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Self Made Training Facility, located at 4030B Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, is acclaimed for its excellent personal training services. Open 24/7, this facility aims to transform fitness regimes by offering state-of-the-art equipment and a neat, clean environment.

The gym has a well-equipped recovery room, with the benefit of cold plunge and infrared sauna facilities. A highlight here is the personal training provided by professional, helpful, and experienced trainers who prioritize achieving fitness goals in a structured and flexible manner.


  • Open 24 hours a day, providing flexibility to workout at any time.
  • Features state-of-the-art equipment, turf, and a variety of machines and dumbbells.
  • Has a Recovery Room equipped with cold plunge and infrared sauna.
  • Clean and tidy facility, providing a pleasant workout environment.
  • Professional, approachable, and experienced personal trainers.
  • Trainers demonstrate excellent knowledge about body mechanics, nutrition, and fitness.
  • Personal trainers are flexible with training schedules.
  • Trainers are easily contactable and prompt in answering queries.
  • Offers a wide range of services including personal training, boxing lessons, and muy thai lessons.
  • High frequency of positive customer reviews and ratings.


  • Exterior appearance may make the gym seem smaller than it is.
  • Depending on individual preferences, the gym's primary focus on personal training might not fit everyone's workout style.
  • The gym may get busy due to high demand for personal trainers.

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very neat and clean facility! The equipment is great and they have many different machines and a wide variety of dumbbells. The turf is fun to walk on.

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Amazing gym and owner! Very sharp and clean! State of the art equipment for the best workout you can get. Want to invest on yourself?? Go here and find yourself a trainer! You won’t be disappointed!


smtf san diego was a great gym! outside looking in, it looks kinda small, but don’t let that fool you. there were somany great machines, even some i’ve never seen before! everyone was so nice and they all made sure that i was comfortable being there. 10/10


Best gym in the area. Unique private training facility. If you want personal training, boxing lessons, or muy thai lessons, this is the place.


Wow! This gym is amazing! It’s so clean and has everything you need and more. Plus everyone is so helpful. Definitely recommend.


My husband and I started training with Tyler D. (TDtrains) in January of 2022 in preparation of getting more in shape for our wedding in September of 2022. Fast forward to now (April 2023) and we are still training with him on a weekly basis because we enjoy it so much!Tyler has helped me shed body fat and weight and I've seen AMAZING results. He is professional, detailed oriented, extremely knowledgeable about proper body mechanics/form, nutrition, and fitness in general- all while being super friendly and approachable! He's also very flexible with our training times/schedule which has been crucial for us since our work schedules are inconsistent. He is also easy to get a hold of and prompt in responsiveness to answer any questions. All around, I'd say Tyler is the perfect trainer to train with to reach your fitness goals!


I was thoroughly impressed with this training facility. It provided everything I needed for an excellent workout experience, from top-notch equipment to a clean and welcoming atmosphere. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a high-quality workout experience.


Lifestyle changes are a process. This process, although not impossible, requires time and support. I lacked both of those things. But six months ago I found the support I needed to make this change. This transformative stage, as I called it, could not have been done without Tyler Durant. Tyler is undoubtedly the best trainer I know, and I highly encourage anyone who wants to make lifestyle changes as I did to contact him. In only a couple of months, and without realizing, I was losing unwanted weight and gaining muscle and strength. I’m close to my sixth month training with Tyler and I can definitely see the difference in my body, health, and mind.At first, It was a challenge to start my training with a new trainer. To be honest, it was scary, too. I was ready for the worst. However, since day 1 I saw that Tyler was different from other trainers. Tyler is patient, empathetic, and trust-worthy. I now realize that training is a science; Tyler not only communicates with me in a language I understand, but he is very relatable to my experiences. As simple as it sounds, Tyler goes above and beyond by asking questions not solely to have a conversation but to foment and create rapport. In my personal experience, Tyler always has been there to support me in my training. For example, when I train with Tyler I never feel overworked or unchallenged; Tyler continuously monitors and tracks my progress which is enormously beneficial at this stage of my progress. Tyler is a great guy, and he is the best trainer I have ever had. Tyler is a sociable-honest person and very knowledgeable and motivated. But what really makes Tyler a great trainer (that will take his clients to the next level) is his confidence and conviction that anyone can succeed. Tyler believes in me. This is what keeps me going. Now, after six months training with Tyler, my physical strength and appearance has improved beyond my expectations. I am healthier than before and my abilities to do everyday activities have improved. I feel happy about myself. Thank you, Tyler! I highly recommend Tyler as a trainer!


Such an awesome gym! All of the personal trainers are super experienced and they have a trainer that specializes in whatever you’re looking for. Highly recommend this place!


This gym is awesome! Great trainers & a state of the art & vibey af, RECOVERY ROOM!! Cold plunge & infrared sauna after personal training? YES please!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.6-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 4030B Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110, United States .

The contact number is +1 760-579-9286

This service is listed under Personal Trainer .

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