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Located in the heart of San Diego at Midway Towne Center, Orangetheory Fitness stands out with its vibrant and motivating atmosphere. This fitness center blends high-intensity workouts with a community spirit, ensuring each session is as engaging as it is effective. The coaching staff is well-praised for their enthusiasm and support, helping members of all fitness levels to excel together during the engaging 60-minute workouts.


  • Highly motivating and supportive coaches.
  • Suitable for different fitness levels within the same session.
  • Positive and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Variety in workouts ensures engaging sessions.
  • Ability to modify exercises to individual needs.
  • Strong community feel enhances motivation.
  • Celebrates members' milestones and achievements.
  • Consistently high customer satisfaction.
  • Offers flexibility with multiple studio access.
  • High-energy classes make the time fly.


  • Persistent follow-up calls can be overwhelming.
  • Might not suit those seeking a traditional gym experience.
  • Limited hours on weekends.

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OT is the perfect fit for me. The coaches are doing a great job keeping me motivated and making me push just a little harder than I would without them. It’s a party!


Came in from out of town to work out with my cousin. I couldn't tell you one song that played because the coach was talking the entire time. At one point I felt like after the class was over, they proceeded to call my number on file, which is fine, but after about 5 times, I decided to block them. I noticed that my voicemail was 90% full but I didn't have any voicemails in my trash bin or my mailbox, so I went to blocked messages and there was over 20 blocked voicemails from this place....calling either every 2 days, or every week, since MARCH. It is now July. Please take me off the calling list. Thanks.


This place is the best. The front desk staff is amazing, they know my name (joined 12/27). The coaches are awesome, encouraging, motivating and very nice. I’ve been an instructor for group classes at other gyms and this team of coaches are far better than myself. 5 stars team. LETS GO


What an incredible journey we’ve had here. My husband and I have tried a few gyms but nothing really stuck like OTF! Being at two different fitness levels we are still able to enjoy a 60 minute workout together. From the moment you walk in and are greeted by front desk staff, your journey begins to a healthier and happy life. Each and every one of the coaches gives you 110% of their passion and energy to help you along your journey! As we near our two year anniversary @OTF, as much healthier peeps, we are so thankful for them all!! 🧡

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I love OTF Point Loma. I started going there shortly after it opened. I was intimidated to try it out- but have found the coaches to be consistently supportive, fun and very helpful with tips on good form etc. the workouts are awesome- you can modify as needed. And the members are also supportive and fun to be around. I can’t imagine not having these workouts as a part of my fitness routine.


I’m a travel nurse and here on an assignment for the next 3 months! Everyone at the studio have been more than welcoming to me and helping me grow with each workout! I have been a member of OTF for over 3 years and this studio definitely keeps it lively for every workout! The coaches here really do everything they can to pump you up with their motivation on the mic and their music choice!


Love this place! The workouts are killer and the coaches are so inspiring! I bounce around to several studios in San Diego and having the flexibility to go to any studio is so important to me! At Pt Loma, Michelle is THE BEST trainer.

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If you are looking for just a “gym”, this is not the place for you. However, if you are looking for a community that also just happens to be a fitness studio, then you have the found right place. From the front desk staff to the coaches, this is truly a 5-star team! Your one hour class will quickly become the highlight of your day. This is also a place where all of your milestones are celebrated, even your birthday! Oh and on top of all that, you will get in shape and enjoy working out again.If you have been on the fence about joining or trying OrangeTheory, just take one class and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.Thank you OTF Point Loma! Can’t wait for today’s workout!


I never thought I was going to love OTF as much as I do. Gyms and workout classes were never my thing since I much rather be outdoors, swimming, cycling, playing volleyball... But the workouts are SO efficient, the hour just flies by. After just 4 months, my body is stronger and I lost ~2in on my hips and waist! Oh, and very important, coaches and staff are awesome!!


I enjoy the team spirit in the room that brings us all together while we are each enjoying our own workout experience. It is great that everyone participates to the level they can while feeling overall that we are all working out together. Somehow Orange Theory has managed to make group classes rewarding for the whole group while allowing individuals to work in their own orange zone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.9-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 3980 W Point Loma Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110, United States .

The contact number is +1 858-216-2020

This service is listed under Gym .

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