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PSYKO FIT CLUB offers a dynamic fitness experience in Sacramento, CA. Led by Coach Will, this gym provides one-on-one personal training, group classes, and customized weight loss plans. Members praise the motivation and personal attention they receive, along with a strong sense of community. Whether you are a beginner or training for a fitness event, Psyko Fit has programs to meet your needs. The coaches are professional and ensure the training aligns with individual fitness levels.

Located at 5675 Power Inn Rd Suite D, Sacramento, and open Monday through Saturday, Psyko Fit Club empowers members to achieve their health and wellness goals. With a focus on sustainable, healthy habits and a supportive environment, this gym stands out for its top-notch training and committed staff.


  • Personal training and group classes.
  • Customized weight loss plans.
  • Highly motivating and supportive coaches.
  • Strong sense of community and family-like atmosphere.
  • Professional and varied sessions.
  • Structured and challenging workouts.
  • Options for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.
  • Sustainable nutrition plans.
  • Effective and timely adjustments to training programs.


  • Limited hours on weekends.
  • Only one location.
  • No mention of childcare services.

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You won't find a better deal in Sacramento! You get one on one personal training, a variety of group classes, a custom weight loss plan, access to tracking your meal progress, tons of support and much much more. Koach William and Teresa are amazing leaders! They are very positive encouraging individuals. I love coming here. It's everything I needed. If you are serious in making a life lasting change this is the place to be. #1 gym in the North Bay!


I been coming to to Psyko fit for a few weeks now. I had never exercised in a group class setting before. I was searching for a place that had a great environment in a group motivating setting. So I looked at a few places and found this Psyko Fit on Instagram. I really liked how the environment looked so I went to check it out and I was not disappointed. The coaches are great, motivating and very helpful. It feels like a family. If your like me and looking for something great I 100% recommend Psyko Fit


Whether you are just starting out getting a fitness routine or challenging yourself to the next left, PsykoFit has every level of fitness to fit your needs. I have been coming to PsykoFit to get training on my next DEKA & HYROX fitness event. Coach Will is the best coach to lead by example because he has competed in these events and knows how to get me ready.


Coach Will is amazing!He is one of the most passionate coaches I have ever trained with!Throughout my life my weight and physique has fluctuated dramatically, from almost 300 pounds down to 215 pounds and everything in between.I've always had a love/hate relationship with health and fitness as well as the "eating healthy" aspect of it all.I have done a ton of weight loss/fitness challenge programs, which provided somewhat of a foundation when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle; however they were never sustainable for me.I was tired of gaining and losing the same 20-30 pounds with previous weight loss programs.It wasn't until I started working with Coach Will everything started to click when it came to the nutrition aspect of training.He provided me with the right tools for success when it came to creating healthy habits to reach my nutrition goals. He taught me I can enjoy certain foods in a more sustainable and healthy way.With that being said, I have an amazingly healthy and positive outlook when it comes to food and look forward to working out at Psyko fit every week!


Koach is amazing. Started working out with him 5 years ago. I had never done training before. Now, at 59, I am in the best shape of my life, stronger than I was in my 20s, and have muscles I never knew I could. He coaches for each individual and helps them continue progressing. He is always changing things up p to keep workouts interesting, but always maintaining full body fitness. Looking forward to staying fit well into my later years!


I came to Psyko Fit after my garage workouts just weren’t cutting it anymore. At first I was committed to Saturdays only, but quickly decided to become a full time member after experiencing all the motivation, support and encouragement the tribe has to offer. From meal planning, macro counting, group training and even at home extras, Koach Will has given me every tool I could ever need to be successful in my journey, I just have to do the work. When I want to focus on different areas, he’s right there to guide me. Not only has his plan been effective, it’s sustainable, which is something I’ve never had at other group training gyms.Koach Will is THE most motivating coach I’ve ever met. His passion for what he does and how much he cares is unmatched. He’s given me his time and energy and gone above and beyond for me. Every time I step through those doors, I know he’s invested in my journey. It’s not about a paycheck; he’s out here changing lives!


I’m new to PSYKO FIT CLUB and the quality of service is excellent . The trainers are all professional, kind and fun. Each session is structured,varied and challenging. It’s tailored to my ability and adjustments suggested where necessary so I can gain maximum benefit.I’m delighted with my choice of gym.


They best gym i have ever been a part of. Supportive and family like, i love going in, getting work done and feeling great all day.


Coach Will is a professional, knowledgeable trainer and helpful to all. I haven’t worked out in over 10 years and he got my straight to work and on a plan to fit my athletic ability. Would definitely recommend the personal training. I haven’t participated in the group workout classes so I can’t speak much on those but the people showing up are out of breath by the time they’re done.


I just started going to Psyko Fit and I love it! Coach Will is great, he asked if I had any injuries right off so I wouldn't hurt myself (like I've done in the past pushing to hard) and definitely makes us break a sweat. I'm already starting to feel much better physically and mentally I'm a lot happier.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 5.0-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 5675 Power Inn Rd Suite D, Sacramento, CA 95824, United States .

The contact number is +1 916-426-2751

This service is listed under Gym .

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