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Ty Training in Sacramento, California is a personal training service offering expert guidance in fitness, rehabilitation, and sports medicine. Clients praise Ty for her deep knowledge, individualized approach, and the ability to tailor sessions to specific needs. Her unique programming keeps workouts fresh and engaging, ensuring steady progress without risk of injury. Whether you're looking to recover from an injury, lose weight, or achieve new fitness goals, Ty's supportive and motivating training style can lead to impressive transformations.


  • Expert in sports medicine and rehabilitation
  • Tailored and varied workout programming
  • Proven track record of significant client transformations
  • Knowledgeable about body mechanics and alignment
  • Offers realistic, holistic approach to fitness
  • Supportive, engaging, and motivational
  • Personalized attention and modification of exercises
  • Clean gym with secure bike parking through Evo Training
  • Helps clients not only physically but also with lifestyle changes
  • Clients report reduced pain and improved mobility


  • High demand; limited availability of slots
  • Sessions may be intense for beginners
  • May be higher cost compared to other trainers

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I’ve had the privilege of working with Ty for a few years now and her depth of knowledge as well as natural body awareness cueing is amazing. She’s helped me with everything from rehabbing injuries to building strength and improving skills. I wouldn’t be where I am athletically without her!


Ty is absolutely top notch. She has so much practical knowledge and really cares about her clients. I highly recommend!


Results speak loudest: in the first 6 months of working out with Ty I lost 30 pounds and halved my pants size. I went from...being able to do maybe 10 push-ups at counter-level incline to 5 actual real push-ups in a row (too many to count on the counter)......passing-out dizzy trying to do 8 burpees... to being able to do devil press burpees with heavy dumbbells......having to hold her hand when attempting to do 8 step ups on a bench... to being able to do box jumps and hopovers...These results show a true fitness transformation because of the work I've done with her.Here is why this transformation worked with Ty:1) She's incredibly expert in sports medicine, rehabilitation, and alignment. I had been trying to come back from an injury for about five years, but everyone I tried either way undershot or overshot my training. I had people tell me not to do anything except walk for a year. I tried going to group classes but my body was so out of whack and shape that I couldn't keep up. First session with Ty, she analyzed my movement and figured out exactly how to get me well and fit in a way others hadn't been able to. And it worked. She really knows her stuff.2) She's a programming genius. In 6 months she never repeated a single sequence. Every session was new, interesting, challenging, engaging. It an amazing way to get fit. Its like taking on a new interesting challenge every session. And she can do it on the fly. If my knees are bugging out on something, she immediately adapts to keep me working hard and challenged but without a risk of injury. Its so much fun.3) She's cool (but pushes you) and funny.4) She is incredibly athletic herself... definitely walks the walk. Its inspiring.So, give yourself a gift and start training with Ty. The sessions have already paid for themselves in less take-out... and the time has more than paid for itself in how much happier and more productive I am in non-gym hours.Just think... 6 months from now you could feel like an athlete again.... you'll thank yourself! Call her!


I've been working with Ty for over a year now, and she's been amazing! I was having consistent lower back pain when I was training and she helped me break everything down and find and fix my imbalances (looking at you left hip). I've learned so much and can't believe how far I've come in a year!


Ty is different - different in a damn great way. She's not just a 'physical trainer' but an all encompassing wealth of knowledge with regards to your body and your mind and how the two are synergistic. I'm an ex-athlete dealing with old injuries yet in parallel trying to stay healthy, juggle with my body changing due to age, and mentally working to align each. It's hard. She's educated me about building a foundation to enable healthy movements from the inside out and ground up, and that this is commitment for the long haul rather than an overnight success. If you're looking for more than just an athletic trainer and someone that can help give you the tools you need to hit your own goals, Ty is your gal. The BEST.


Working with Ty was a great decision that improved my fitness for the long term.I was looking for a spot I could bike to, and Ty's connection to Evo Training meant it was easy to bike to a clean gym with secure bike parking. In addition to being able to go by bike, I was wanting to rebuild strength and fitness by going back to basics and addressing some of the imbalances and weaknesses that I just ignored through my 20s.I did Ty's FOCUS program for nearly one year. During that time Ty spotted all the things listed above and helped me understand what and why to do to address them. While I know I will always have to stay on top of mobility work, pains in my shoulder and knee that I thought would just be my new normal either went away or lessened as I developed better movement patterns, muscle engagement, and mobility.But my experience was not only about recovering from past and future injury. I love crossfit, and I love a really good workout. Ty understands this madness, and provided an absolute ton of high-quality programming. Whenever I felt uncertain about anything she was super quick to make a modification, switch out a movement, and work with me to develop more advanced crossfit-type skills.I'm happy to say during this year working with Ty I hit a deadlift PR, inched closer to a handstand pushup, regained a former pull-up PR, and made new friends through the fitness community she's built.I think the attention that you receive from Ty, who is so knowledgeable and observant, is first-rate. I felt welcomed and encouraged, and I highly recommend working with her.


I went to Ty because I was getting hurt just doing normal lifting. She started me from the beginning, with barely any weights and helped me realize I needed to build things from the ground up. We've worked together for about 3 years now, and she's always there helping me, cheering me on, and celebrating my wins. The first time I squatted 170, it surprised both of us! One of the best parts about this whole thing is that I know how to set my body to safely lift heavy stuff and NOT get injured! I have had an incredibly rewarding experience. She's always been honest, realistic and encouraging through this journey. I would tell any of my friends that if they want to get in shape with the comfort of having someone guiding you through the process, and have a blast doing it, Ty is who you need to call!


I worked with Ty not only because she is a master of her craft, she is passionate about fitness, wellness, and rehab. Her passion is evident in her lifestyle.I worked with her for about 8 months to rehab neck, lower back, and hip pain. I’ve tried all kinds of sports, physical therapy, and other programs and she opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Injury doesn’t happen over night, and successful rehab takes patience and consistency. I loved her realistic and holistic approach, with empathy and just the right degree of accountability.My pain is more long term, but I feel confident that I have a more solid long term plan to rehab and manage it because of her.


Looking for the BEST trainer around? I can't say enough great things about what an amazing trainer Ty is. She is a world class trainer. Ty is extremely knowledgeable, professional, motivating, caring, makes workouts fun and challenging, and helps her clients get results. She has helped kick my fitness level up to a whole other level, I'm in the best shape of my life because of Ty. Whether you are a weekend warrior, elite athlete, or just trying to lose weight or get fit, Ty is the trainer for you!


I reached out to Ty to help my competitive teen with knee hyper-extension which was not improving under PT care, and it was affecting her vertical jump in her team sport. She did such an incredible job, not only with significant strength gains, but also helped her out with posture and eating habits. She was so inspirational to my teen that I started working with her for personal training after being out of the gym for 5 years. 2 months into her workouts and I'm stronger, leaner, and sleeping better. I just wish I'd found her sooner!

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