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IRON Santa Monica is an excellent gym located at 1919 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Its two floors are equipped with everything you would find at any major gym: treadmills, weights, dumbbells, and more. Offering parking and lengthy opening hours, this gym is a perfect option for those looking for a basic, no-frills exercise experience. With a friendly community atmosphere, free parking, a recovery room on-site and an outdoor workout space, the gym appeals to a range of fitness enthusiasts.

Despite positive reviews mentioning cleanliness and attentive staff, some customers find the gym a bit overpriced, especially for temporary usage. This gym is definitely for those seeking serious workouts, as the music and energy level is often intense; it also enforces rules that some heavy lifters may find restrictive.


  • Good range of equipment
  • Friendly community environment
  • Recovery room on-site
  • Outdoor workout space
  • Clean and well-maintained
  • Numerous cardio machines and weights
  • Not overly crowded
  • Professional staff
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Dedicated parking


  • A bit expensive for temporary or short-term memberships
  • Strict rules that might not accommodate all workout styles
  • Some customers found the music too loud


Fitness facility with weights & cardio machines, plus group & private boxing lessons for all ages.

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Visited booking thru classpass. Gym is dusty, need deep clean. Old equipment that needs replaced. Bath rooms are gross! I do not plan on returning.


In town for a few days for work and figured I would give this place a try. This is a no frills gym but it's clean and has an outdoor area as well. Loved that it was a no nonsense kind of place. Not trying to impress anyone except those that are serious about getting a workout in. I came back the next day as well. Will definitely come back the next time I'm in town. Towels, lockers and showers were also included. Heavy bags to hit and plenty of kettle bells if that's your thing.


The gym has really strict rules that are not accommodating for powerlifting. There is no chalk allowed in the gym, no bags allowed on the gym floor, and management can be really rude if you do not know the rules (they don’t tell you them until after you sign up). The place was also very overpriced for a small gym with all amenities used as up-charges. The only solution for me was to cancel my membership.


I’m a visitor for 1 month. Expensive for 1 month at $200, especially given the level of service and facilities. They rarely have any towels (and the ones they have are tattered). The staff don’t even know the password to their wifi network. They’re college age.Pros: Equipment is fine. Not new. Generally clean. Not too overcrowded.


Since the lockdowns ended, Equinox was getting too busy for me to justify the ~$300 a month cost. Iron LA is equidistant from me and half the cost. To be Frank, I’ve always been more of the “let’s just workout” type than the “let’s hang out, hit the sauna, shower, talk to the girls, etc.” so it was a pretty easy transition for me.Iron has basically everything you need, although for some essential workouts there’s only one machine (ie Incline Barbell), so I end up modifying my workout on the spot more often. With that being said, there’s plenty of squat racks. Cardio section and stretch/ab sections are good and never full.


I visited here on Sunday, 07/12/2020, one day before they closed again due to government regulations regarding COVID-19. They gave me a free day pass to check them out.The gym has two floors and is equipped with everything you will find at any other gym; treadmills, rowing machines (only one), weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, med balls, etc. This is a quiet place to work out, and free parking at the back. Easy to get in and out. Women's restrooms were clean. You will likely find this gym run-down if you come from Equinox Club.The bottom line, this is a basic, no-frills gym.


Hesitate to give the 5 stars it deserves because I don't want it to get overly crowded. Nice community, all the equipment you could want or need. Recovery room on-site, and parking! Downside would be small bathroom/shower area but I don't use that but in case you do, it's available but small. Love the outdoor space too. I spend most of my workout outside pretty much solo.


The gym is absolutely great. I used it while in the area for work.Good racks, platforms, and plenty of space.$25 for a day pass seems is excessive though.


I have been an Iron member since 2018 and the gym has always been an excellent place to go for a workout. Recommended wholeheartedly.


Great training gym with plenty of space and great equipment. Only draw back is smaller locker room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.3-star.

This business has 23 reviews.

The address is: 1919 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404 .

The contact number is (310) 264-9800

This service is listed under Gym .

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