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BBA Gym, located at 1242 Birchwood Dr, Sunnyvale, CA, offers a unique and exceptional personal training experience. The gym operates 24/7, providing flexibility to fit any schedule. Owned by Travis, who ensures a welcoming atmosphere, BBA Gym is praised for its cleanliness, state-of-the-art equipment, and spacious layout. Trainers like Alex, Audrey, and Benji are highly commended for their dedication, knowledge, and the personal touch they bring to each session. However, one incident of negligence by a trainer has raised concerns about safety standards for beginners.


  • Open 24/7 for convenience
  • Friendly and professional trainers
  • Clean and well-maintained facility
  • Wide range of equipment
  • Spacious workout areas
  • Positive and motivating atmosphere
  • Customized workout plans
  • Personalized training support
  • Affordable pricing compared to corporate gyms
  • First training session free


  • Reported incident of trainer negligence
  • Potential safety concerns for new members
  • Mixed experiences with individual trainers

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I love this gym. I realized how important a good gym atmosphere is for a good workout, after I worked out here.Travis, the owner is friendly and helpful and is always working on keeping the gym at its best.Trainers are great. I work with Alex Martinez and he’s amazing.The equipment, the space and the vibe are so amazing.What a hidden gym !


Good gym and yoga class


This is an awesome gym with an owner who's dedicated to keeping the equipment and surroundings organized, clean and in great shape! It's an open environment where you're surrounded by and energized by trainers focused on helping their clients in a friendly atmosphere and where everyone's efforts are respected. The gym also enables the trainers there to really customize their client's workouts and it's a learning experience (everyday) to see various training techniques and their focus.My wife and I first came to BBA when one of their trainers, Alex, started training at this gym. Alex is outstanding and has been our trainer for two years. He's extremely knowledgeable and passionate about training and can take you anywhere from HIIT to serious strength training for competition and everywhere in between. His latest mantra, "Exercise is fun!" is code for "Don't stop!" during our circuit training (LOL).But that's how these trainers are at this gym. They're friendly, serious, focused on you, and they want to bring a little fun so you can improve and keep at it. My wife and I love coming to this gym for our sessions and we'd recommend it to anyone asking!


Absolutely love this gym! I work with my trainer, Audrey, at this location. She has helped me so much with the mobility, strength and endurance over the years that I have been working with her. She understands my body and knows how to adjust workouts based on how my body is feeling so I don't get hurt.Gym has an excellent mixture of free weights/equipment, weighted/cable machines, cardio equipment, and a fabulous turf. They also have equipment for stretching and warming up to avoid injuring yourself.Great amount of space to work with and all the trainers are super nice! You can tell that they pride themselves in the training they are providing to their clients.Travis, the owner, always kept it clean and sanitized with COVID restrictions in place and continues to maintain that same level of cleanliness now. He also makes sure the gym and the equipment are working properly that issues are addressed quickly. Plus he always has a smile on his face and makes everyone feel so welcomed and comfortable! I highly recommend that anyone who wants to work 1-on-1 with a trainer to start their journey here.


Writing this review as a trainer who used to work at BBA. With over 10 years of experience I've run into a lot scary stories and bad trainers. And of all the gyms I've been to, this gym has to have some of the more experienced and well educated trainers out there. I would feel comfortable sending family and friends here without a second thought. Although I only worked here briefly I will still pick the brains of these trainers to help make me a better trainer myself. Highly recommend coming to this gym if you are new or experienced. This gym is a great place to better yourself judgment free and achieve your goals in a very safe atmosphere. Nothing but love for BBA.


Great location. Friendly and knowledgeable fitness staff.


I worked with Benny who is an incredible sweet and nice guy. I’ve always been a pretty athletic person, and have worked out extensively on my own. I booked personal training sessions to improve form, and ensure I’m lifting a safe weight. I did a consultation and everything seemed to check out - Benny is incredibly fit and so I figured if someone knows good form and lifting properly, it’s him. He’s also a really nice and sweet guy.Fundamentally, it’s the job of a personal trainer to know when someone’s form is ready for a certain lift, to know which exercises are safe, which amount of weight is safe, and to advise a beginner on when to stop.On the second personal training session, as a 120-pound woman, Benny gave me 272 pounds to lift — on my second, ever training session!Since that session I have consulted 2 medical practitioners and 4 other folks who lift regularly; all 6 have said it’s extremely irresponsible and negligent to give someone 2x their bodyweight on a second training session and that the workout was barely short of pure recklessness. There's simply no way a beginner's form can allow for proper lifting of 2x their body weight.For context, if you’re a 200 pound man, that means they'd give you 400+ pounds to lift - on your second session.As you can imagine, on the lift, my back completely went out (I heard and felt some sort of sound), and was in incredible immediate pain — right after the injury, I couldn’t bend over without immense pain.With a personal trainer, they're prescribing all sorts of weights with 10+ different moves each session; if any of those are off or cause injury, *you* will be living with that pain and the medical expenses that come with fixing it -- they won't.Had the pain gone away in a week or so, I wouldn’t be here writing this review. Unfortunately, it’s been over a month and that pain has not fully gone away — 6 weeks and $500+ in medical bills later. Most likely I will need to have an MRI to see if there’s any kind of disc issue. These 2 sessions alone will likely result in over $1000 in medical bills if I go ahead and do the MRI.I wrote the bulk of this review at 1 am in the morning in bed, because the tingling in my right leg has actively prevented me from falling asleep. My experience involved 3 days of intense pain, 1 week of extremely limited movement, and a month of continued lingering pain and tingling in my right leg down to my feet. Even a month after the injury, I cannot lift anything substantial without the pain returning. Woke up on Christmas morning with a backache.I can’t in good conscious recommend this gym. I regret coming to this gym so, so, so much.Giving a complete beginner 272 pounds to deadlift on a 2nd session seems to fall short of reckless.If this gym employs someone that gives a workout like that on a 2nd session, I think it needs to re-consider it’s standards. Back issues are no joke, and I’d give anything to have to live pain-free again. You can always get another job, another car -- pretty much anything. But you can’t get another back. Plus, still dealing with all the medical bills.If you’d prefer avoiding a slipped disc or back pain, I would avoid this gym.


Highly recommended. Travis and the other trainers are knowledgeable, attentive and fun. Training sessions fly by and Travis has helped me reach a level of fitness I could not have done on my own. I’ve been training with him for years. The facility is well equipped and clean. A variety of great trainers to choose from!


Travis and Benny and all of the trainers are thoughtful, knowledgeable and effective. I have been a client for years and I have gone to many other gyms with many different trainers I can honestly say that the trainers here epitomize professionalism and hyper competence. They listen, they incorporate what they hear from you and they produce results.I wholeheartedly recommend BBA Gym!


Solid gym with solid and highly experienced personal trainers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.8-star.

This business has 61 reviews.

The address is: 1242 Birchwood Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, United States .

The contact number is +1 484-225-3731

This service is listed under Personal Trainer .

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