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Join the beacon of health and wellness at Balanced Body Inc, located in Sacramento, CA 95828. Experience a holistic fitness center providing unparalleled access to diverse workouts, personal training, and wellness facilities.

Balanced Body Inc has earned a 4.3-star rating with 50 reviews. You can contact them at +1 800-745-2837 for more information.

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First time here Recieving & Shipping both has different Driveways. Quick Loading No overweight issue easy in N out Good luck for their business


I live in San Diego, I used to own Pilates studios and gave up my last reformer when I had to move quickly. I now own a beauty salon in my late forties! For a full year I have done mat Pilates and have so missed my practice. I taught for 12 years and have tried every reformer I believe. I am finally in a place financially where I can buy new and the best. I really have done a lot of research on the job and visiting other instructors. I knew exactly what I wanted the Allegro 2 with the tower attachment. From start to finish the staff at Balanced Body went above and beyond my expectations. My contact Lisa Garcia emailed me and communicated within a half hour of placing my order. From start to delivery it’s been 2.5 weeks, which is great after all the supply chain issues of last year. Thank you for helping me I look forward to utilizing my new equipment and all the free videos on Balanced Body.


Their equipment is very well made. I have the best customer service rep who always provides top notch service and is very knowledgeable. Thanks Amalia!


I purchased a SitFit from Balanced Body through AMAZON. It took 10 days to arrive and was flat. Multiple calls later with three different people and different stories with each call, I still do not have a useable SitFit. The manager made an effort to make it right by saying he would send me a pump, but apparently follow-through is a problem and so the pump that I was promised has not arrived. It's now been nearly three weeks. In my estimation it is not worth this frustration. I would recommend a different brand, but definitely a different company!!


LOVE the studio reformer and EXO chair form BB. The customer service from BB is outstanding, they respond very quickly to maintenance questions and give helpful suggestions along with video links on how to fix issues. The BB Garage on YouTube is very helpful!


My Allegro 2 reformer came in completely destroyed box which resulted in tears to the leather and chipped paint. The customer service sent a new leather piece so I replaced it myself instead of sending it back. Now a random bolt came off and the handlebar is loose making me feel unsafe doing some Moves. The customer service is saying it’s usual for the handle to be loose since it’s a newer model and that the loose bolt is likely an extra piece they left behind?! Ridiculous. See photos of how this company delivers a $5000 machine.


Great company ethos, fabulous Pilates equipment and efficient, friendly service, not to mention the amazing designer himself, Ken Endelman! Highly recommend.

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I Love Balanced Body Equipment, have owned multiple Allegro 1s for years and they are a solid Reformer, not the most beautiful. Solid and Reliable. Also Amalia, best sales person there. Ask for her.


If you are as passionate as I am about human movement and Pilates, “Balanced Body” is your HOME. They have been producing innovative, sustainable, and high-quality equipment for over 40 years. The best part is that they also provide education with high standards for their equipment. Whether you are a seasoned Pilates instructor or just starting your Pilates journey, Balanced Body is an excellent resource for success.

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Balanced Body is my go-to company for Pilates training and equipment!I did my comprehensive Pilates training with BB in 2008-2009 and it was a fantastic experience. I've also watched BB expand and strengthen their training options and opportunities ever since, helping Pilates instructors hone their teaching skills in a variety of ways. Every workshop I've taken for continuing education has exceeded expectations.The BB equipment is also top-notch! Sturdy, easy to use, and beautiful! My home Reformer is appx 15 years old and looks almost brand new - and trust me, it gets a workout. I'm amazed at the quality and craftsmanship, and how well it holds up over time.I highly recommend Balanced Body training and equipment!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.3-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 5909 88th St, Sacramento, CA 95828, United States .

The contact number is +1 800-745-2837

This service is listed under Pilates Studio .

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