CAMP Los Angeles is a highly regarded gym located at 2723 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica. Known for their accommodating schedule with various kinds of classes available from Monday through Sunday, CAMP Los Angeles is more than just a gym but a community. They provide a comprehensive lineup of classes, focusing on Yoga and HIIT. The venue is clean, cozy and staff members deliver excellent service.

Members constantly praise the energetic surroundings and the quality of its exceptional teachers. Each class pairs challenging workouts with supportive and encouraging guidance from the instructors. The trainers are not only skilled professionals but also friendly individuals who make the members feel welcomed.


  • Offers a variety of classes from yoga to HIIT
  • Amenable gym hours
  • Excellent customer service
  • High-quality trainers and instructors
  • Clean and organized facility
  • Positive and energetic ambiance
  • Has an encouraging and supportive community
  • Extra sanitization efforts assured by staff
  • Praised by user reviews for increasing strength and enhancing mood
  • Multiple convenient contact methods available


  • Classes can be too challenging for some individuals
  • Not ideal for people looking for solo gym apparatus workouts
  • Expansion and more classes anticipated by current members

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Great yoga program! I've taken lots of yoga classes and they have a great balance of techniques and teachers that have unique backgrounds which makes for a well-rounded program. Jamie, Tiff, Calvin, Alex, Brock, Angel and Dice are excellent ... Altogether, this place covers a broad range of styles of yoga.I can only speak about their yoga program, although they have HIIT, stations and other modalities.


Camp is a great place for a fun, high energy workout. Coach Elan was amazing, paid attention to detail and form and had great music. The facility was clean and provided towels, and the vibe of the class was super fun! Can’t wait to come back!


So glad I finally listened to friends and family who have been raving about CAMP LA for months. Fantastic instructors, great energy and atmosphere along with a solid community of people around this place. The classes are a challenge, but in the best way possible. Highly recommend stations, but you can't go wrong with any of the classes here!


I’ve been a member for 4 months and I absolutely love it. The classes push you further than you thought you could go, but not beyond your comfort zone. The staff is friendly, and I really like their cleaning/sanitizing policy. I recently took a yoga class with the owner, and she was very kind and generous.


Three of us went to Dice's class and had a lot of fun! Powerful clearly instructed yoga with the opportunity to explore and play. Super sweaty and very enjoyable. World-class teacher!

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My husband and I joined Camp L.A. a couple of months ago. I am 49 and have only ever really done yoga throughout my adult life! I LOVE the challenge CAMP provides, the coaches are all so inspiring and encouraging and I ALWAYS walk out feeling 100% better than when walked in; SUCH a mood booster. Also, I work in healthcare rehab, so the extra strength is really helping protect me at work! ❤️❤️❤️


CAMP LA is the best!! An amazing, inclusive community. Felt welcomed from the start by the awesome CAMP LA crew. Come one come all! There’s yoga, hiit, weightlifting, and soon to be more.


CAMP LA is a space and community unparalleled to any fitness setting I've ever experienced. If you're looking for a new place to exercise or practice yoga on the westside, nothing compares. My gratitude for this group of teachers, coaches, members, and friends is immeasurable.🅲🅰🅼🅿🆁 for life ❤︎ …

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I love this gym. Every class is awesome and I've done them all. The instructors are super helpful and encouraging. Every class has awesome music and each one has been a great workout (even yoga!). The space is nice - I love the hard wood floors, heating, open space, and cute decor. I can't wait for the expanded space to open and for even more classes to become available. I would highly recommend this gym!!!


This place is like no other fitness gym or yoga studio. Amazing community, great instructors - probably the best/ most professional in town you could find in one place.They welcome everyone with smile and warmth, and everything basically about CAMP la is just amazing! Wish I could have an extra hour per day to join more classes.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.8-star.

This business has 20 reviews.

The address is: 2723 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405 .

The contact number is (424) 229-5945

This service is listed under Gym .

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