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Steel MMA and Fitness, situated at 5910 Santo Rd in San Diego, CA, is a popular destination for martial arts and fitness enthusiasts. This facility offers a variety of classes, including Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and fitness programs suitable for all ages and skill levels. Featuring highly skilled trainers, some of whom are professional fighters, Steel MMA provides a productive and friendly atmosphere for both serious fighters and fitness seekers.

The gym prides itself on its clean environment, family-friendly atmosphere, and passionate coaches. Whether you're looking to enhance your martial arts skills, compete, or simply stay in shape, Steel MMA caters to all aspirations, providing a supportive community and individual attention to ensure members achieve their fitness goals.


  • Offers a variety of martial arts and fitness classes.
  • Skilled trainers, including professional fighters.
  • Provides both adult and children’s programs.
  • Clean and well-maintained facilities.
  • Family-friendly environment.
  • Warm and welcoming community.
  • Outdoor and technical training available.
  • Empowers members with life skills and confidence.
  • Personalized attention in classes.
  • Highly recommended by members.


  • Closed on Sundays.
  • Can be crowded, particularly before classes.
  • Some may find MMA gyms intimidating at first.

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Recently went to this gym while visiting from out of state and I loved it. Nice facility, clean, great coaches, and an overall friendly and welcoming environment. If you’d like to improve your game definitely also consider booking a personal session with Magalie, she’s one of their pro fighters. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. I see now why so many good fighters train at this gym, I will definitely be coming back to train here when I’m in the area. One of my favorite gyms I’ve been to.

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This is a fantastic MMA training center with great coaches! I trained here for a few months before I moved out of the city. Every other MMA gym I've tried since just doesn't measure up to Steel MMA. They have coaches that are former pro and current pro and there are pro fighters that train here. It's amazing to see full classes with kids and teens. I mean, these kids are going at it! It's the best MMA gym for the entire family to train for fighting or for fitness.


After having trained at this gym for 6 years now, and having tried many other gyms in the San Diego area, I can confidently say that Steel is the best striking gym I have ever been to. They offer Jiu Jitsu, Fitness & Kid’s classes as well, which are all taught by outstanding, knowledgeable instructors, but if you’re looking to learn Striking Martial Arts, you wont find better coaches, or better curriculum being taught, in my opinion. My skillset improved dramatically since stepping foot in this gym and working with the Head Coach, Carl. The friendly, welcoming atmosphere was something I noticed right away, and it allowed me to meet some of my best friends here. There’s an energy to this place that you just have to feel to understand. Whether you’re a first timer, amateur competitor, or professional fighter, this gym will welcome you with open arms, and if you’re putting in the work, you WILL get better, guaranteed.


My family has been going to Steel for over three years. The coaches are professional and inspiring. The lessons from the Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu sessions have been more than the basic skills, my children have learned life lessons in these classes. They have gained confidence and made great friendships. The adult classes are just as amazing. We are very fortunate to be a part of the Steel family. I highly recommend this gym and have referred countless friends and families.


you can feel the enthusiasm for the martial arts when you walk through the doors! Owner and head coach Carl loves what he does and is truly invested not only in his gym but also in each and every client and fighter. This is a family friendly gym with a large youth jujitsu and Muay Thai program. The gym is kept very clean at all times and you will feel comfortable in the atmosphere here. I have been training here for three years now and never thought i would compete but the team here helped and supported me on my journey to make it happen not just once but twice! While you dont have to fight to belong to this gym it was a great experience for me and something I chanllegened myself to accomplish. My son and I both train here and my son does privates with coach Hiro. Since working with him my sons skill level has greatly increased and he feels so accomplished. Thank you Steel MMA for being the gym family that you are!


From the moment I inquired on classes with Miss Z, and even after taking my first class with coach Carl, Steel MMA made me feel very welcomed at their academy. I was visiting San Diego for a week and this is by far the #1 thing im gonna miss the most. Here we have an authentic, friendly training environment with everyone trying to make each other better.Everyone should have a reason to exercise... Whether it’s to just get into shape, or to train to be a fighter, but whichever path is decided Steel offers enough classes structured for adults and kids to meet their goals. Don’t fear, If you don’t want to be a fighter but just want to get into shape, you’ll be getting into shape while also still learning an authentic system of self defense. It’s a win winYou have a staff here who are all passionate in what they do. If you’re ever confused in class You’ll receive the attention needed through great coaches who are also very technical in their teachings.They offer several styles such as Muay Thai, Dutch kickboxing, Boxing, and Jiujitsu.I will come back to San Diego someday and Steel MMA will be the first place I Stop for a visit! Thank you guys!


Best gym in San Diego. The coaches are very helpful and passionate to get you to be a better version of yourself. No matter what skill level the coaches will make you feel special. Everyone is really nice and friendly. Very family oriented you feel at home here. Wether you want to lose weight build cardio or just develop some skills this is the place to be. There competition gym is so legit. Try the place out learn some martial arts or just get fit.


I can't stand 24-Hour Fitness because it's so busy and you have to come almost a half hour before any class in order to get a spot. I wanted to find a gym that had fun classes that would also give me an incredible workout. Now, I'm not one to sit on any machines, I only do classes, so when I found Steel MMA, it was perfect! What I love about Steel MMA's classes is that the workouts work EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY and it's such a fun way to release stress. Believe me, I'm not a fighter which I think some people don't realize that you don't have to be to join a MMA gym. It's a functional workout that's fun and keeps you in shape. I've been to other MMA gyms in San Diego, but I gotta say, Steel MMA is different from all the rest. The coaches all the way up to the owners are super passionate about what they do and it has a family like atmosphere, which I love. From the moment I walked in, Mike, one of the owners greeted me and walked me through the program. They also give arm bands to new members so that the coaches pay extra attention to make sure you are comfortable/correctly doing the moves, which was super helpful. Love working out here!


Steel MMA Fitness has such a great vibe. It is evident that each of the trainers, coaches and professors has a true passion for their sport and teaching. The gym is clean and all the members are super friendly. Customer service is a skill that is not lost on this facility and its members. If you're looking to pick up a new sport, continue an existing practice or just get in shape this is the "gym in the hills" for you!


I was training a year under Kru Carl Gebhardt, during my exchange year in the U.S. Hands down some of the best Muay Thai you can get, with extraordinary training methods. People at the gym are amazing and after a little while you are a part of the family :) Recommended!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.7-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 5910 Santo Rd, San Diego, CA 92124, United States .

The contact number is +1 858-987-0113

This service is listed under Gym .

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