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Join the beacon of health and wellness at CYCLEBAR, located in Sacramento, CA 95811. Experience a holistic fitness center providing unparalleled access to diverse workouts, personal training, and wellness facilities.

CYCLEBAR has earned a 4.9-star rating with 136 reviews. You can contact them at +1 916-837-8479 for more information.

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So far I’ve rode with Jade, Siray, and Katie. I love how you get a different energy and style from each instructor but the motive and form is just the same. I feel so encouraged and pushed every class. This is not like any other “workout”. Cycle bar is empowering, hardcore, and makes you push yourself mentally and physically. A life changer. It feels like a a workout, spa, and therapy at the same time lol. Once you start cycling, you will always cycle!


Siray was amazing and made myself & my partner feel so welcomed for our class! It was an amazing workout and we’ll be returning soon


I had my ride with Krista yesterday. And she was AMAZING as usual. I love her playlist. She even added a song I suggested. I love how she opens up the beginning of the ride with small talk with everyone. She engages everyone and gets us all involved. The ride always pushes me to work harder to do better than I did the previous ride and I appreciate that so much! I wish she was at that time every Monday 5-5:45. If y’all could make that happen would be Great!


I loved Hannah’s class! It was my favorite class at CycleBar so far. She was great about calling out the intervals and the class was evenly balanced with work. I would say she is a 10/10 instructor!


Great mid-day Coachella workout with Hailey. This was my first ride at Cyclebar. I am looking forward to the next.I have been back for a dozen rides. I just finished my first ride with Macy and I am smiling ear to ear at how hard and fun the workout was. Can I give them 10 stars?It’s been over a month since I joined midtown Cyclebar. Just finished another great ride with Serena. Her workout was worth getting out of my PJs on a Sunday morning. Very motivating.Still riding with Hailey. So lucky to have her as an instructor. She has great positive energy. So lucky and glad she works at midtown Cyclebar.


Hailey and Krista were so warm and welcoming! I was visiting from out of state and it was my first time visiting the Midtown CycleBar. Both took the time to get to know me and my story. I felt the love and can’t wait until I’m in town again so I can take another ride at CB Midtown!! Highly recommend, the music is fire, and had the best time from the second I walked in, until I walked out. THANK YOU CYCLEBAR MIDTOWN!!!


Great energy, atmosphere, and service. Loved it so much I purchased a membership. This was better than cycle at my own gym and upgraded gyms I have been to. Thanks for the great work out! I burned more calories (per my Apple Watch) than any other cycle class in the past.


Hannah was amazing! This was my first time at CycleBar and she made me feel like I was a regular! I’m getting back into working out and was encouraged to go at my own pace - I didn’t feel any pressure to keep up! Can’t wait for my next class!


Serena killed it as she ran the class! She pushed us all without being “pushy” and kept the energy positive/high.All the girls helping the front desk gave a warm welcome (which is nice to see when it’s your first time going). Riley was especially nice as she helped me get set up with my shoes and bike 😊


Great energy!! Feels very personal there and employees are extremely friendly. The ride itself was instructed super well (shoutout Macy) and definitely pushes you! Well worth the drive from Davis.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.9-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 1708 15th St, Sacramento, CA 95811, United States .

The contact number is +1 916-837-8479

This service is listed under Indoor Cycling .

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