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Leo's Fitness Lab is a well-established personal training facility based in San Diego. Given its reputation and clientele feedback, it stands out for its unique and scientifically-backed approach to fitness training.

The trainers are professional, attentive, and work individually with clients to help them meet their fitness goals. The gym also boasts advanced fitness equipment, and quick, efficient workout sessions that last between 20-30 minutes.


  • Staff are professional and listen to clients' personal goals.
  • Highly efficient, quick workout sessions that provide impressive results.
  • Flexible to a wide demographic, from young body builders to the elderly.
  • Numerous positive clientele reviews and feedback.
  • Advanced, state-of-the-art fitness equipment.
  • Attention to individual client needs with customised workout regimes.
  • They have trainers noted by name for their excellent service (Olivia, Kevin, Andrea).
  • Accountable record keeping and progress tracking.
  • An innovative one-stop-shop experience, offering wellness services beyond gym training.
  • Good opening hours, except for Mondays and Sundays when it is closed.


  • Closed on Sundays and Monday.
  • There is no information about cost, monthly subscriptions or one time passes.
  • The 20-minute workout time may not be suitable for everyone.

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I just completed my 26 sessions and it was awesome! I feel so much stronger and more toned which was my fitness goal. Olivia is a great personal trainer who really takes the time to listen to your personal goals so she can help you achieve them. It was a very fun and amazing experience and I only hope to continue my progress!


After my daughter-in-law,a dr, reviewed my DEXA scan, she found Leo Fitness. What a wonderful experience I am having with Olivia and Kevin- two professional trainers who are by my side at each session. They push my 74 year old body and cheer for me along the way. I look forward to seeing them twice a week- thank goodness, I like to please- and they know how to push!


Have been working out here with Kevin Doan for a couple of months now, and the intensity and improvements are picking up well as I see myself pushing to greater boundaries. Kevin and the team at Leo's make it super fun and worth the drive, the workouts are great thatI sometimes wish they were longer than just 20 min. Great place to be, and Kevin keeps bringing in variety and surprises me each time.


Now that I am in remission, I want to focus on my physical health more than ever, so I started working at LeoFit, and it’s been an rewarding experience. You get one on one training with Andrea, Kevin, or Olivia, who are all awesome. I feel satisfied knowing I get a maximum workout with just one weekly session. You guys rock.


I'm someone how has read all the books, tried all the different types of workouts, and was after optimal results with greatest efficiency. ARX training at Leo Fit is IT! Kevin is absolutely one of the best of best and Leo himself even pops in to check in on clients, the space, and to make sure all is incredible. I'm stronger in 3 months of training here than the previous years of weight training on my own that was left effective and left me more prone to injury. Anyone who wants to REALLY get strong and see results fast, this is the place!


I just went for the first time Tuesday. I’ve been wanting to go for several months. It is simple straight forward and high tech that’s what I want in training. They have the Vasper machine, and the ARX which in my opinion are two of the most incredible fitness inventions to date. I feel great after my Vasper sessions


This gym and the staff are all amazing! I have been training with Kevin for at least half a year and the results are outstanding! I feel stronger, I am seeing the results, and I feel so much more energized everyday! If you are looking for quick, effective, and a safe exercise routine this is the place to be! Each session is only 30 minutes and man do you get a killer workout every time. I highly recommend this facility!

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I’ve been loving my fitness journey and results thanks to Leo’s Fit, especially with the support and encouragement of my trainer KEVIN!! He gets you taken care of! Not to mention the advance equipment they have that gives you one heck of a workout - in and out of the gym in just 30 mins!

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I moved to the area a few months back and had been meaning to find a new place to workout, luckily I came across Leo Fit and will never go back to traditional gyms again! All the trainers I have seen have been amazing and are always attentive and knowledgeable; I’ve worked with Brandon, Kevin and Maddy before and also see Roman in the cryotherapy room. The workouts are completely customized to your specific goals and needs which I LOVE. They make sure you get in a full body workout in about 20 minutes every time and I always leave feeling refreshed and accomplished. Plus they also have an amazing medspa attached so I’m really loving my new one stop shop


I have recently discovered LeoFit Lab. I am 75 and have been interested in fitness and wellness for most of my adult life. I still compete in bodybuilding competitions around the country. As a hobby I have studied most of the science of body composition and re composition and have experimented with most of the techniques and equipment as they were developed and joined virtually every new gym that was available in San Diego since 1968,from the hard core weight rooms of the YMCA to the mega facilities of 24hr and LA Fitness and in between.What I discovered when I stumbled on to LeoFit Lab was that they are the only facility in San Diego to have the new state of the art machines that truly provide for the most effective body re composition in the least amount of time--as little as 20 minutes a week. The progress is accurately tracked and reported by computer. the machines are safe and effective for anyone from a 25 yr old bodybuilder to an 85 yr man or woman. The programs are more effective both from a results and cost standpoint than the "super slow" or "perfect workout" or private personal trainer approaches available.Dave Van Til

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 1851 San Diego Ave #100-A, San Diego, CA 92110, United States .

The contact number is +1 619-299-1694

This service is listed under Personal Trainer .

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