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Infinite Fitness, located at 4330 Morena Blvd in San Diego, offers a top-tier workout experience that accommodates all fitness levels. The gym attracts a tight-knit community under the ownership of Heather, who ensures that every class is not only a workout but a fun, communal event. The blend of spinning classes and strength training using innovative Gravity machines ensures a comprehensive fitness regime. Members regularly praise the diverse range of classes and personalized attention from highly motivating and personable instructors.


  • - Wide range of class times fitting various schedules
  • - Classes target all muscle groups for an all-around workout
  • - Incorporates unique Gravity machines for resistance training
  • - Indoor and spinning classes offer a mix of strength and cardio
  • - Monthly challenges motivate members to compete with themselves
  • - Regular updates in workout routines prevent monotony
  • - Instructors, including the owner Heather, are highly energetic and supportive
  • - Maintains a strong community feel, making members feel like part of a family
  • - Great for beginners and advanced levels alike
  • - Positive effects on physique and strength noticeable quickly


  • - Location can be hard to find initially
  • - Limited parking availability
  • - May be intimidating for first-timers despite modifications available

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I am a HUGE fan of Infinite Fitness. I went 1-2 times a week for about a year, maybe longer. My previous company used to pay for ClassPass and that's how I discovered Infinite. Even after leaving that company, I started paying to keep my ClassPass membership active, just so I could go to Infinite--that's how much I loved it. I loved the music, the friendly instructors, the environment, the full body workout, the location, etc.Unfortunately, I've since moved out of the San Diego area but I regularly think about Infinite. I really hope to find somewhere similar in the near future (although, I gotta admit--Infinite is a unique one-of-a-kind gem). If you're in San Diego, you HAVE TO try Infinite Fitness at least once!!! You won't be disappointed. It's an incredible workout. And don't be intimidated by the machines; the instructors are super helpful and will also provide modifications for all fitness levels.


I love this studio! I’ve been to 8 classes so far, and can already see changes in my physique and muscle tone. Better yet, I FEEL stronger. The workouts utilize the GTS gravity machine, and targets all muscle groups. My entire body is usually sore the next day. Heather, the owner, is super energetic and helpful. Her classes are challenging, but I guarantee that you’ll feel amazing afterwards. I’ve taken classes with Kipenzi and Justine too, and they’re both great instructors. I highly recommend incorporating this studio as part of your fitness regimen.It can be a little tricky to find- I recommend looking for the fruit stand (you’ll see a big sign for it) and parking in that lot.


Absolutely amazing! Traditional Pilates didn’t do it for me but these machines and the instructors changed the game. Heather the owner is an absolute rockstar! This is a kick your butt workout w encouraging and accepting energy from all the instructors - and it’s safe and clean.


I’ve been an Infinite Fitness member for 5 years and love it more and more as time goes on! The instructors are upbeat, friendly and motivating and they play great music! The workouts become more familiar with time and the overall structure stays the same, but each class incorporates different exercises so it never feels repetitive. It’s the best workout I’ve ever done! Best of all, Heather (the owner) works hard to create a sense of community so everyone feels comfortable and part of the Infinite family.


I can't say enough good things about Infinite Fitness! Great class times, great mix of classes between strength and spin/strength. The monthly challenges do a great job of keeping you engaged and competitive with yourself. The instructors are all amazing and Kipenzi is absolutely hilarious! Definitely take a class with Heather because she will pump you up with epic tunes and positive vibes. I am so grateful this wonderful group of ladies came into my life! I highly recommend attending a class as soon as you can!


I have been going to Infinite Fitness consistently for three years. Every class is different and I still look forward to my weekly workouts. Heather, the owner, motivates me and makes the workout enjoyable!


I found this place through class pass. I have gone several times for the head to toe fitness class. I love it! The instructors are super kind and helpful. The workouts are fast paced and change quickly. I love this because I tend to get bored during workouts.


Best workout in SD! Awesome & motivating instructors - amazing head-to-toe workout - each class is different & leaves you exhausted yet excited to come back!!


Infinite Fitness is the BEST workout ever!!! The combination of spinning (high intensity interval training, or H.I.I.T) with the Gravity machine provides great cardio with solid muscle building/elongating exercises. Everyone can modulate the resistance and pace to their level of fitness and many people in the class are rehabilitating from knee surgeries, etc... Doing this for 4 months has been amazing and for the first time ever my arms have great definition (I gave up on arms long ago as 'bad genes' but with Gravity, you can wake up areas and muscles. Nice... Heather is super inspirational, fun, and the people who come here nice, fun, and authentic.


A fun and great workout. Perfect for any level of fitness from beginner to advanced athlete. The studio is very clean with outstanding equipment and the owner is very friendly. I highly recommend checking it out.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 4330 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117, United States .

The contact number is +1 858-354-7987

This service is listed under Gym .

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