Join the beacon of health and wellness at ClubSport, located at the The Plex, San Jose, CA 95138. Experience a holistic fitness center providing unparalleled access to diverse workouts, personal training, and wellness facilities.

ClubSport has earned a 4.5-star rating with 159 reviews. You can contact them at +1 408-226-8080 for more information.


Large fitness center with a pool, well-equipped gym, spa, studios, kids' club & snack bar.

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Great place to swim indoors (heated) with my kid all year round. Price is reasonable for this nice facility with clean family locker room & shower, even better when you come as often as you like for various activities & equipment. Too bad I only have time to come with my kid for family swimming hours. They provide towels but we bring our own hair dryer because the one in the family locker room is underpowered. We appreciate this place as one of the perks of living nearby.


This place has an upstairs workout room that is consistently 10 degrees hotter than downstairs without any fans or air circulation. This means that it's probably 80F or more with no fans to circulate the air. (especially in the back corner where there's no airflow). This is pretty unacceptable for how expensive this place is. The staff have definitely been coached on their response to this be side they all say that the building is set to 73. Their excuse is that it's because of the window that faces south (ok get blinds and a fan). How much can a couple of large fans cost and hiring someone to mount them???


Best gym I have been too. Massive, has great facilities, great classes, towel service...can't ask for more


Initially loved this place when I joined, but something happened at the turn of 2023.Majority of the awesome trainers quit, classes aren't quite as fun, machine's attachment handles find themselves down stairs for some reason, the steam room is constantly malfunctioning, machines/equipment is being moved around all the time, the pool water quality is highly questionable, and flooding wrecked half the building?? What??The worst part of all is there is this particular girl working the closing shifts. She has a big bundle of curly hair. She walks around with a superiority complex shouting at members like they are stupid. If I wanted this treatment, I'd pay $10/month at planet fitness, not $125 here.It's been 4 months of these progressively worsening conditions since the end of 2022. I'm giving it one more month until May. If things don't improve, we're going to cancel our entire family's membership.


Good GYM overall and would give 4 to 5 stars except that thestaff does not care about the members once they sign up.They take your money every month but will not correct equipment issues or correct locker issues. I have tried for years with no help!


Great gym! A lot of classes, professional coaches, friendly staff, all equipment you need, clean locker room. I’m a member there for four years and love this place.


I am in love with this gym. Staff are excellent. It's clean an new and has lots of classes including pilates. Trainers are so helpful and caring. Pool, hot and saunas are clean. Worth the money.


Perfect gym for a family! Especially the kids world has been so helpful with our special needs kid. We had to just let the employees at the kids world know that he was on the spectrum and they kept an eye on him but he did not need any special attention all these years. One thing I do not like is if you have an appointment at the spa they say it out loud when you checkin which sometimes is quite embarrassing based on what you are getting done, hopefully they will stop doing that. They have great classes, equipments and anything else you can ask for in a gym. The trainers for their Rev32 programs were great but not met any now after the pandemic. If you are going on a long vacation you can get fee break with a minimum pay which we have used a few times.


This place is awesome. I call it "The Spa" because that's what it feels like. It's not your typical gym by any means. The staff and members are friendly and very supportive. The Club is always clean and luxurious. Shout out to the amazing maintenance crew, without them, my experience would not be as great. Thank you!


Awesome gym! Very new and clean! Offers tons of classes everyday from weight classes to stretching classes to kickboxing. They also offer a swimming pool, smoothie&snack bar, sitting area to watch tv and chill, big and clean locker rooms offering lockers that don’t require you to bring your own lock, saunas, steamrooms, plenty of towels, massages, and more. Lots of nice equipment too. You definitely pay the price for all of these things but it’s been worth it for me.

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Except the peak hours, this place remains quite free or moderately crowded.

This business has a rating of 4.5-star.

This business has 10 reviews.

The address is: 800 Embedded Way, San Jose, CA 95138, United States .

The contact number is +1 408-226-8080

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