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UFC FIT Point Loma is a well-rounded gym located at the heart of San Diego. It provides a diverse array of fitness programs which cater to different individual needs. The gym is admired for the professional and friendly staff who ensure that clients receive the best guide and support during their fitness journey.

Unfortunately, there have been mixed reviews about the gym. Some members have shown dissatisfaction over billing issues while others have shown great satisfaction over the gym's facility and classes. The gym offers a variety of fitness classes conducted by professional coaches.


  • Great location, making it convenient to access.
  • Professional and friendly staff who are always ready to assist.
  • Extensive operating hours making it user-friendly.
  • Diverse training program to cater for everybody's fitness needs.
  • It offers trial periods for new members.
  • High-rated fitness coaches as per given reviews.
  • Members appreciate the gym's hygiene and equipment maintenance.
  • They conduct classes like 'Kick Boxing' and 'Body Pump Yoga'.
  • It serves veteran clients and provides facilities like stationary bikes for special needs.
  • The gym space is exploited optimally for workout purposes.


  • There have been consistent complaints about unauthorized and over charge on membership.
  • Poor communication and response from gym's management on issues related to billing and cancelation.
  • The gym has been described by some members as not trustworthy and sketchy when dealing with finances.

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Coach Bryan Garcia is an amazing teacher..."Kick Boxing"He is the only reason, why am not at Victory MMA right now!!!

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i signed up for a buy 1 year get 1 year free deal. so $600 total. which comes out to $25 a month. I’d pay that! I also knew I might be moving in a year to idk where in San diego so I specifically asked what happens if I move in a years, would I get a refund for anything not used? he assured me I would. he failed to mention only the first year could be refunded!!! even though I said I’d be moving in a year!! I ended up moving to Imperial Beach which is way too far to use the membership and just had to waste the second year or my membership. no refund like promised. I should have gotten that in writing, that’s on me. however they should have stuck to what they verbally promised me and refunded my $300. they were rude about it too.


Great gym! Very versatile! Something for everyone. I love Amanda’s body pump a yoga classes! She runs a great class! So happy to have found her


This gym has everything you need to workout and then some. I enjoy the staff and the atmosphere. This is really good gym.


Best in town; people are seriously working up there :; they mean fitness they don’t play around / highly recommend if you needed to be in shape/ very friendly and informative,I was help by Jade

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What a great guy! Walked by the gym one morning and decided to take a peek inside. We were given a 2week free trial to check the gym out. Couldn't join at the moment and it was such a nice gesture. I myself am waiting for a hyaluronic acid gel injection for my knees and ultimately a knee surgery. Being able to ride a stationary bike who my MD recommended was on point! Thank you so much for your empathy. My husband and I are so grateful. Mr and Mrs Inzinga Your Navy Veteran and Yankee Fan🌝


It looks good. Im going to join in the gym in a few day. I just hope they will utilize more space for free weights since they have a lot of empty spaces where to put more equipment. Nowdays people have realized that you lose more weight by lifting weights than cardio! Only thing I will complain it is some machines need maintenance when it comes to lubrication and new upholstery needed, thanks!


This gym is a scam and very sketchy. I went in for a trial and they tried to get me to sign up for a "free 7 day trial" which I cancelled and declined but they ended up charging my card on a recurring basis for the last few months on an unauthorized transaction. I call them every time I get a charge to have them delete my account and remove my credit card from their system and they claim that they cannot do that. I have had to block them as a vendor from my credit card company because they keep charging me and have not refunded me. It is unacceptable for a gym to take advantage of people like this and I imagine they do this to everyone. If you go in for a trial, do NOT give them your credit card information. I would warn anyone against going to this gym as they are not a trustworthy business.


I went on deployment and was told my account would be frozen ( paperwork was emailed to me) and not only was I charged the entire time I was deployed but for some reason when I tried to contact them I couldn’t get ahold of anybody. After emailing Jordi about the payments going through, he replied “just give it a few weeks”, and eventually I emailed I wanted my account cancelled, still received no response. My card was no longer in use there and a few months later I start receiving calls from debt collectors saying I owe over $300. Each time I’ve reached out to UFC I have received no response. Overall 10/10 do not recommend, and if this happens to you save everything.


They're very sketchy when it comes to money. They'll charge overcharge you for everything. And if you want to cancel your membership, they'll still charge you for two full months. There's no way to remove your card from their system. They'll charge your card even if you told them not to use it

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.9-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 3675 Midway Dr, San Diego, CA 92110, United States .

The contact number is +1 858-988-4140

This service is listed under Gym .

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