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Sacramento Pipeworks, located at 116 N 16th St, Sacramento, CA, is a top-tier rock climbing gym that offers a variety of activities. The gym features a large top rope, lead climbing sections, and a spacious bouldering area. Additional amenities include a sauna, yoga classes, and standard gym equipment. However, the surrounding area has security concerns, and some visitors have noted unfriendly staff interactions.


  • Extensive climbing options (top rope, lead, bouldering).
  • Spacious and clean facility.
  • Sauna available.
  • Regularly updated climbing routes.
  • Friendly and helpful staff reported by many.
  • Good air filtration and comfortable environment.
  • Offers yoga and other fitness classes.
  • Membership includes access to all Touchstone gyms.
  • Community events and classes available.
  • Decent parking compared to other gyms.


  • Security concerns in the surrounding area.
  • Some staff reported to be unfriendly.
  • Pricey membership and day passes.


Cavernous rock climbing gym with instruction & clinics available, plus fitness classes & equipment.

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This gym has beautiful climbing areas and the yoga room is sunny and lovely. However, the 2 staff working behind the front desk on the day that I visited were very unfriendly (almost confrontationally so) and seemed offended by basic gym facility questions. I noticed this behavior directed toward me as well as the man checking in after me. I have been to a handful of Touchstone gyms across Northern and Southern California and have consistently been helped by the nicest staff members, so this really struck me! I hope that the Touchstone in Sac trains its staff to be kinder and more welcoming, or recruit better staff.FYI for visitors: no chalk rentals. The shower/locker rooms are also very spartan.


I love it here. The workers are super friendly and it's easy to meet new people this community. They always have events and classes that work for anyone's schedule!


Nice place. Really good, instructor was great for the 1 hour belay course so we could top rope. The routes are good, there's a lot of area for top rope, lead and also a separate bouldering area that's very robust. They have normal gym things, like weights and machines as well as a sauna. Generally a very good place. 4 stars because I've gone to better gyms, but this one is very top tier.As an aside, there was a crabby woman who checked us in who was a bit rude but who knows maybe she was just having a bad day. Didn't dampen my mood or our session at all.

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I love this gym, but it needs updated security. I was attacked by a homeless man on my way out, he came right up to my car and tried to open my door when I had the window open and was brandishing a knife! Luckily I rolled up my window and locked my car in time but was a very close call... They really need a guard or someone to watch people exiting the facility. I know most of the homeless on the block are probably nice people and probably don't condone this type of violence, but I don't feel safe coming here anymore.


Pretty decent route setting where nothing is typically terribly set, although consistency varies quite a bit. The walls are good, and folks are friendly! Strike up a conversation with anyone, they'll be super nice!Ratings are a bit soft compared to some other gyms and the bouldering area floors need to be replaced, as some seriously have a urine smell at this point.Class instructors for various fitness classes are pretty good, although your experience may vary. Functional fitness and HIIT have pretty decent instructors.Overall, it's a pretty good climbing gym, although needs some maintenance at this point. You should probably hit the instructor-led courses to take full advantage of the membership fees.Ask about the state employee discount.


We stopped in here on a road trip. Coming off of I-5 all the way to the gym were miles of houseless camps and a soup kitchen in the parking lot which is a little disconcerting if you're not used to that. The large converted industrial building is impressive inside and packed with exercise equipment and climbing walls. The beams up high are covered with about a half an inch or more of dust which hopefully is not left over from industrial days and possibly toxic. The top ropes are thick old school and barely feed through auto locking gri gri like devices. The routes were interesting and often required changing feet on the same hold


Great place but pricey. Routes are updated frequently. Crowded after 3pm. The brewery finally being open is a huge plus though.


This place is so much fun to rock climb at! The staff here are really friendly, helpful, and supportive. Would definitely recommend!!


Fun place to climb. My only complaint is they claimed they were “too low staffed” to provide a lead climbing test even though we saw three employees at the desk and two of them were simply folding clothes. I recommend revising this policy.


My favorite gym ever, however this is my formal petition to expand opening hours on weekends! 4pm close on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday is a drag! We want to life weights at night! …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.7-star.

This business has 20 reviews.

The address is: 116 N 16th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States .

The contact number is +1 916-341-0100

This service is listed under Rock Climbing Gym .

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