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Burn Fitness, located in Downtown Santa Monica, takes pride as a one-stop fitness destination offering a blend of regular and innovative workouts. Spread across an open rooftop and one floor, the gym is well-equipped with a diverse range of decent fitness gear and provides striking mountain and ocean views. However, the age and overall maintenance of the machinery may be concerning as many customers have labeled them as rusty, outdated, and tightly packed. With this basic, no-frills gym, the emphasis is more on affordability and function rather than luxury and style, with their monthly membership priced at a reasonable $95.

Despite a few cosmetic drawbacks, Burn Fitness boasts friendly and welcoming staff, efficient trainers, and a highly agreeable atmosphere. The standout feature remains the working hours that suit early birds as well as night owls during weekdays, although the shorter hours during weekends might be a bit of a letdown. To enhance the overall experience, the gym is well-stocked with accessible cleaning supplies and continues to take significant strides towards improvement by adding new equipment and amenities.


  • Great location in Downtown Santa Monica
  • Friendly and helpful staff that provides excellent service
  • Affordable monthly membership fee of $95
  • Well-equipped with a range of equipment
  • Efficient trainers with tailored fitness suggestions
  • Pleasant and professional environment ideal for personal workout sessions
  • Continuous improvement with frequent addition of new equipment
  • Ideal for those seeking low-cost, high value gym services
  • Rooftop workout area with scenic views
  • Cleanliness maintained throughout facility


  • Gym equipment is old and rusty
  • Weight machines are closely packed
  • Limited opening hours during weekends


Community fitness center offering intensive cardio & core classes, plus yoga & rooftop workouts.

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Great gym to workout in if you want to avoid crowds.


Nice place for the price and location. Fresh air inside, that is really cool!Sadly no syncing with Apple Fitness :(


My husband and I dropped in today to check out the place. We are in the market for a new gym membership after being members at Equinox. Burn Fitness gave us a complimentary workout.There is one floor and a roof. The gym is wellequipped, but all the weight machines are very close to each other. Also, the devices are pretty old and rusty. As you can see from my photos, some of the equipment was even ripped. The locker rooms can be cleaner too. They need to validate parking as well. You will likely find this gym run-down if you come from Equinox Club.The bottom line, this is a basic, no-frills gym. Their monthly membership is only $95, so you get what you pay for.


This place is really solid. Location is great, rooftop access is awesome, clientele and staff are nice. The equipment isn’t especially new but who cares. If you want something better than 24hr/LAFitness but don’t want to pay for Equinox, this is your spot.


Never crowded, well-equipped and conveniently located gym on the Promenade. Friendly staff. Only knock against this place is shorter hours on the weekend.


I signed up with them in December. I have yet to hear from someone to give me the tour of the facility.Decent equipment, however some of the machines are not working and fixing them doesn’t seem to be a priority.Bathroom/ shower area desperately needs cleaning and monitoring for supplies.I like the location, but after just a few months I cancelled my membership, this place it’s just too run down and not managed well.


Great gym! Staff is really friendly and helpful. The only complaint I have is about the mask enforcement. I’ve seen a lot of people with their masks pulled down below their nose, wish the staff could go around and enforce the mask wearing a bit more


This is a small, crowded gym located inside the Promenade. I found the equipment to be lacking for anyone that is a routine lifter. The equipment are all very rusty, outdated and limited (there are three squat racks total, 2 bench press racks). The men's locker room, showers and sauna are also stained and dirty. Finally, the owner of Burn Fitness, Dr. Tom Williams (PsyD) based on my personal observation and experiences is discriminatory against Asians. I observed him patronizing his front desk Asian male worker on occasion. I was also subjected to racist and/or discriminatory behavior from the gym owner. I have asked for an immediate refund and cancellation of my gym membership - which will likely not happen in several months time based on other reviews? Terrible gym for younger clientele!


I used Burn while on vacation in Los Angeles in August, 2022. It’s located centrally in Santa Monica near all the shopping and is a very spacious, well equipped gym with free weights and cardio. The best part of the experience was the service of Alejandra at the front desk who was extremely nice and welcoming and was happy to answer any questions I had about the facilities. Because of that, I will certainly be returning and I would encourage anyone vacationing in the area to do the same.


Joining Burn Fitness was my best decision of 2020! I joined over the summer because I needed a safe, clean and professional environment to exercise during the pandemic. They have cleaning supplies throughout the beautiful rooftop facility with both, mountain and ocean views.It's clearly a herculean team effort and I am so grateful to everyone involved with keeping the gym in operation, including the front desk folks, maintenance staff, owners and personal trainers. I love taking Carly and Tom's group fitness classes in the morning, which has helped me maintain a positive and healthy routine during a really challenging time. Thank you, Burn!Pro Tips:- Bring your own fitness gloves to stay extra safe, clean and comfortable during your workout!- Bring your own water bottle and towel- No showers, so plan ahead

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.3-star.

This business has 20 reviews.

The address is: 1233 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401 .

The contact number is (310) 394-1300

This service is listed under Gym .

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