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BLK BOX Mobile Fitness, based in Sacramento, California, brings the gym experience directly to your home. Led by Coach Dorian, clients benefit from personalized fitness plans tailored to individual goals, lifestyles, and capabilities. Emphasizing holistic health, workouts not only focus on exercises but also on nutrition, sleep, and recovery. Clients rave about Dorian's positive, supportive nature and his commitment to their success, whether they are beginners or seasoned athletes.

With flexible scheduling and accountability through regular check-ins, BLK BOX Mobile Fitness offers a convenient solution for those who find it challenging to visit a traditional gym.


  • Personalized fitness plans.
  • Convenient home visits.
  • Holistic approach to health.
  • Focus on sleep, nutrition, and recovery.
  • Supportive and encouraging coach.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Great for all fitness levels.
  • Regular check-ins for accountability.
  • Improves physical and mental well-being.
  • Positive and communicative trainer.


  • Weekends are closed.
  • Limited to Sacramento area.
  • Higher cost than traditional gyms.

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Dorian is an amazing trainer! I just ended a six week cycle with him and I can’t wait to continue. He coaches you through exercises that are specifically designed for you and teaches you proper techniques. I’ve learned so much about variation, nutrition, and strength training. I feel so good about myself, and this is just the beginning. Dorian is also kind, communicative, and cares about his clients. I’m excited to continue my fitness journey!


I came to Dorian wanting to improve my all around health and fitness. After having muscle spasms and lumbar back pain from bulging discs, I wanted to take the next steps of improving my fitness from doing PT for two years. Dorian helped me focus on my daily actions of sleep, stress, nutrition, and movement. Within 6 weeks I saw improvement with my movement and strength. I would highly recommend Dorian and Blk Box Mobil fitness. He is great about communication, checking in, and seeing how he can assist you in your journey with your goals.


I've been working with Dorian for about 7 months and his personalized programming has helped me lose weight and has given me the opportunity to work out from the comfort of my own home! Blk box mobile fitness is convenient, personalized, and keeps me accountable.


Thank you so much for the 5 Star Review Ryan! I enjoy coaching you and Heather so much! Thank you for letting me come to your home and be around your kids! I appreciate you brotha!


Having a full time job, caregiver to a 94-year-old mom, and grandmother to two , left no time to take care of myself. I have always been interested in staying physically fit, but now, in my bid 60’s, I found it difficult to regularly attend a gym and balance home and work.I had been looking for someone that would bring the gym to me!! That’s when I came across BLK BOX mobile fitness.Dorian came to my house and we workedout a plan to meet my goals. Unlike signing up with a “personal trainer” at a generic gym, Dorian took a “holistic approach”. He focused on the whole body , which included my current lifestyle and capabilities, in addition, taking account of the mental and social factors, rather than the focusing on the physical. He emphasized the importance of sleep, food choices, and water!!I am so excited to have Dorian work with me. He is friendly, supportive and excited about having me meet my goals. He gives me constant encouragement and holds me accountable by checking in with me , throughout the week.If you are looking for somebody to help you get a kick start on your physical well-being , look no further than BLK Box/Dorian !!!


My wife worked with Dorian at ASAP Fitness. After the pandemic hit, she convinced me to switch trainers and workout with Dorian.  I am in my mid-60s and not a gym aficionado. Dorian comes to our home three time a week and has helped us set up our garage for workouts. He also sends us workout instructions and also tunes in via Facebook Portal at least one other time per week. Dorian is very positive and doesn't give up - even when I am gasping for air. He also has given us great food tips and suggestions for exercises and self massage therapies to work on problem areas. I have even reached the point when I am looking forward to our workouts. That's a sea change for me. I highly recommend Dorian.


Hands down the best trainer I have ever had. Dude gets results. Week after week I was shattering PRs. He is super enthusiastic, very dedicated to his athletes and knows his stuff. I attended his group training sessions for a while and after I suffered a back injury at home that limited what I could do for a few months he would design a whole separate program for me to do that kept me moving and getting better. Can’t say enough good things about Dorian.


Dorian is an all around great coach! He has helped me improve my nutrition and hydration as well as help prepare me for some long distance backpacking trips I have planned. My posture is improved, my core strength is much better and I feel stronger than ever! Thanks Dorian!


Dorian Medina has changed my life. I am a 59-year-old overweight, out of shape male with a mountain of pre-existing conditions. In July 2018 I had a total right shoulder replacement after 8 years of significant pain from the shoulder being bone-on-bone. Since that surgery, I had only about 40% function of my right arm. On March 5th I had a cardiac event and ended up in the hospital. My heart kept going into ventricular tachycardia and after a week, a cardiac defibrillator was implanted, and I was sent back home. The week I got home, COVID happened and I started working from home.So, between a week in the hospital, a scary defibrillator implanted and working from home, my extent of movement was between my bedroom, my office and my family room. My muscles quickly started disappearing and more weight was being added. My doctor told me to start a weight resistance training program ASAP, if I didn’t want to end up back in the hospital.I started looking around for a training option and Dorian came highly recommended. During our first Zoom meeting I told him about all the stuff going on with me. I expected he would refer me to someone else but thankfully he was willing to take me on with all my problems. When we started in November, it was quickly apparent that I was terribly out of shape and had little function of my right arm. After meeting with Dorian for three weeks, we saw significant improvement of my right arm function. I went from not being able to lift my right arm without any weight to being able to lift it with 10 pounds.Dorian has always been willing and able to meet me where I am. If I wasn’t able to complete an exercise, he knew exactly how to modify it so I could do it. He always allows me to feel successful and we are seeing great improvement. Prior to working with Dorian I hadn’t completed a squat, a sit-up, or lifted anything on purpose for over 30 years and this week I completed 40 sit-ups, 40 squats and completed a 55 pound Farmers-Carry. My right arm function has improved to 80% and I feel more focused, centered, confident that I am not going to fall and my depression has been resolved. It is amazing how through hard work, our bodies will bounce back and improve quickly. Dorian has saved my life and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help.


BLK BOX Mobile Fitness is unique in its ability to bring the gym to your home. My husband and I started working with Coach Dorian in October; we were ready to lose the weight and get healthier. Dorian's approach to fitness took into account our current lifestyle & capabilities, our goals and he made a plan to help us reach them! Together we have lost over 30 pounds! We are learning about importance of sleep, to be more aware of our food choices and how it makes us feel, and most importantly how to train effectively outside of our sessions with our Coach. Dorian provides a variety or work outs, types of movements and continues to push us with new challenges each session. We enjoy working out with Dorian because of the services he provides, the accountability we get, his friendly nature and his constant encouragement and support.

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