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Located at 1900 Del Paso Rd, Sacramento, Elements Health Club - Natomas offers a spacious gym environment with a variety of equipment and numerous fitness classes. The facility caters to various fitness levels and includes amenities such as saunas and hydro massage beds. The friendly and knowledgeable staff, along with the recent changes and programs, have received praise from long-term members.

However, there are notable concerns regarding broken equipment, cleanliness, and inconsistent maintenance, which some members have highlighted in their reviews. Despite these issues, the gym remains a popular choice due to its competitive pricing and convenient location.


  • Spacious facility with a large variety of equipment.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Numerous fitness classes available.
  • Saunas and hydro massage beds included in memberships.
  • Convenient location.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Recent management improvements.
  • Good for different fitness levels.
  • Not overly crowded during peak hours.
  • Members appreciate the professional attitude of the General Manager.


  • Multiple broken and poorly maintained machines.
  • Cleanliness issues in the gym and restrooms.
  • Inconsistent operation of amenities such as air conditioning and saunas.

Location / Contact

  • Address: 1900 Del Paso Rd, Sacramento, CA 95834, United States
  • Phone:+1 916-330-4840

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A Second Update (8/29/23): I'm now giving this gym a 2 star review due to the A/C being broken for just about 2 weeks now, with no one at the front desk able to give any update as to if they will be fixing this. Additionally 16 treadmills are currently broken, along with multiple other pieces of equipment. I've left my name and number at the front desk multiple time for a manager to contact me and no one has. Maybe this review will have someone will reach out to me to discuss these issues.Update (7/17/23): Now that I've been going here for about 3 months, I wanted to update my rating to 3 stars due to hygiene and broken machines. While the place isn't the dirtiest gym I've been to, it definitely needs a good cleaning. There is caked on dust/dirt on the cardio machines. Additionally, I would say that almost 70% of the treadmills are broken and a good chunk of other cardio machines have issues. I still prefer this gym to Planet by a long shot.(Original Post): I recently switched here from a certain purple themed gym and wish I had done it sooner!While some work/cleaning could be done to areas like the ab room, overall, this gym has everything I need to get full workouts in. I've only seen one machine that is currently broken, but otherwise, everything else seems to be in good working order, including the sauna in the women's locker room.Also, none of the times I've gone has it been super packed, and I've never had to wait on a machine/weights.


Think AC need some tune up. It’s getting too hot and humid almost not safe.But I been having reliable gym experience other than that. Plz fix soon I’m dying here.

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The gym is spacious and has some great equipment but it is dirty and poorly managed. The gym is scheduled to open everyday at 5am and at least once a week they are never open at that time. This leaves us all sitting in the parking lot with no timeframe on when they will open. A lot of customers just end up leaving. It is very frustrating to pay a company monthly dues and not be able to use the services.


I have little with my membership, I started in February of this year and in such a short time I see how decadent this gym is, dirty, the air conditioning does not work, the bathrooms are full of fungus, it is depressing to see that you pay for a clean place and sure and this so dirty. I love my class with the best coach Mikko but at the end of my membership year I will cancel my contract. you can't exercise on high temperature days because you drown inside the gym.


Been a member since it was Gold's Gym. Current owners do not fix many of the machines upstairs. Also, the a/c and fans are always set on low or off. So it gets so hot. But it's close to my house so saves me time and there are a good variety of machines and free weights downstairs.


My home gym while I lived in Sacramento, Ca. for 4.5 yrs.


The gym is good (about 4 ⭐s) but the personal training company (Redwood Personal Training) they contract with is a NIGHTMARE!! They said I won a "complimentary personal training consult and session" so I figured why not. The salesman (Keith) convinced me to try it out but failed to tell me I would be signing up for 12 months even though I told him I wanted to try it for a month or 2. He took my credit card info and told me to sign on his computer but failed to show me to top of the contract that states the timeframe and total cost. I never received a copy of this contract I signed. After a couple months I reached out to him to cancel and he ingored my multiple messages, phone calls and voicemail. I had to change my credit card number because I did not want to keep getting charged. Finally he responded telling me to contact the company through the website and they will reach out to me. They emailed me telling me that if I want to cancel I need to pay the early termination fee of $600+ (insane!!) this was the first time I heard about this fee or that fact that I had signed up for 12 months! I wish this company cared more about their clients than the money but clearly they do not, instead they purposely trick and mislead people in order to make money. Bottom Line: STAY AWAY from REDWOOD PERSONAL TRAINING!!!


Solid gym.I got membership through my insurance at work. Sign up was easy once I got into the facility.Facility is large with a ton of equipment I know this use to be the old Golds Gym back in the day, still has the same layout for the most part.But honestly this is a solid gym that's decently clean for the mass size of it.I find myself here and at 24 hour fitness just for the equipment and amenities.


I LOVE Elements Health Club in North Natomas and always brag about it. I was told that this well known club used to be a Gold's Gym. It was Fit Republic when I joined.The staff are very helpful and kind. The customers are good people too. The facility is huge, with a machine or weight lifting apparatus for every body part.It's two stories with a view balcony on the 2nd floor. Floor 2 has a huge room for Tai Kwan Do, another for dance and a Yoga center.Also upstairs is a circuit weight setup, plus rows of treadmills, stair steppers, recumbent machines and more.They need to have more giant fans for Summer, as it can get warm upstairs.First floor has all the weight and resistance goodies needed to build or tone the body to perfection. There is a stationary bike center, lounge, beauty salon and ample dressing room/locker space.I also appreciate the readily available antiseptic spray and paper towels for wiping down everything.If you're looking for a large gym with great staff and a broad spectrum of equipment and features, this is the one for the whole region.


Wow what a change this place has had. Club is clean, staff is the most friendly, things are fixed and members are enjoying the club again. This company has really stepped up it's game. Elements is the best bang for the buck club in all of Natomas. Not the same feel like Fit Republic or Fitness Evolution. A way better class of gym!Update:After being a member here for over a year I can see what great changes has happened here. It still has a reasonable price for their memberships and provides a great quality service for the price charged. I have checked other gyms in the area and they all have much higher fees than Elements all the way around. They have a great friendly staff and are always coming up with new programs. I have been a member at other gyms in the area and none are better than this one.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 3.4-star.

This business has 70 reviews.

The address is: 1900 Del Paso Rd, Sacramento, CA 95834, United States .

The contact number is +1 916-330-4840

This service is listed under Fitness Center .

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