowledgeable coaches with plenty of experience and each person will have a tailored program for them. This will be the last gym you'll ever go to, go check them out!


I recently joined Deadweight because I wanted to build some muscle and get stronger. I've been dabbling with Powerlifting for a few years now but after talking with the great coaches here I'm finally convinced that I want to compete! Finally some clarity in my training goals all because I walked into this gym.The coaches here are top-notch and they are always willing to help you out with advice, a spot, or whatever. They bring a ton of experience in all types of strength sports from powerlifting, strongman and highland games. I'm very confident that this gym is going to be a major catalyst in bringing me closer to my personal strength goals.The facility is awesome and they're upgrading all the time. They have power racks, olympic bars, safety squat bars, chains, bands, a glute ham raise, a reverse hyper, and a very respectable collection of strongman equipment including a yoke, atlas stones, kegs, sandbags, logs, circus dumbells, prowler, and a bunch of stuff I probably forgot about.I'm really happy that I joined this gym, and would recommend it to any of my friends.


Awesome strongman/ powerlifting gym in the San Diego area. Great coaches and lots of strongman implements (or what I like to call toys :) You don't have to worry about getting kicked out for using chalk or bringing a gym bag because this place is for serious lifters.


Having been a competitive athlete most of my childhood and young adult life, I was extremely frustrated with the traditional gym atmosphere and experience. I bounced around trying different things (regular gyms, boxing gyms, CrossFit, etc) and I struggled not only to find something that held my interest or that I was actually excited about doing but I also struggled to find something that gave me the results I was looking for. I’ve been training at Deadweight Strength for about a year now and could not be happier with people, program and results. I highly encourage you to come check it out!


I'm new to strength training and got introduced to power lifting by Deadweight Strength. Quality coaching from Derek McCracken has helped me improve my technique on the compound barbell lifts and become the strongest guy on my work site. The next step is going to be trying my hand at the strongman implements during Saturday crew training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.8-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 4345 Twain Ave, San Diego, CA 92120, United States .

The contact number is +1 619-431-2890

This service is listed under Gym .

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