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Prime Fitness, located at 3935 First Ave., San Diego, offers a focused, no-frills gym experience for those dedicated to their fitness journey. This facility prides itself on cleanliness, a wide array of equipment, and 24/7 access, providing an optimal environment for both weight training and cardio workouts. Membership terms are straightforward and affordable, enhancing its appeal to regular gym-goers who value efficiency and accessibility in their fitness routine.


  • Open 24/7 with secure entry.
  • Highly responsive owner and staff.
  • Equipment variety for comprehensive workouts.
  • Clean and well-maintained facility.
  • Affordable and straightforward membership.
  • Personal training available with knowledgeable trainers.
  • Quiet, non-crowded environment conducive to focused workouts.
  • Offers both free weights and machines.
  • Supportive and serious workout community.
  • Positive atmosphere without intimidation.


  • Some equipment may appear outdated.
  • Not welcoming to walk-in visitors.
  • Customer service can be lacking, with slow or no responses to inquiries.

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Concur with all the other comments. Gym is clean, members are polite, membership is straight forward and reasonable, and it’s more than sufficient to get a great workout in. Everyone is just there to lift and be healthy, and they respect common sense rules of a gym. Highly recommend if you are a normal gym go-er looking for a clean well stocked gym.


expensive and the equipment is very old. the treatment is just as bad as any other gym. very disappointed and I still have to keep going until September 30 because I notified yesterday that I wanted to cancel my subscription (August 1)


Quiet, clean and you almost never have to wait for equipment. Has pretty much any equipment you would need. Great gym!


I’ve been a part of prime fitness for several years now, as a gym member and as a client for personal training. This is a no nonsense place to carry out your fitness journey. The gym is always clean and orderly, and there is a good variety of equipment for both cardio and weight training. Members are respectful and serious about the workout. Keith is always responsive and keeps an eye on the space.Training: as a person who never worked out previously, this is the push I needed. Keith provides consistency, challenge and support. His input is kind and conscientious but never coddling. My training has kept my physical and mental health balanced for years now and this has become an important part of my routine. I’ve never had a pound goal, only looking to be stronger and to build long lasting healthy habits. So far so good! I encourage you to join if you feel you need the extra push.


I've been doing weekly training with Keith since February 2023 - right after I turned 35. We'd welcomed twins in Dec 2022 to go along with our toddler and between lack of time and lack of sleep I'd been gaining weight and feeling worse for months.My strength, appearance, and overall fitness have improved significantly in just 5 months of committing to making our weekly workouts and having Keith as an accountability partner. I don't get muscle strains from getting out of bed, I see definition in new places, and my pants fit much better as I'm down 10lbs. My wife is appreciative as well.I'm grateful Keith chose to take me on as a client since he doesn't work one-on-one as much anymore, but his ability to customize each workout depending on my various aches and levels of sleep deprivation has ensured that I've made steady progress.Prime isn't for everyone - there aren't a bunch of superfluous amenities for newbies who don't really want to workout, and it also doesn't cater to the powerlifting / weight dropping set. But if you're looking to shake off that rust and get to the next level, this is the place to do it!


Walk ins not welcome.I went to the gym using Google maps at 5pm. Main door is locked, I could see side door open so I went to the open door and asked the nearest person if there was a member of staff who i could sign up with. He brought me to the owner in the gym.The owner accosted me for trespassing when all I did was ask if there was a member of staff to pay to use the gym.Equipment looks limited and old. If you’re a visitor in San Diego avoid this one


Had the pleasure of being a member for 1+ years. Great Facility. Great Members. Awesome Owner with vast knowledge in the fitness field. You cannot go wrong with this gym!


I love this place, it's well located, has all the equipment I could ever need and most importantly—the vibe is calm and collected. It's an easy place to be focused in and low friction in terms of coming and going. Love it.


This business has not responded to my inquiry (It has been 2 weeks now). There is no information about pricing on website. I guess they pick and choose who they want to work with. Their website is not fully secured (Google says). 2 weeks later , no one from this place bothered to contact me. It shouldn't take 2 weeks whether you choose to be contacted by phone. Owners response below my review seems combative. They sure are quick to respond to a negative review, but can't respond to an inquiry? Owner has made no effort to contact me or have anyone from this place respond to my inquiry, probably because they don't like this review.


Thank you Dan, pleasure to have you!

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.5-star.

This business has 60 reviews.

The address is: 3935 First Ave., San Diego, CA 92103, United States .

This business has not provided a phone number.

This service is listed under Gym .

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