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AnywhereFit Sacramento | CrossFit Anywhere is a premium fitness center located at 808 R Street, Sacramento. With a supportive and inclusive community, this gym is perfect for everyone, from beginners to experienced CrossFitters. The professional coaches focus on safety and technique, ensuring each workout is effective and injury-free. The facility offers a dynamic range of classes and events that make fitness engaging and fun.

Members appreciate the welcoming environment and the sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the gym walls. AnywhereFit isn't just about fitness—it's about building friendships and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.


  • Welcoming and inclusive community
  • Experienced and friendly coaches
  • Focus on safety and technique
  • Classes for all fitness levels
  • Diverse range of workouts
  • Regular social and community events
  • Supportive and encouraging environment
  • Clean and well-equipped facility
  • Flexible class times
  • Nutrition coaching available


  • Limited weekend hours
  • Can be challenging for complete beginners
  • Busy during peak times

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Love it!


Hey Sanj! Thanks for your great review!


Excellent place to get your fit on.


Enjoyed dropping in with my partner for a Saturday WOD. Lennie was awesome and I really enjoyed the vibe. Will definitely come back the next time I’m in Sac.


Fantastic coaching, great programming and amazing ownership! CrossFit Anywhere Folsom is a 5 star organization!


I love the community! The coaches are the best. The owner puts his heart and soul into always improving the gyms. I had one goal when I committed myself to CrossFit years ago, just ONE pull up. I have far exceeded that goal with the encouragement of the coaches and the members. Thank you cfa/anywherefit :)


I work out at AnywhereFit Whitney and Rocklin. I love the vibe that both places have. Everyone is helpful, supportive, and adapts the workout for YOU! I have only been doing CrossFit for a year and as a 55+ I feel welcomed and included. My coaches Blair and McKenzie have encouraged me to listen to my body but also push to become better. Would recommend to anyone who has been thinking about CrossFit.


This gym has made me love working out which I could never say before. The coaches are great people and super knowledgeable and help stay on form and avoiding injuries. Also, the fellow gym members constantly encourage each other, I just can’t say enough good things about CrossFit Anywhere.


I switched to AnywhereFit from a mixed fit gym in 2018. There were 3 CrossFit gyms I was going to go to, and AnywhereFit was the 1st one I went to. From the moment I walked in the door people were welcoming, including the coach. The members, and coaching staff helped me the 1st class, modified a few things that I wasn’t familiar with, and made my 1st day a great one! I’m so thankful I went to AnywhereFit first, as the community was so great, I didn’t even try the other gyms! I still currently attend classes. The community of members, of which are my friends, make working out fun! Sometimes it’s our social hour! We often have various get together’s, and events outside of the gym like ultimate frisbee, sand volleyball, concerts, road trips, movie nights, parties, etc. because it’s more than just a workout and then people leave. It’s friends coming together to put in the hard work to better themselves, and to help/cheer on the other people in class! I would recommend coming in and trying it out, even if you like to workout, but not sure “CrossFit” is for you!

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Love this gym! I’ve done Crossfit at a few gyms over the years, but I’ve made the most improvements since joining Anywherefit 1.5 years ago. EVERY coach is excellent and really cares. The community is so supportive and fun to be around. Drop in and try it out, you won’t look back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.9-star.

This business has 28 reviews.

The address is: Entrance on, 808 R Street, Rice Alley, Sacramento, CA 95811, United States .

The contact number is +1 916-212-5867

This service is listed under Fitness Center .

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